Point of Purchase Displays

Point of <span>Purchase Displays</span>

Types of POP Displays

Point of purchase signs come in a wide variety of styles and designs. Here are a few of the POP signs SpeedPro offers that you can use to boost your sales:

  1. Window graphics: Promote products on storefront windows and other glass display areas with vinyl cut-outs and window clings.
  2. Wall displays: POP wall displays are great for pop-up booths or trade show stalls as they will feature your services and attract customer attention.
  3. Sectional fabric wall panels: Wrap POP displays around corners for creative space specific advertising and hang fabric POP displays along aisles in your store to break up the browsing experience.
  4. Printed fabric panels: Highlight products via printed high-quality images adorning easy-to-install fabric wall panels.
  5. Easel-back stand-ups and standees: SpeedPro has several varieties available in various sturdy materials, stand-up displays will catch your customer’s eye to encourage impulsive purchasing behavior.
  6. Attachable shelving: Feature products by placing them on display shelves near check-outs (POS) or merchandise displays (POP). Remember that POP displays can go anywhere on the shelves of your store, or function as standalone displays.
  7. Tablet stands or kiosks: POP display kiosk or table stands are ideal POS areas for the last step in the purchase funnel.
a point of purchase display banner for a photobooth
Furry Family contour cut sign

POS displays at checkout lines inspire customers to make impromptu purchases or ask employees about additional services. Market research indicates that while only 25 percent of consumers make impulse purchases online, 40 percent of consumers spend more than they had planned when shopping in stores and the immediacy of the item is tactile and present. POP signage encourages shoppers to buy certain products right where those products are located. It is always a great strategy when you want to promote a new product or move stock that hasn’t been selling well.

POP displays are about more intricate than just making a fast profit. POP displays are the image you show to investors, clients, and visitors. Get it done right the first time so that it will be right every time. POP displays are a powerful marketing tool. POP displays engage with customers and prospective clients interested in all that your business has to offer. 

Present information about your products with effective POP signs and give that final persuasive push for customers to make a purchase. We at SpeedPro want to help you achieve your vision for your POP displays. We pay careful attention to what you want and ask the right questions to help you choose the right size, materials and all relevant specifications. SpeedPro is the ideal printing partner to create bold POP displays to take your business to the next level.