Pop-Up Signs

Pop-Up Signs

The global market revenue for business-to-business (B2B) event marketing is pegged at around $50.6 billion. This face-to-face marketing strategy is still highly effective even in the digital marketing era.

However, standing out from the crowd and all the noise at such events is a challenge. You need something impactful to make your business stand out.

SpeedPro’s pop-up banner experts can help drive traffic to your event with high-quality, eye-catching pop-up displays. We offer more than 50 models of pop-up signs in every size imaginable, making these signs some of the most versatile tools in your marketing closet.

What Are Pop-Up Signs?

Splash Plumbing and Pin Heads bowling retractable banner

Retractable banners, roll-up or pull-up banners and penguin stands are just some of the names synonymous with pop-up signs.

They are:

  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy
  • Affordable
  • Versatile

Pop-up displays have a base with a casing that houses a polypropylene or PET vinyl roll. You simply pull up the banner and affix it to a support pole inserted in the base. 

Once an event or trade show ends, simply detach, and a spring mechanism automatically rolls the banner back down into the casing.

Because of these banners’ functionality and easy setup, they’ve become a staple in many in-person events and trade shows. They’re practical for both large tradeshow booths and local events like festivals and school events.

Features & Benefits Of Pop-Up Displays

Kaemark retractable banners

Investing in pop-up signs is one of the best decisions you can make for your brand. Here’s why:

  • Ease of use. Pop-up banner displays can be assembled (and taken down) by one person in a matter of minutes.
  • Portable. These signs can be conveniently transported and stored with or without a carrying case. 
  • Space saving. Whether on display or stored, these banners don’t take up much space.
  • Customizable. There is no limit to what you can print on a pop-up sign. In terms of banner material, you have several options to choose from (e.g., vinyl banners, mesh banners, fabric banners).  
  • High visual impact. Trade show attendees and event-goers are there to explore new products and services. Capture their interest with bold, eye-catching, on-brand signage that tells your story. Go beyond templates and maximize pop-up signs’ versatility. 
  • Affordable. Roll-up banners don’t have a substantial upfront cost compared with other displays. And because they are so durable and reusable, you’ll continue to see a positive ROI for years to come.

Best Uses For Pop-Up Banners

Performaxx brake pads trade show display

Pop-up signs are hands-down the most versatile type of signage you can invest in. Here are just a few popular uses for them:

Trade Show Booths

As trade show displays, you can use pop-up signs to catch the attention of attendees, communicate important information about your business and spotlight new products or services. With so many sizes, pop-up displays can be used throughout an entire 10×10 booth — as the backdrop, banners to the sides of tables, and even smaller tabletop displays.

Farmer’s Markets, Festivals, Local Events

As a sponsor or exhibitor at a local event, pop-up displays share information about your business, products or services. Vendors can also use them to share their menu or pricing. Print a QR code for festival attendees to scan and order drinks, then get a text when they’re ready for pick up — no more standing in long drink lines!

Point of Purchase Displays

Incorporate your brand elements like logo and tagline to raise brand awareness at pop-up signs located at your checkout area. Add calls-to-action and contact details to encourage people to engage with your business after the event. Pair the display with merchandise and other advertising to help increase event-day sales.

Corporate Events, Job Fairs, Marketing Events, Business Conventions

If you’re hosting an event, you can also use pop-up signs to provide direction, FAQs, offer event-related information and promote your business’ products and services. Add a QR code and they become your team’s business cards!

Types Of Pop-Up Signs

Aireserv Truck and Van full view wrap

Pop-up displays are highly customizable. SpeedPro will help you select a banner size, material and printing options to meet your needs and budget.

While most pop-up signs are printed in full color, you can choose single-color printing to save money. This is ideal for businesses with a one-color logo who want to use a pop-up sign to share their contact information and a QR code.

We can even assist with graphic design to ensure your signs have maximum impact from the distance they’ll be seen.

Types of pop-up signs include:

  • Retractable banner stands. These are your traditional roll-up banners. The base and pole are typically made from aluminum. They also come with a carrying case for easy transport and storage.
  • Tabletop banner stands. Think pop up signs, but smaller. These stands can be displayed atop a table and are perfect if you have a small display space.
  • Double-sided retractable banners. This version of the retractable banner offers better visibility for your brand. These are great near aisles so that they can be seen from either direction.
  • Accordion-style signs. These signs are wider; the material pulls out and retracts horizontally instead of vertically. They’re perfect as a backdrop to a booth or used as a small step and repeat sign, but they take longer to set up. 

Are Pop-Up Signs Right For Your Business?

A pop-up sign is a fantastic marketing tool for ANY business.

In busy settings like trade shows, job fairs, business conferences and other industry events, pop-up banner stands help you stand out and communicate your message visually. 

Whether you’re outfitting an entire booth with various-sized pop-up signs or a one-woman show carting your cupcakes to the local farmer’s market, pop-up signs are easy, affordable and versatile. They’re the perfect signage solution for any offsite event you host or attend.

Why Work With A Professional To Print Pop-Up Signs For Your Next Event

Professional banner printing for pop-up signs demands a specific skill set. SpeedPro is the pioneer in large-format printing. We have the experience, knowledge and specialized equipment to print beautiful, high-quality, high-impact graphics to make your pop-up signs POP.

Want more brand visibility at your next event? Partner with SpeedPro for eye-catching displays made just for you. Find your local studio for a free consultation and to learn more about pop-up signs.