The Importance of Displaying at Trade Shows

The Importance of Displaying at Trade Shows

FEBRUARY 1, 2020| SpeedPro

Companies that use custom trade show displays know just how valuable they are. Having a presence at a trade show allows companies to establish themselves in their industry, connect with leads and develop better relationships with other companies. If you want to reap the benefits that trade show booth displays provide, you’ll need to know why they’re so important.

Top Three Reasons to Display at a Trade Show

Top Reasons to Display at a Trade Show [list]

Setting up a display at a trade show is one of the best things that you can do for your company. Custom trade show displays help you legitimize your company’s presence in your industry and connect with new customers. Below you can find the top three reasons for investing in portable trade show displays:

1. Develop Your Brand

One of the major reasons that many companies choose to display at a trade show each year is the increased visibility that the venue gives to their brand. With eye-catching signage and graphics, your booth can get people’s attention and show attendees what your brand is all about. Often, companies will make sure that everything in their trade show display, from table covers to the backwalls of their booth, come with their logos and branded colors on them to increase brand recall in the audience.

With on-brand, attractive visuals, you’ll attract new customers or clients and build a stronger reputation in your industry. By setting up the booth, you tell other competitors at the trade show that you’re ready to take your place in the industry, while also letting customers know that you’re just as reputable as the other exhibitors. If you’re a new company, having your stall set up next to an industry mainstay can instantly boost your credibility.

2. Better Targeted Leads

Along with the benefits to your image, an effective trade show display will put you in contact with leads who are more likely to want to use your products or services. After all, a trade show will feature a more specialized audience who have already expressed interest in the types of things you have to offer. By getting their attention, you can use your time at the trade show to generate relationships with possible customers or clients that you can follow up on after the trade show is over.

Another great part about using trade show exhibit displays is that the leads are coming to you. In a direct sale, you’d have to make an appointment, taking time out of their day or cold-calling them to build a lead. At a trade show, however, they’ll be seeking you out, meaning there won’t be the typical apprehension and resentment that can come with traditional sales methods.

With the comfortable environment that trade show displays provide, you can take advantage of the moment and possibly close deals. Attendees will be drawn to your display for a reason, and as such, you can capitalize on their pressure points. For example, your display might incorporate images of your latest product or a flagship service. If attendees are drawn to you based on these graphics, you’ll be more likely to sign them up for a sale on the trades how floor.

3. Learn About and Network With Other Businesses

Meeting possible customers or clients is not the only function of going to trade shows and setting up displays. It’s also about meeting possible business partners, developing relationships in your industry and scouting out the competition.

As a trade show will bring together businesses that are all in the same industry, it’s a great opportunity for you to make new connections with companies that your business could benefit from knowing. An attractive trade show display will give you the credibility to make an introduction and develop a relationship with other companies. If your booth has plenty of information about what your business does, you’ll open the door to other companies seeing how they can help your success.

Along with building relationships with others, you can use a trade show to research the competition. If your trade show display is located near competitors, you can use the opportunity to observe what they are doing well and the types of services or products they are choosing to highlight at the tradeshow. This sort of information can help you hone your own trade show display to reach possible leads more effectively.

What to Use in a Trade Show Display?

Due to the advantages of trade show exhibit displays, you can probably see that they are crucial for taking your company to the next level. There are a few different options you should consider for your trade show display to make sure it looks great:

  • Retractable banners: Retractable banners are part of most portable trade show displays for a good reason. You can set them up quickly and take then down at a moment’s notice, but most importantly, they are an excellent canvas for your messages, making them even more eye-catching.
  • Point of purchase displays: Point of purchase (POP) displays are some of the most action-oriented types of signage on the market today. These graphics range in size and are found near products or services that you want to sell on the spot. If you want to encourage attendees to take action while visiting your booth, such as trying out a device, signing up for your service or even purchasing a product, you’ll want to use a POP display.
  • Wall graphics: If you have a booth, wall graphics are a great way to make your background look great and use all of the space available to you. Wall graphics can include photos of your newest products or services, along with your logo to brand the space.
  • Table covers: Table covers accent your booth, turning a boring old table into an exciting marketing device. These covers can come in on-brand colors and feature iconic graphics from your company. A table cover will make any trade show booth more visually appealing and increase brand awareness about your business.

Choose SpeedPro for Your Trade Show Display NeedsChoose SpeedPro for your trade show display needs.

If you’re ready to display at a trade show, you’ll want to consider working with SpeedPro. Our nationwide network of studios specializes in large format graphics. We’ve helped countless companies develop their brand with pop up trade show displays and other customized graphics. The high-quality signage and graphics you’ll receive by working with SpeedPro are sure to impress and will help you build your reputation as a leader in your industry.

Find your local studio today to speak with one of our representatives about trade show graphics that would be perfect for your needs.

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