Tabletop Trade Show Displays

Table Top Display

What goes on your tables when you set up shop at trade shows and other industry events? What if you could communicate the essentials of your brand, captivate attention and command more industry authority — all by placing the right trade show displays and kits on those very tables?

SpeedPro produces tabletop trade show displays customized for your brand and suitable for many commercial applications. Explore our catalog of portable tabletoppers, then reach out to get started creating your tabletop system today.

What Are Portable Tabletop Displays?

Tabletop displays are fabric-based graphic systems designed to adorn event tables and countertops.

Businesses set up portable tabletop displays as part of their larger event exhibitions. When attending industry events or out in the public eye, these exhibitions set the stage for how your business is perceived.

SpeedPro designs portable tabletop displays in over half a dozen varieties. Each comes with signature features and customizable options, yet their portability, durability and environmental versatility never change. Use fabric trade show tabletop displays to present your company’s most polished self — and reap business rewards as a result.

Why Enhance Your Tabletop Displays at Industry Events?

Looking to go beyond the basic fabric throw? There are many benefits to adorning your booth tabletops at trade shows and industry events, including the following.

1. To Increase Professionalism

Appearances do matter, especially when it comes to making a positive first impression with prospective vendors and customers. Those attendees will spend only a few seconds taking in your entire trade show exhibit. Tabletop displays grant a high-quality, detailed presentation, complete with colorful graphics, stylish shapes and customizable text, shading and linework. Attendees will equate the professional appearance of your tabletop graphics with the nature of your business and will be more likely to trust the quality of your deliverables.

SpeedPro is one of the country’s only G7 Master Qualified large-format printers. This accreditation attests to our print quality and consistency, as well as our commitment to using only the latest technology and design techniques in the wider print industry.

2. To Curate Your Brand

Large to small tabletop displays communicate what your business is all about. Through visual graphics and color schemes, images, photographs, text and more, trade show attendees grow familiar with your products and services by taking in your tabletoppers — and they understand the spirit that fuels those products and services. Communicating that brand personality is one of the most important differentiators for companies today.

The fabric graphics that comprise portable tabletop materials are an ideal canvas to relay your brand. SpeedPro’s designers and printers will help you create tabletoppers that exude personality and professionalism, all to make the most of each industry event you attend.

3. To Attract and Engage

Trade show attendees get bombarded with visual and audio stimuli from businesses competing for their attention. As attendees stroll down the aisles, they will naturally filter what stimuli “sticks” and which passes through, unregistered.

Custom fabric tabletoppers create a dynamic and visually arresting trade show booth — far more than the traditional set up of linear tables and curtained backdrops. Colorful and creative, these displays showcase the exact graphics, text and other visuals you’ve selected as the core visuals of your brand. Combined with a well-strategized exhibit appearance and layout — plus tangible goals surrounding your event attendance — and you’re set up to authentically attract, engage and convert colleagues and customers alike.

4. To Differentiate From Competitors

Competitive differentiation gives you the means to set your products and services apart from others in your vertical.

An essential part of that differentiation centers on how you present your goods and services. Are you user-minded, thinking always about your target demographic and what appeals to them most? Do you create value-adding messages from your business materials? Are you speaking, advertising and looking like others in your industry, or do you purposefully shake up the mold?

These questions can help you create materials like portable fabric displays that let you stand out in a sea of competition. Fewer things are more valuable to your trade show displays than this competitive differentiation born from creative large-format prints.

Tabletop Trade Show Display Options

Tabletop Options

Selecting your trade show exhibits tabletop displays is easier with a full-service printing partner like SpeedPro.

Our studios have been recognized as one of the best in the industry. We maintain only the highest standards and use the most modern techniques for our trade show exhibit projects because we know your business’ reputation is on the line with each material you put out for display.

SpeedPro produces eight lines of tabletop signs and displays ideal for businesses — like yours — looking to create that “wow” effect.

1. Coyote Tabletop Displays

CoyoteTM Tabletoppers are retractable tabletop displays available in straight and curved units.

Its collapsible aluminum frame sets the standard for portability. Users pull or retract the purple aluminum bars to set up their model — no tools or separate parts needed for assembly. Magnetic channel bars and a magnet applied rollable graphic make adding your custom graphics easy and come in your choice of UV graphics mural panels (separate images) or a rollable, hook-and-loop fabric image (one large graphics print).

Select Coyote Tabletoppers in one of four sizes:

  • 4-foot model
  • 6-foot rectangular model
  • 6-foot square model
  • 8-foot model

Each fits and adorns your standard banquet table. As one of the most popular and adaptable of all portable tabletop displays, Coyote tabletop displays are uniquely versatile, user-friendly and eye-catching. Coyote display accessories include your choice of internal shelving, spotlights and additional case-to-counter kits and graphics that help your trade show display stand out even more.

2. Embrace Tabletop Displays

The EmbraceTM line of tabletop displays is one of our most diverse and multifunctional. It also introduces tension fabrics into the portable tabletop display line, which uses push-and-insert custom graphics rather than stretched fabric to create your final tabletop visual.

Embrace square tabletop displays contain a collapsible silver frame with channel grooves stationed with the perimeter bars. To assemble, you simply push the silicon edges (SEG) of your graphics into these perimeter frame grooves. Once tucked into place, your fabric stretches to cover almost the entire frame, concealing its cross and perimeter bars and keeping audience eyes right where you want them — on your branded messages.

The portable Embrace tabletop displays come in five core product sizes:

  • 2.5-foot square model
  • 2.5-foot vertical rectangular model
  • 5-foot square model
  • 5-foot rectangular model
  • 7.5-foot wide model

Embrace tabletop displays are just as portable and lightweight as any other product in SpeedPro’s tabletopper line. Its framing system is collapsible and fits within many carrying cases. This ease of set up matches its overall design meant to highlight your graphics and only your graphics, making it an ideal inclusion for trade show displays where attention is short and positive first impressions crucial.

3. Folding Panel Displays

Folding panel displays bring a premium-quality, professional posterboard presentation to your event tables and booths.

Folding Panel displays bring a premium-quality, professional poster board presentation to your event tables and booths.

As the name suggests, Folding Panels are one of the most natural and intuitive portable tabletoppers available to businesses like yours. SpeedPro prints Folding Panels tabletoppers on ultra-light yet rigid core materials. Select from multiple configurations, each giving you a different number of graphics panels to display images, text, photographs of products and services and much more. Pick the number of folding panels most relevant to your overall exhibit vision, then select from 15 fabric panel color choices to match your current brand aesthetics.

Panels fold and stack atop one another easily. Many Folding Panel models come with a shoulder-slung carry bag included for added transportation convenience. What’s more, Folding Panels contain tons of options for customizations, including attached or removable header panels to feature additional messages, hook-and-loop applied graphics, spotlighting, Thermoformed ABS reinforced exteriors and more.

Select a Folding tabletop display in one of the following sizes:

  • Three-paneled folding displays
  • Five-paneled folding displays
  • Briefcase-style, or mini, folding displays with three graphics panels

4. Formulate Fabric Tabletop Displays

Formulate® Fabric displays are available in straight and curved templates featuring a sophisticated, central pillowcase fabric graphics.

Pillowcase graphics install over their aluminum framing system, hiding your displays channel and crossbars so booth visitors see only your high-quality, large-format graphics. Frames assemble through an easy snap-lock system, so no tools are required, and are lightweight enough to set atop standard 6-foot and 8-foot event counters and tables.

Once assembled, Formulate Fabric graphics are then slipped over the frame and zipped into place, providing one of the smoothest and most secure fabric graphic varieties in all portable display panel systems.

SpeedPro includes a carry bag for quick fabric and frame transportation. Explore our diverse catalog of Formulate Fabric displays and kits, available in the following configurations:

  • Formulate Fabric straight backwalls
  • Formulate Fabric horizontally curved backwalls (curved on the left and right edges)
  • Formulate Fabric vertically curved backwall (curved at the base and top bars)
  • And more custom edge types

5. Hopup Tabletop Displays

HopupTM Tabletoppers bring a whole new meaning to convenience. Made from a collapsible aluminum or anodized silver frames, this tabletopper display collapses and sets up accordion style. No extra steps or parts — simply pull the frame into its standing position on your event table or bar. It’s that simple.

The grab-and-go framing system doesn’t sacrifice other design affordances, either. Hopup displays also contain an integrated fabric graphic customized to represent your exact vision and with the option of protective securing end caps. These distinct panels slip pillowcase-style over the aluminum support frames and come off just as quick. All items can then be packed and stored away in the custom carrying and shipping bag included with each order.

Hopup collapsible displays are available in several frame sizes, each with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects:

  • 2.5-foot compact model
  • 5-foot rectangular model
  • 5.5-foot curved rectangular model
  • 5-foot square model
  • 5.5-foot curved square model
  • 7-foot rectangular model
  • 7.5-foot curved model

6. Perch Table Pole Banners

Perch Table Pole Displays Offer a Unique Twist on the Trade Show Tabletopper

Perch TableTM Pole displays offer a unique twist on the trade show tabletopper.

Instead of branded items simply set atop the table, perch poles are banner-like graphics that integrate into the table itself, forming an overhead banner that creates a walk-up window effect. You transform your tables and counters into immersive areas of conversation with trade show attendees, be they prospective customers, vendors, influencers or important industry thought leaders.

A Perch Table Pole Banner consists of an ultra-lightweight anodized silver tube frame that connects to your table using stationary clamps. The tube frame is also telescopic, so you can adjust its height to create short, medium or tall overhead banners to frame your tabletop.

Perch Table Poles also come with their own custom fabric banner. This graphic serves as the header and stretches easily across the frame, fit with a pillowcase-slip design. Slide the fabric graphic over the top bar of the frame, then stretch it down until it’s wrinkle-free. Fabric covers can display your company name and logo, welcome booth guests, ask a question or contain call-to-action-like language persuading those passing by to stop and take a closer look.

Choose Perch Table displays when you wish to create an engaging, conversation-driven trade show exhibit that’s as convenient to set up as it is comfortable to approach.

7. Vector Frame Tabletop Displays

Vector FrameTM Tabletop displays are made to complement other Vector trade show exhibit materials and kits.

Their unique design sets your organization apart from the rest. Vector frame displays are made from aluminum extrusion frames and contain push-fit fabric graphics. This means graphics are set within the frame rather than stretched across, similar to how you install a photograph into a photo frame. Just insert the master fabric graphic into the slotted frame, then secure into place with conjoined pull tabs. The entire installation takes seconds, with the fabric graphic protected from wear-and-tear with durable silicon-edges (SEG).

Vector Frame tabletoppers make a great product choice when you’re aiming for a clean, contemporary trade show exhibit. The push-fit graphic design conceals the majority of the structural frames. Because of this sleek and modern design, audiences’ eyes are drawn straight to your printed images and text, not the support system surrounding it. You make your trade show marketing messages pop, and in turn, keep your attendance purposeful and event objectives on track — all with an impactful yet lightweight pop-up display.

8. Xclaim Tabletop Display

The XclaimTM Popup Tabletopper is a premium, pyramid style custom graphic piece. With its pyramid-style framing system, your table is decked out in a distinct, textured table display that is as visually captivating as it is multifunctional.

SpeedPro can design and print custom stretch-fit graphics that hook into place wrinkle-free across the collapsible black frame. Installing the graphics is as easy as stretching the durable graphic from frame corner to corner, then looping it securely into place with the pre-attached hooks.

Like many other tabletop product lines, the Xclaim series is fashioned from a lightweight yet strong magnetic collapsible frame with magnetic corner connectors. There are no tools required for assembly or takedown. Merely pull the frame up or down accordion style, then push down and pack away in your tabletopper’s carrying case made to match the display’s exact dimensions.

Xclaim Popup tabletoppers are available in multiple sizes and configurations, including:

  • 3-foot pyramid model containing three graphics panels
  • 3-foot pyramid model containing four graphics panels
  • 5-foot square model containing four graphics panels
  • 5-foot square model containing five graphics panels

Table Displays and Kits Made to Showcase the Best of Your Business

Few things are more important than nailing a good first impression with prospective customers and industry experts. SpeedPro’s custom portable tabletoppers and display kits are designed with exactly that in mind, ensuring your business communicates what it needs to, how it needs to — while capturing the true spirit of your brand.

Find your local SpeedPro studio to see what portable tabletop displays for trade shows they can create for you.