Reception Signage

Reception Signage

As any business owner can tell you, amazing products and cool new features don’t always guarantee that clients will come through the door, let alone buy the products you’ve worked so hard on. To drive client traffic and sales, you also need to have a strong brand. And you need to have an aesthetic that catches consumers’ eyes and won’t let them go.

Signage is an essential part of a business’s success. Attractive signs catch the eye, create a strong impression, provide information, drive foot traffic, generate brand recognition and more. Business signs are like employees — except they never get sick, stop showing up, complain or ask for time off. They work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help your business flourish.

A comprehensive study done by the Economics Center at the University of Cincinnati found several quantifiable benefits to business signs. For example, 29% of consumers report that they make decisions based on the information communicated by in-store signs. And 34% of consumers associate sign quality with store and product quality. About three-fourths of clients have entered a business or referred a friend to the business because a sign made the place stand out. Overall, the survey found that attractively designed and properly located signage plays a critical role in a company’s financial success.

Reception signage is no exception. High-quality, attractive reception signs help keep clients informed about and engaged with your business. Below, we will outline some types and benefits of reception area signs and offer suggestions on how to choose the best ones.

Benefits of Office Reception Signs

Reception signs provide several benefits to your business:

Benefits of Office Reception Signs

1. They Communicate Helpful Information

Reception signs explain quickly and effectively what your business is all about. You can also use your reception signs to give clear information about different areas of your office, your hours of operation or your pricing.

2. They Give Directions

Reception signage also helps clients find their way around your building. If your bathrooms are tucked in a hard-to-find corner, a helpful sign can point them out. Or if the billing department is on the third floor, a sign can announce that too. Need a map that shows how to exit the building in case of a fire? You can do better than a bland diagram with some hastily drawn arrows. Custom office directional signs allow you to give directions in a way that both informs the reader and pleases the eye. And directional signs have direct effects on sales, too. One San Diego study found that a small directional sign strategically placed in a shopping mall added 10% to the sales totals each week.

3. They Help Reduce the Demands on Employees

Your employees are probably busy throughout the day. While they are happy to stop and answer clients’ questions, doing so puts them behind in the rest of their work. If your store has clear, informative signage, clients won’t have to take up your staff members’ time by asking basic questions.

4. They Catch the Eye

Most people love a good visual, and a solid, eye-catching sign is a great way to grab people’s attention amid the chaos and digital noise of life. And though facts and figures can blur together, the visual impression of a sign tends to stick in the memory.

5. They Make Your Space Inviting

Imagine a doctor’s office with drab chairs, neutral-colored walls and an antiseptic atmosphere. It’s no fun to be there, right? But some cheerful signage can liven the place up and make patients feel more at home. Other businesses, likewise, can use colorful, attractive signage to invite clients to come in, linger and browse. Having a welcoming sign near your reception area also creates an atmosphere of hospitality and service. Cheerful reception signage is a great way to show that you care about your clients and are committed providing them with a positive experience in your office.

6. They Create a Positive Impression

If a company has attractive, professional, informative signs, clients are more likely to think the company is professional and polished overall. Not all reception signs have to be text-based. Graphic signs make great reception signs as well. Colorful, coordinated graphics can liven up an area and give an impression of a cheery, put-together company.

7. They Promote and Reinforce Your Brand

Brand awareness and recognition are the two primary factors that influence client loyalty. Distinctive signage provides an easy, attractive way to promote brand recognition and keep clients coming back to a brand they remember and have formed positive associations with.

8. They Foster Team Spirit

Branding also provides an easy way to unify employees around a company’s values and goals. By using fun reception signage that prominently displays a brands’ name or logo, companies can increase employees’ sense of engagement with their workplace.

9. They Facilitate Timely Updates

Using temporary signage helps you update your clients about changes, such as extended holiday hours, an unexpected closing or a special sale offer. Some businesses go with quick, hand-lettered signs or a generic banner for these purposes. But investing in temporary signage is a more professional way to give your clients the updates they need.

10. They Help You Comply With Regulations

Federal regulations require ADA signage on interior signs that identify rooms and spaces, such as restrooms and room and floor numbers. Directional and informational signs must also comply with ADA standards. Custom ADA signage from a professional service helps ensure that your business complies with ADA standards and that you maintain a welcoming space for individuals with disabilities.

Types of Office Reception Signs

Reception signs come in many different styles. A good printing business will work with you to customize the sign that’s right for your purpose, budget and aesthetic.

  • Backlit graphics: Backlit graphics or lightboxes use LED lighting to provide an elegant touch in the interior of a business. You can use backlit graphics in your reception area to create an attractive, welcoming area for people to wait in.
  • Contour-cut signage: Contour-cut signage is great for emphasizing your business’s name in letters that stand out. Using contour-cut signage in your reception area helps you emphasize your brand in a professional, flattering way.
  • Corporate marketing signage: Corporate marketing signage is also an excellent way to promote and emphasize your brand. Corporate marketing signage can include a diverse array of products, from wall murals to window graphics to digital signs and more. Any attractive sign that promotes your company’s name, values, products and culture in a positive, professional way is sure to help you draw in clients.

Custom Environmental Graphics Use

  • Custom environmental graphics: Custom environmental graphics offer a way to brighten up any space. If your reception area could use a bit of livening up, consider investing in adhesive environmental graphics for your windows, doors, walls and even the ceiling.
  • Directional and wayfinding signage: Businesses can use directional and wayfinding signs to help clients know where to go. Use directional and wayfinding signs in your reception area to point out helpful features like restrooms, product locations and client service areas.
  • Digital signage: Digital signage has many outdoor applications but lends itself readily to indoor use as well. One of its main advantages is that you can change your message quickly without having to make a new sign. Using digital signage in your reception area allows you to update your clients about daily specials, tell them about new features or give holiday greetings.
  • Dimensional signage: Dimensional signage stands out from the wall in a way that’s hard to miss, so it’s great for catching your customers’ eyes. You can use dimensional signage in your reception area to direct your guests or draw their attention to important information.
  • Office signage and graphics: The category of office signage and graphics is incredibly versatile. It can include anything from directional signs to graphic office murals — the choice is entirely up to you. Liven up your reception area with some funky art or give your clients helpful information — or do both at the same time — with the help of customizable office graphics.
  • Point-of-purchase displays: Point-of-purchase displays are helpful for enticing clients to make purchases. The typical American makes three impulse buys a week — three out of four of us buy the candy at the register when we check out — so why shouldn’t your product be one of those impulse purchases? If your reception area is also a point of sale, consider investing in some attractive point-of-purchase displays. That way, you can showcase items that your clients can’t pass up.

Choosing the Right Office Reception Signs

The choice of reception signs for a business usually depends on several different factors.


Your budget will help determine what kind of reception signs you choose. If you’re working with a smaller budget, you may prefer to go with a few small, well-placed directional signs for your reception area. If the sky is the limit, you may invest in several different types of signs, such as large graphics and lightboxes, to brighten up your space.

Materials for Office Signage


The material you choose is also important for your signs’ longevity, aesthetic appeal and cost-effectiveness. At SpeedPro, we can make our signs with a variety of materials:

  • Acrylic: Many contemporary indoor and outdoor signs are made of acrylic, which consists of a plastic sheet with a glossy finish. An acrylic substrate is an excellent choice for a sign that will be both durable and stylish. Acrylic reception signs can come in a variety of colors and lend themselves to easy size and shape customization as well. The light weight of acrylic also makes it a cinch to move and install. An supremely versatile, durable and attractive choice, acrylic works for many types of signs, from lighted signs to 3D lettering to signs that will hang from a wall.
  • Canvas: Canvas is not just for painters — its durability and professional look make it a favorite with signmakers as well, for both indoor and outdoor signs. Its textured quality gives it a unique appearance and helps all types of graphics stand out, especially with stretched gallery wrap prints. Canvas also incorporates ink well, so it is popular for printed ink designs and sharp graphics. You can use canvas to create a life-sized print to cover a entire wall, or you can cut down to a few smaller prints for a more subtle look to your reception wall signs.
  • Coroplast: Coroplast is a special kind of corrugated plastic. It consists of an interior space made up of folded layers of plastic for extra hardiness and durability. Lawn signs are popular applications for coroplast, but coroplast has other uses, too. It is also recyclable, so environmentally conscious consumers can feel good about using this type of plastic.
  • Foam core: Foam core signs, as their name suggests, have interiors made of dense polystyrene foam. The dense foam core is typically layered between two pieces of matte paper. Businesses generally use foam core for printed signs, especially short-term signs or indoor office signs that will not have to endure harsh weather. Foam core signs are exceptionally lightweight, so they are easy to transport and install. They are also very easy to print and cut, and their airy construction makes them cost-effective. Polystyrene is not recyclable, however, so environmentally conscious consumers may prefer to go with other options.

Type of Business

If your office is a vibrant, outgoing place like a hair salon or hip new restaurant, consider investing in bold colors, bright digital lettering or artsy graphics to enhance your aesthetic appeal. If your office is a more sedate, professional institution like a law office or financial firm, elegant and understated signage such as contour-cut lettering might be the way to go. If your business caters to a very young clientele — say you’re a preschool or a pediatrician’s office — cartoonish graphics on your signage may go a long way toward making the little ones feel at home.

Purpose of Signs

Of course, your intended purpose will also help determine your choice of signs. There’s no need to invest in flashy digital displays just to tell people where the bathroom is, or to create massive, detailed graphic murals to display your new hours. For informational signs, being concise, direct and to the point is often key. For signs intended to create a particular atmosphere, you may want to go bigger and bolder. For signs intended to generate brand awareness, consider using large, attractive lettering and a color palette that reflects the mood of your business.

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