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In the face of pressing deadlines, event planners, designers, and business owners turn to the creative team at SpeedPro. From rugged parking lot signs to window cling decals, clients trust SpeedPro products both to promote an event and to capture attendees’ attention throughout.


Experienced event planners know that the actual event is only half the battle; promoting it ahead of time is crucial for gathering attendees and ensuring its success. Whether getting the word out about a career expo, product release, convention, or other entertainment occasion, SpeedPro has the capability to outfit promotional campaigns with products that our clients trust. Custom signs, mounted posters, and banners can be made to a client’s exact specifications and scaled to any size. Wall and floor murals, along with elevator wraps where applicable, can be placed in the venue before the day of the event to both promote and establish the aesthetic.


SpeedPro also offers a variety of high quality options to event planners for the events themselves. Our print services provide sponsorship opportunities to increase revenue- with banners, floor graphics, flags, pillars, and wall wraps to point of purchase displays for vendors to purchase.

Directional signs serve as guides for customers while also appealing to the look and feel of the event. Miscellaneous products like stickers, decals, table coverings, trade show displays, flags, and indoor and outdoor signage are all essential products for event planners. SpeedPro delivers on these intricate but important products, allowing coordinators and event managers to focus their efforts on larger aspects of the event.

For all events, planners and directors can receive quotes on graphic displays and other products for event signage.

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