Custom Graphics for Construction

Custom Construction Graphics

For construction companies who look to the future without sacrificing the quality of their work in the present, custom construction graphics are appealing. For forward-looking companies, construction signage is enticing due to its ability to promote the business, improve the safety and efficiency of a job site and enhance the visual appeal of the building under construction. The best companies use construction signage to improve the quality of their work, while also having it generate new clients and leads.

Benefits of Custom Construction Graphics

There’s a reason so many companies around the nation employ custom construction signage at their project sites. The benefits of using custom graphics make them indispensable to the marketing and functional sides of a company’s business. Here are some of the top advantages of using construction signs at your worksite:

1. Advertise Your Company and Services

Signage at your construction site can be used to promote your company and generate interest from potential clients. By placing brand-friendly custom graphics and images around your construction site for the public, you’ll be growing brand awareness and reinforcing your credibility as a viable construction company. After a project is completed, signage can be included tastefully on the building to advertise your company’s craftsmanship and show your expertise at constructing complex structures.

2. Wayfinding and Safety Information

To keep your team safe while they work, you can take a proactive approach to safety by making make sure there are plenty of signs relaying important safety information. If it’s not safe to be in a particular area yet or if there are specific instructions a team member needs to follow, a custom sign warning them can keep employees from harm.

Along with providing safety information, custom signs can also direct workers around the construction site. A directional sign will help them find key work areas and identify where they should be if they are assigned to a task. The signage can also let workers know where construction vehicles and equipment should be stored at the end of the day, helping to ensure that everything gets to the right place day in and day out.

3. Improve Visual Appeal of Area

If a construction site is located in a high-trafficked area, the community will probably want the visibility of the site’s operations as limited as possible. To disguise areas of the construction site, you can put up large signs with attractive, on-brand graphics. One favorite of construction companies is to put up signs that show what the building will look like after it’s completed. Signs and graphics are often the primary sources of improving the visual appeal of construction sites.

Top Construction Graphics

To give you a better idea of the types of graphics and signs you can employ at your worksite, consider some of the top options available to companies on the market today:

Top Construction Graphics

1. Large-Format Corporate Sign Graphics

If you want to make a statement on a construction site, large-format outdoor signs are the way to go. If you already have a structure in place, you can mount the sign onto the side of the building, partitions or fencing. Additionally, the sign can stand on its own when placed onto a chloroplast H-frame, allowing you to put it in areas where you know people are most likely to see it.

The signs are particularly effective because of their ability to house stunning images, graphics and text that represent your company well. These signs often include the name of the construction company and contact information to encourage potential clients to get in touch with them. For those who really want to stand out at all times, the signs can be backlit, making them visible 24/7 and more noticeable to those passing by.

2. Directional Signage

Directional signs are one of the commonly used types of signs at construction sites as they ensure that people know exactly where they should be going. With directional or wayfinding signage, your employees will know exactly where to park their personal vehicles, find the proper tools and locate the work areas they need to be in, among other valuable directions. Along with their functional value, wayfinding signs also can include your company’s logos and on-brand graphics to make the site more visually appealing.

3. Banners

Banners are a highly versatile form of signage that can be hung, placed in stands or attached to a variety of surfaces. One of the most popular types of custom banners are made out of mesh and are commonly attached to the fencing surrounding the site. The mesh allows for some transparency, but it still obscures the view into the construction site, making the site more attractive to passersby.

Banners are an attractive canvas for your graphics, as they can handle any design demand. As projects invariably will come to an end, you’ll also enjoy the portability of banners and the ease in which they can attach to and detach from different surfaces. Even though they are very portable, top-quality banners will be extremely durable, constructed with only the highest quality of materials that are resistant to the elements.

4. Vehicle Wraps

For work trucks and other company vehicles, you can employ vehicle wraps to bring your brand on the road and throughout the worksite. As employees transport materials to and from the job site with large trucks, you can wrap the vehicles with vinyl graphics and images to turn them into mobile advertisements. While your driver takes your vehicle throughout the city, a variety of people will see your message and become more aware of your brand.

Vinyl wraps are made out of durable materials that will hold up against the dangers of the road, such as dust, debris and other environmental factors. Due to their durability, the signage will continuously highlight your brand’s image and showcase your message every day that your vehicle is on the road.

Add Signage and Graphics to Your Construction Sites With SpeedPro

If you want to generate new business, make your worksite more efficient and improve the visual appeal of your worksite, custom construction graphics are a perfect option for your needs. To bring your graphics to life and ensure that they last a long time, you’ll want to work with an experienced printing company. With over 20 years of industry experience and a nationwide network of studios, SpeedPro has the ability and resources to print what you need, no matter how complex.

Find your local studio today to speak to a SpeedPro representative, who will be happy to discuss all of the ways that they can assist your company.

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