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Car Dealership Signage

Signage for car dealerships is crucial for attracting customers to your car lot. Auto graphics will enhance the appeal of your car dealership and bring in new clientele interested in the vehicles you are currently offering. With custom signs, you can celebrate the release of a new car, show off your latest deals and make your dealership a household name in your area. Due to their versatility and effectiveness, you’ll want to consider adding custom auto graphics to your car dealership.

Outdoor Car Dealership Signage

There are several kinds of outdoor car dealership signs that can grab the attention of those driving by. From roadside billboards to vehicle wraps and flags, car dealerships are always looking for ways to put their automotive graphics in front of potential buyers. A few of the most popular options are listed below:

1. Flags

Flags fit perfectly into the large dimensions of most dealerships, and, when placed strategically, can increase the visibility of your dealership. Their high level of visibility makes them an exceptional choice to mark off the entrance to the dealership, guiding potential customers into the lot. Since flags are so visible, they make for a highly versatile canvas for you to share your key messages and values with the public.

Along with their functional value, they are visually appealing, as they can be printed with images that flow with the wind, giving them a fun, whimsical appearance. Additionally, they are available in many different colors and unique designs, allowing you to bring your vision to reality.

2. Vehicle Wraps

At an auto dealership, custom vehicle wraps are a natural fit. They make for a highly visible advertisement that complements the rest of the vehicles on the lot. In front of the dealership, you can display one of your top-selling cars with a vehicle wrap on it, proudly displaying your message. Vehicle wraps are longlasting, so you can place them on some of your vehicles for as long as you need.

Vehicle wraps are customizable and can range in their size. Some vehicles may look better with a full wrap covering it, giving off a dramatic message to those who pass by your store, while others might be more subtle, with your dealership logo only displayed on the side. Whatever you choose, vehicle wraps are eye-catching and make a statement, causing them to be an excellent marketing choice.

3. A-Frame Signage

While customers navigate your car dealership, you’ll want them always to know where they are going and how they can find key vehicles and locations on the lot. A-frame sidewalk signs are extremely portable and are made to be read close-up. These signs are great for wayfinding, along with marking off important sections of the dealership. If you have deals that customers should be aware of, A-frame signage can display them in a visually appealing manner.

4. Large-Format Corporate Signs

To get people to notice your auto dealership, you can’t go wrong with large-format corporate signage mounted onto the side of your building or placed on a chloroplast H-Frame base. Both of these options, if placed in the view of a roadway, will generate brand familiarity by exposing those driving by to your message. This type of signage is usually paired with signature color schemes, eye-catching graphics and can even come with backlighting.

Indoor Car Dealership Signage

After your automotive graphics attract potential clients into your store, you will want to give them the best possible experience after they walk through your doors and onto the sales floor. You can find several interior signage options that are popular for car dealerships below:

1. Window Graphics

Often, car dealerships will use large glass windows, especially around the showroom. To add a visual accent for both the indoors and the outdoors, professionally printed window graphics are the go-to option. They come in crisp colors on perforated film to capitalize on plate glass windows.

A window graphic lets you provide key information to customers like your name, website, logo, contact info, hours of operation and social media handles. Along with providing important information, window graphics will assist with increasing brand awareness, clearly marking the car dealership as your own. While you brand your space, you can also use the windows as a space to promote your latest sales and deals.

2. Wall Murals

As customers walk into your salesroom, you’ll want to make an impression on them, drawing them to your vehicles and subtly encouraging them to make a purchase. One way that you can make a positive impression on them is with wall murals. This type of signage is perfect for car dealership graphics, as it will brand the space as your own with unique designs and messages.

With clever imagery, you can tell a story to the customer, showing them just how happy they will be after purchasing a vehicle. Your wall mural will set the tone for how the customer should feel in the space, and with the proper design, the mood that you set can help people feel more comfortable test-driving or purchasing a car. Additionally, sales floor wall murals can often be seen from the street and are easily swapped out for new designs.

3. Retractable Banners

Retractable Banners for car dealerships

Retractable banners are a great choice for both indoor and outdoor locations, as they can be quickly set up and removed. If you have monthly deals or other time-oriented messages, retractable banners are an excellent option if you want to switch out banners regularly.

Along with their ability to be changed out quickly, they are also built for the longterm. If you plan to have a banner inside or outside for a long time, you can be confident that it’s going to stand up to the elements and proudly display your message. On top of durability, a retractable banner comes in a variety of designs and stands, giving you a lot of creative freedom in the design of the banner.

Where Can I Find a Studio for Custom Signage and Auto Graphics Near Me?

If you’re looking to upgrade your car dealership graphics, then SpeedPro is the company for you. With a large nationwide network, SpeedPro will work with you to craft signage that captures attention and communicates your core message to potential customers.

Find your local studio to discuss the ways that they can provide a solution to your needs. Once you find the SpeedPro closest to you, you can request a free quote and speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives.

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