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Custom Graphics for Non-Profits

To effectively raise awareness and drive support, nonprofits nationwide turn to SpeedPro for custom signage with Great. Big. Graphics. that captivate and inspire. By partnering with us, your organization receives access to the first-class graphics production, skilled studio staff and in-house project management capabilities of SpeedPro’s studios.

Promoting Your Values Through Graphics

With exceptional signage, a nonprofit’s purpose is splashed across the walls. We can put values, mission statements and vision statements front and center. Imagine a donor walking into your office and seeing your goals plastered across your walls with evocative, emotional imagery. They know instantly what you are all about and why you are passionate about what you do. It’s inspirational. Donors will love the commitment and purpose that big, bold graphics can bring to your organization.

Recognition is a vital component of promoting your cause, and SpeedPro has plenty of experience with nonprofits and publicity agencies. Our history enables us to understand the kinds of custom signs many associations use and how they use those signs. For example, nonprofits that focus on outreach and transport often use large-format products, such as overhead banners and vehicle wraps, for greater visibility and maximum impact. We also offer custom graphics like retractable banners, directional signage and foam core posters that can easily adapt to a variety of environments. They’ll look good from administrative offices and boardrooms to thrift stores, shelters or fundraising drives.

Our versatile trade show display options feature simple, tool-free setup and breakdown. They can be configured to take full advantage of any allotted space and coordinated with custom printed tents, posters, table throws, and more. Whatever the size and scope of the work, SpeedPro has custom signage options that can work for you, your mission and your customers.

Nonprofit Event Promotion

Whether you’re putting on a golf tournament, a 5K race or some other event, custom signage can bring it to life. When it comes to promoting the event, large-scale signage is a powerful form of advertising.

Banners are some of the most versatile signs with high visiblity.

Banners are some of the most versatile signs with high visibility. You can use them for your logo, event information and more. Place banners in strategic locations around town for bold advertising. In high-traffic areas, everyone passing by will learn about your event. Some people may pass your banner every day.

Banners are typically cast vinyl, calendar vinyl, or mesh vinyl. Each material has its benefits. Cast vinyl is great for more permanent applications, such as placing your logo on the outside of your office. Calendar vinyl is good for simple, general-purpose banners that won’t need to stretch, and mesh vinyl works well for transparency, such as on windows or fences. With vinyl signs, you can cover everything from an ugly chain-link fence to the side of a building or a small car window with your goals.

Flags are an excellent option if you hope to increase brand awareness. These eye-catching, dynamic signs get everyone excited about your event. They can be colorful and tall, and many are weather-resistant. Put up flags where the event will be or place them around town for significant exposure. No matter where you place the flags, include your logo and some basic information.

And it doesn’t end with banners and flags. There is a massive variety of signs and graphics that you can use to get the word out about an event. Decals, elevator wraps, vehicle wraps, outdoor signage, wall murals and backlit graphics can all spread your message.

Nonprofit Event Signage

On the day of a big event, SpeedPro has all the options you need to make your brand known. You can be sure that your image and values are everywhere, whether outdoors or in.

  • Event graphics:Event graphics can run the gamut from simple banners to a full experiential graphics package. With event graphics, you ensure that no one forgets who put on the show. Your brand is associated with the event along every twist and turn. Event graphics can also bring in people who may not know what’s going on. If someone sees a load of bright signs and a crowd, an informative banner can tell them what’s happening. They might decide to come check things out.

A table covering makes great use of a surface many people don't think about.

  • Table coverings and table toppers: We weren’t kidding when we said you could put your image everywhere. A table covering makes great use of a surface that many people don’t think twice about. Whether you have sign-up forms, are collecting donations or running the event from a table or booth, coverings and toppers use that valuable real estate as a place to show off your brand.
  • Retractable banner stands: By using the “step and repeat” style and a retractable banner stand, you can provide a place for your logo to reach an incredibly broad audience. Think of awards shows and red carpets. In these instances, the network putting on the show typically plasters their logo behind the area where people are photographed and interviewed. A step-and-repeat banner lets you do the same at your event. You can make sure that social media, news coverage and photos subtly feature your brand. While the focus is still on the people in front, your logo remains in every shot and can offer significant exposure.

What & How Nonprofits Should Be Advertising

Since there isn’t a product to sell, nonprofits need to be involved with the advertising process, which should result in awareness and exposure. It helps to know what factors bring in donations, so let’s go over a few.

  • Emotion: While facts and figures are great, emotion is a much more powerful motivator. Many of our purchasing decisions are based on emotion, even if we think they are logically based. Leaning into the emotional side of your cause can be a fantastic draw for many donors. Some well-known ad campaigns appeal to our emotions, such as ads for animal shelters.
  • Testimonials: If you can work with influential people, they may help you get your message out. Even a small business can get some momentum if they find a well-loved member of the local community to act as spokesperson.
  • Social media and online ads: Knowing your social media feeds and advertising to your donors appropriately makes social media a great asset to your organization. Capitalize on viral trends to spread your message, or use advertising grants, like those offered by Google to nonprofits.

The SpeedPro Difference

When your nonprofit partners with SpeedPro, we’ll help you find the best options for your custom signs, determining the right media and materials for your product.

While we take care of the production end, you can focus on your organization’s broader goals. Contact your nearest studio today to discuss how we can help your nonprofit grow.