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Custom Hospital Signs

SpeedPro creates premium large-format graphics for hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities. Styles and selections are available for a variety of industry needs. Our hospital signs always uphold ADA signage requirements, ensuring your facility gets the designs it needs to foster a safe, healthy, functional and friendly medical environment with details putting patients first.

Featured Hospital Signage Projects

Explore the range of custom healthcare signs we’ve created for interior and exterior uses in medical facilities.

  • Window graphics for hospital entryways, children’s wards and pediatric care which brighten the space and create an inviting atmosphere.
  • Elevator wraps on doors and interior elevator wall paneling, which highlight your facility’s values and create warmth in cabs, hallways and landings.
  • Event promotional graphics that drum up attention and participation in blood drives, free screenings or holiday events.
  • Step-and-repeat banners for a festive photo-taking opportunity at hospital or clinic fundraisers.
  • Digital signage for patient waiting rooms that interact with visitors, staff and patients and provide real-time updates or announcements.
  • Wall murals custom-designed for private practices across medical fields, including dentists, chiropractors, orthodontists, counseling and therapy, physical rehabilitation centers, assisted living homes, hospices and many more.

Every healthcare client receives personalized attention catering to the distinct visual and branding needs of your facilities. Healthcare signage should prioritize clear, on-brand and engaging visuals and messages. Industry graphics also need to remain appropriate for medical spaces, imbuing professionalism and highlighting the quality and integrity of your care.

How We Cater Differently to Hospitals and Medical Facilities

SpeedPro’s suite of specialized healthcare signage adheres to G7 Master Qualified large-format printing standards. We’re one of the few in the industry with a G7 qualification, plus a 95% replication of the CMYK Pantone color standards, premium graphics media and print resolution capabilities up to 1440×1440 dpi.

Let us be your partner in perfecting any of the following custom hospital signage.

Custom Hospital Room & Medical Office Signs

1. Custom Hospital Room and Medical Office Signs

Individual room, wing and unit signage designed to direct patients, visitors and your own staff intuitively throughout your facility, featuring:

  • Directional/wayfinding signage
  • Medical office sign labels
  • Numbered rooms for birthing suites, patient rooms
  • Specialized area, ward and emergency room signs

2. Retractable Banners and Feather Flags

Standing or hanging custom banners fit for episodic or reoccurring medical events, including:

  • Facility fundraisers
  • Free screenings
  • Charity functions
  • Blood drives
  • Holiday events and gatherings
  • Themed parties
  • Community event graphics, such as sponsorship and promotional materials at local 5Ks

3. Architectural and Glass Finishes

Specialty glass graphics add both form and function to your medical facility. Frosted, tinted and patterned window graphics create natural privacy barriers, increasing confidentiality and comfort levels for everyone in your building.

Here are some ways to use architectural and glass finishes:

  • Overlay graphics onto first-story windows for waiting/reception-room privacy as well as enhancing building curb appeal
  • Add privacy glass to waiting areas, wards and any group area to create contemporary partitions
  • Tint current glass and windows to upgrade the look and natural light passage in your space

4. Environmental Graphics

From custom wall murals and contour-cut signage to floor decals and wayfinding signage, environmental graphics provide multimedia sets to cohesively brand your entire healthcare facility. Environmental graphics sets curate an impactful, professional aesthetic across all walls, floors, windows and elevators.

Get in touch with your local SpeedPro studio to hear about turnkey hospital signage graphics types available today.

Tips for Advertising Hospitals and Medical Offices

Medical facilities require a unique set of marketing and communication strategies to set themselves apart in a competitive industry. Consider how branded graphics can better promote your facility alongside these other healthcare branding best practices.

  • Know who you are. A jack-of-all-trades is a master of none. Define your hospital or clinic’s values, then ideate ways your space and its visuals reinforce who you are at your core.
  • Start with your signage. Exterior signage and interior lobby graphics will be the first thing a new patient experiences in your facility. Nail that first impression with high-quality, visually impactful, yet industry appropriate custom media.
  • Promote your staff and physicians aggressively. Make real people the face of your operations.
  • Build strategic alliances. Consider area businesses, nonprofits, schools, government associations and influencers with intuitive value alignment. Nurture relationships with these partners, then devise branded event and cross-promotional tactics.
  • Use multimedia. Support content calendars across multiple media platforms, then produce value-adding collateral for target viewers.

What Differentiates You From the Competition?

Your medical facility’s competitive differentiators shape your identity. Offices with the strongest brand identity begin to generate self-sustaining recognition in their communities, not only through treatments and services offered — but because of who they are.

How can you foster competitive differentiators to meaningfully stand out in the medical and healthcare industry? Consider these insights.

Hospital Marketing Materials

1. Promote High-Quality Care and Highlight Wow Moments

Physicians and patients must be at the heart of your brand messages. Videos, press releases, blog posts and social media are most impactful when they narrate how real healthcare professionals at your facility made the difference for real patients. Your marketing materials can help you stand out from the competition by additionally highlighting:

  • Industry awards and recognition
  • Area-exclusive treatments and technology
  • Innovative facility features
  • Health and wellness newsletters, sponsored initiatives

2. Center Your Core Values

Select your core values, then put them into practice above and beyond anyone else. You might also need to review your competition’s, even pivoting your value language to stand out from the crowd.

Don’t be afraid to try something new or revolutionary with your identity statements. Distinction goes a long way in healthcare brand association, as long as it’s lived out in your services, displayed in signage in exam rooms and reception areas and spread across multimedia promotions.

3. Learn What Patients Expect and Want

Patient-centered care has become a buzzword in the healthcare industry. It’s never been more important to walk the walk and talk the talk, creating engagement pipelines to understand what patients want and need for a positive clinical experience. Enhanced referral assistance? Same-day appointment scheduling? Multi-lingual services or translators? Patient mobile apps? Their answers may surprise you.

4. Prioritize Real People

Marketing is not sales — it is relationship building. The warmer, friendlier and more personal your hospital environment, the more you instill connection and care into your brand identity, not just an in-and-out patient conveyor belt.

Implement patient interfacing workshops with key staff and physicians. Revitalize coaching and mentorship practices to bolster staff support for one another. Review current patient-facing communication portals to determine if its language and features put forth a courteous, open-minded, welcome and competent image. In short, reinvest in the human side of healthcare.

5. Scream Your Unique Strengths

What is your added value to your patients and your community? Make it crystal clear. Integrate the strengths of your staff, specialists, technology, equipment or facility into everything, from your business model to your advertisements to your website and patient portals.

Better Brand Your Medical Facility

SpeedPro is the nation’s largest network of large-format printing studios catering to hospitals, clinics and healthcare organizations. Find your local studio, then reach out with ideas for products or services. We’ll provide a fast quote, then help bring to life your vision for brand-enhancing, competitive differentiating signage.