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Custom Entertainment Signage

Visually stimulating custom entertainment signage is built into the very essence of the entertainment industry. Without it, shows, concerts and sporting events would lose their personality and ambiance. Entertainment companies and venues at the cutting-edge of the entertainment industry know that the most successful events do take into account more than just the band or play’s performance. Instead, they pay attention to all of the details and the environment surrounding the event, creating a more holistic experience for attendees.

Signs and graphics are an essential part of an attractive environment, and many companies rely on them to heighten the appeal of the events they host. Before you use them for your own company, you’ll want to understand how they can help your venue and some of the common forms that they take.

Benefits of Custom Entertainment Signage

If you’re unsure about the value of adding signs and graphics to your venue, consider some of the following top benefits that custom event graphics regularly provide:

  • Promotion: For any entertainment event, you want a solid promotional strategy in place to make sure that people attend. One major component of effective promotions is signage. If you have a well-known entertainer coming to your venue or are hosting a sporting event, you can use custom graphics to get people interested in attending. Promotional signage will often be placed outside the venue, but it can also be used throughout the venue’s community and inside the venue itself.
  • Decoration: Entertainment graphics improve your attendees’ experiences by making the venue breathtaking. Even before the event starts, artfully placed graphics and signage will impress your audience and get them even more excited to see whoever is performing. Without graphics and signs, venues often look bland and boring, losing out on the possibility of distinguishing themselves from other entertainment centers in the area.
  • Sponsorships: To make some revenue off of your signs and recoup your initial investment, you can include sponsored graphics and images on your corporate event signage throughout your facility. Companies will be happy to pay to have the privilege of being included in parts of your signs and identified as sponsors of the event. As such, it’s important to cultivate relationships with possible sponsors and make sure to leave plenty of space on your signs for their messages.

Top Custom Entertainment Signage Options

As you look to add entertainment graphics to your venue, you’ll need to know all about the top signage options available to you. Here are some of the most popular types of signs and graphics used in the entertainment industry:

1. Digital Signage

For companies that consistently hosting different acts or competitions at their facility, digital signage is an ideal choice. This kind of signage is one of the most modern types available, as it can display messages on almost any kind of screen. Digital signage provides vivid and compelling messaging that grabs the attention of those attending your event, getting them more excited about what they’re about to watch or making them aware of future events.

Though they are initially more expensive than most other signs, digital signs make up for that initial cost by being almost infinitely reusable. Digital signs can be quickly adjusted to provide updated information about the newest shows or competitions you will be hosting. Additionally, these signs can be easily changed to target particular audiences with future events and promotional deals that will appeal to them.

2. Decals

Decals are perfect event graphics as they are both visually appealing and easy to replace. They are incredibly versatile, as custom decals can be installed onto practically any surface, like walls, floors, vehicles and windows. For more permanent decals, you can place your company’s logo and name onto key locations to improve brand awareness. Additionally, decals can be used for more temporary purposes, such as promoting an upcoming show. Whether used for short or long-term purposes, their vinyl material will keep decals looking new for a long time.

3. Backlit Signs

Backlit signs are a popular choice to highlight entertainment graphics. These graphics are made out of LED lights, fabric overlays and sturdy frames that are meant to make their imagery more noticeable. If you want to differentiate a particular message from others or make it visible 24/7, backlit signs provide the illumination needed to draw attention to your graphics at all times.

Backlit signage for entertainment graphics.

Outdoor signs are often backlit to promote an event, delivering your message clearly, even at night. For entertainment companies or venues, event awareness is crucial, and backlit signage is one of the best ways to get your message in front of possible attendees. It is also an excellent form of indoor event signage as it can take the form of backlit fabric towers and straight backlit displays that help generate an inviting ambiance.

4. Elevator Wraps

Some entertainment venues don’t realize the power of attractive elevator wraps. Though elevator doors don’t immediately jump out as an ideal location for graphics, they actually are one of the best places to include them. People waiting for an elevator are a captive audience, as there isn’t much other than the wrap to grab their attention. Elevator wraps increase the visual appeal of your interior, and the graphics placed on them can also promote your brand or future event.

5. Banners

Banners are one of the most popular forms of event graphics used by entertainment venues. They can be used both indoors and outdoors to promote future shows or sporting events and to make your venue more attractive. To make your venue or acts more enticing, you can hang a large banner over the entrance of your building that contains iconic images and impressive graphics. Additionally, you can use boulevard banners to accent sidewalks with smaller banners attached to the sides of lamp posts.

Along with the many outdoor banner options available, there are a variety of banners that can be used as indoor event signage. The banners can be customized in their size, shape and colors to meet your exact graphic needs. With banner stands and pole pockets, banners can be freestanding and placed close to attendees to make your message come to life.

Add Custom Entertainment Signage With SpeedPro

If you’re an entertainment venue or company looking to add entertainment signage to an event space, you’ll want to work with a company that can handle all of your graphics needs, no matter how large. With a nationwide network of studios that specializes in large-format graphics, SpeedPro has the resources and the experience needed to print high-quality signs. The team at SpeedPro has a long history of tailoring signage and graphics to the exact specifications of clients.

Find your local SpeedPro today to speak with a trusted representative and discuss the ways SpeedPro can assist your signage needs.

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