Custom hotel signage

Custom Hotel Signage

Adding custom hotel signs is a great way to grab the attention of potential guests or optimize the experience of current ones. From showing customers around your premises to making your hotel more visible and welcoming, to gaining new guests, hotel signage is a crucial addition to improving patrons’ stays.

Why Directional Signs Are Imperative for Hotels, Resorts and Event Venues

The best hotels and resorts know to use directional signs inside and outside the building. As the name suggests, this type of signage provides directions and informative messages to those navigating an area. Without these wayfinding signs, someone staying at your hotel may become confused and frustrated as they try to find their way around your building or grounds.

Some of the benefits of directional signs include:

  • Guidance: One of the most significant benefits of wayfinding signage is that it gives guests important information such as where to park, specific rooms, and the exact locations of entrances and exits. Instead of having your staff explain directions ; your guests can read the signs and easily find their way around. As a result, your guests will have more convenient stays, and your staff will have more time for other tasks.
  • Branding: Hotels need to set themselves apart from competing hotels in the area. Directional signs can help accomplish this. Though the primary use of wayfinding signage is to give directions, it can also include graphics and logos to promote your brand, current offerings and the unique features of your hotel.
  • Reassurance: Directional signage also assists in providing visitors with emotional assurance. Instead of leaving visitors worrying about whether they’re parking at the right place or heading in the right direction, a directional sign will keep them constantly reassured that they are on the right path.
  • Welcoming: Directional signs in key locations give customers a feeling of being welcomed. Signage that makes guests feel like their presence is appreciated and that the hotel is happy that the guests have chosen to stay with them is crucial to ensuring that all of a hotel’s guests feel valued.

How Can Banners and Flags Help Your Hotel, Resort or Event Venue?

Custom banners and flags come in various shapes and sizes and are ideal when promoting events, raising brand awareness, and can increase the overall aesthetic of your hotel, resort, or event venue by attracting attention.


Vinyl supports custom print detailing that brings your graphics and vision to life. Vinyl banners are perfect for the outside of a hotel, as they attract attention and look great.

Generally, vinyl banners are used to promote the visibility of your brand and draw people to your event or hotel. You can hang them from the sides of lamp posts, mount them onto the walls of your building, or stand on their own or drape them over key locations like the entrance to your hotel. When you hang a banner in a central location, it can increase brand recall. Brand recall makes it more likely that a viewer will see your hotel as a viable option the next time they need lodging. Vinyl banners are customizable, with various shapes, sizes, colors, laminates, stands and designs for hotels to choose from.


Flags are another excellent option for those who want to draw attention to their company. They sway in the breeze and share your message with anyone passing by. If you’re looking to spruce up the appearance of an event or draw attention to your entrance, flag signage is one of the best marketing options you can choose. Flags allow you to get dynamic, fun, colorful, weather-resistant signage that is visible at all times.

Digital Signage for Hotels

You can use your digital signs to illuminate important messages.

Digital signs are a modern type of signage that is visible day and night. You can use your digital signs to illuminate important messages so that people can see them easily at night. With their vivid digital messages, potential guests will be drawn to your signs and will get the impression that your hotel is staying up on the latest technology.

Digital signs are highly customizable and can include beautiful, bold designs.

Your creativity will know no bounds. Take, for example, the world’s tallest architectural video wall feature on the side of the Grand Beach Hotel Surfside. The wall combines over 20 55-inch displays connected with a herringbone pattern spanning four stories. The size and imagery of the wall make the hotel a local Miami landmark. In the same way, you can use digital signage on your hotel to make it a unique part of your area’s architectural landscape.

Digital Signs Grab the Attention of Those Who Pass By

When people are passing by your hotel, whether walking or driving, you want to get their attention. Along with the custom hotel signs described above, window graphics are one of the best ways to get their attention. Graphics placed in windows heighten the hotel’s ambiance while catching attention of those who are driving by.

Whatever form you choose, your hotel signage design should be on-brand, with images, colors, and messages that fit your brand’s personality. Below are some tips to enhance your signage:

  • Effective messaging. Your language and word choice in your messages should match your brand’s personality. Typically, you’ll want your language to be welcoming and encouraging. The message on your sign should quickly communicate what your hotel can offer. When it comes to messaging, remember that less is more.
  • Eye-catching imagery. Once you know your primary message, you’ll want to include graphics and images that reflect that message. You can place your logo on your signs to help viewers immediately recognize that they are looking at a message from your hotel. Additionally, a graphic or image can help viewers visualize the type of experience they will have at your hotel.
  • Colors. Another key element of effective custom hotel signage is to select colors that will grab viewers’ attention. In addition to generating attention, the colors should be on-brand. People will begin associating certain colors with your hotel, helping to increase brand recognition and trust. A consistent color scheme is also visually appealing and will make your hotel more attractive to potential guests.

Make Custom Hotel Signage Work for You

Put custom hotel signage to work for you with the custom signage options available through SpeedPro. Our nationwide network of 120 studios takes a personalized team approach to your needs and strives to be seen as an extension of a marketing team.

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