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Tradesmen <span>Graphics</span>


SpeedPro provides custom signs and fleet graphics for trade professionals, including plumbers, HVAC technicians, electricians and roofers. A contractor with trucks or vans is already driving their most valuable piece of signage around the community. As such, car wraps for businesses can improve brand recognition throughout your service area. Additionally, you can make your presence known with traditional business graphics such as large signs and transportable signage that you can take to trade shows.


As you look to add graphics to your marketing strategy, you probably need a place to start. Below, you can find some of the best options in the industry:

1. Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps, the gold standard for tradespeople graphics, are perfect for any who has employees on the move. For example, a vehicle wrap provides HVAC and roofer graphics to a company’s fleet of service vehicles. With fleet wraps like this installed, your service vehicles become a walking advertisement that shows off your logo and key messages.

A vehicle wrap can be an excellent form of advertising that drums up new business. On your fleet of vehicles, you can feature your company’s name, logo, contact information and social media handles. Whenever you send an employee out to a jobsite, they’ll often park their service vehicle outside of a client’s home. While the vehicle sits outside the home, anyone passing by will see your graphics and recognize your company as a trustworthy option for their needs.

Along with giving your company credibility when the vehicle sits in front of a home, it also generates attention whenever your fleet is on the road. Other drivers on the road will see your advertising, increasing brand awareness and your standing in the community.

Whoever sees your vehicle will instantly have all the information they need to contact you for services. They can search your website, call your phone number or get in touch over your various social media platforms. This sort of exposure means more clients and people interested in your services.

Additionally, the best fleet wraps will be made with flexible vinyl that can stretch across the complex surfaces of a vehicle. The vinyl also protects your graphics, keeping them looking visually stunning for years after their installation. You can trust fleet graphics to represent your company well for years to come.

Trade Show and Conference Graphics

2. Trade Show and Conference Graphics

If you have your staff attend trade shows or conferences in your industry, many different graphics are available to you to make sure your staff represents your company well. As trade shows and conferences will often have companies set up booths where they can feature their products or services, many of the most popular graphics are focused around building an attractive booth.

Wall graphics are a top option for trade show graphics. As people come to check out your booth, the background graphics can feature branded imagery showing your company in action. For instance, electrician graphics may show members of your staff demonstrating their expertise and ability to get any job done. Logos, branded colors and other similar images are also excellent for wall graphics.

In addition to wall graphics, other popular tradesman graphics at conferences include table and surface graphics. If you have a table set up for your staff to sit behind and meet with potential prospects or business partners, you can upgrade the table’s appearance with table skirts or runners. A table runner or skirt will often feature identifying imagery that tells those walking by who you are and what you do.

On top of your table, you can also include miniature-pop-ups, freestanding signs, touch screen mounts and literature racks. These elements can add an extra flair to your booth and provide interactive elements for your prospects to engage with. Part of any contractor graphics at trade shows should include elements that inspire future action from potential business partners and clients. Interactive elements that allow attendees to sign up for future services are ideal for any company looking to expand their business.

3. Outdoor Signage

Tradesperson graphics should make the community that your company serves more aware of your presence. In addition to using fleet wraps on your vehicles, you should also have a signage presence throughout your community. These outdoor signs can range from lawn signs that show you’ve worked on a home to billboards that tower over the roadway.

The appeal of outdoor graphics comes down to people knowing about your company and associating you with a solution for their needs. For example, effective HVAC graphics on outdoor signs can make your company the first option people think of when their air conditioner goes down and needs to be repaired.

Some of the most popular outdoor graphics for those in trades industries are large-format corporate graphics and backlit signage. With a large format corporate sign, you can get the attention of pedestrians or drivers anytime they pass your graphics. The signs can be mounted above your headquarters to encourage people to stop by, or they can be placed along busy roadways in the form of billboards to make people more aware of your company.

Backlit signs are a continuation of these large-format corporate signs, with the addition of lighting that lets people see your signs no matter the time of day or night. A backlit sign illuminates your message late into the night and keeps it visible even in inclement weather. The additional exposure helps your graphics jump out to viewers and cement your company as a leader in your community.


Depending on the branding needs and types of vehicles within your fleet, we can provide a wide range of custom display graphics. Partial wraps and full vehicle wraps can be used on trucks, vans, cars and trailers. We can wrap everything from bucket trucks to HVAC service vans. SpeedPro knows the importance of applying fleet graphics in a timely manner. While some larger projects take longer, every job is completed with a sense of urgency with your satisfaction as a top priority.

We also provide custom signage and other graphic printing services, including parking limitation signs or branded lawn signs for longer engagements. For companies that participate in conventions, trade shows or job fairs, our other services include eye-catching, professional tabletop displays.


Whether you want a whole fleet of vehicles wrapped or need new signs to advertise your message throughout town, SpeedPro can help. With a nationwide network of studios specializing in large format graphics, there’s a studio near you to help you get started. We use only the highest-quality material and have the expertise needed to turn your vision into reality.

Find your local SpeedPro studio to receive a free quote and discuss the way we can bring professional graphics to your marketing efforts.

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