Truck Wraps

Truck Wraps

While traffic jams are usually one of the most annoying parts of someone’s day, they can actually be one of the best things to happen for companies who use truck wraps on their vehicles. As people sit on the highway making their way to work or back home, they have plenty of time to look around at the other vehicles on the road. A truck with a wrap on it is a moving advertisement that displays a company’s message to others on the road.

If you use trucks in your business and want to increase brand awareness, truck wraps are a cost-effective way to spread your message in the areas where you operate. As you look to build your brand and attract new clients or customers, learn more about truck wraps and the benefits they can provide to your company.

What Are Truck Wraps?

Truck wraps make your advertising go mobile. The wraps are made out of large vinyl decals and graphics that are installed onto the exterior of a business’ trucks. The wraps contain branded messages that get the word out about your company.

A truck wrap can cover every inch of a vehicle’s exterior without harming a driver’s vision. Alternatively, a wrap might only cover part of the truck. Whether it covers the entire surface of a truck or a smaller area, the wrap will be specially designed for the size and shape of your trucks so that it displays your message in a visually appealing and professional manner. Your logo, color scheme and text will be on view and visible to drivers throughout the day.

Not only does a truck wrap add to the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle, but it also is a way for a company to communicate their values and company personality to the general public. The images and text you choose will give your company a chance to make a large set of the public aware of what your company’s values and the services you offer.

Vehicle wraps will often include a clever tagline, a catalog of products, a company’s contact information, iconic imagery and a logo. You can create a wrap that is truly custom and that reflects your company’s identity and personality.

A truck wrap is an excellent way to get your brand's message out there.

Why Are Truck Wraps Right for Your Company?

You may like the sound of truck wraps, but are still not sold on them being a worthwhile investment. Whether you operate a fleet of trucks or only use one or two, you can still get a great deal of value from truck wraps. The following are some of the top benefits that make commercial truck wraps a wise investment for your organization:

1. Truck Wraps Are Cost-Effective

When it comes to deciding if an advertising method is right for a company, the cost is going to be one of the crucial factors that influences your decision. Truck wraps offer companies an excellent return on investment.

Fleet Wraps have a low cost-per-impression.

Of all advertising types, fleet wraps often provide the lowest cost-per-impression. These costs are so small that some studies have found that the impressions cost can go as low as only four cents per thousand views, which is very affordable in comparison to other advertising methods. For example, outdoor signs cost on average $3.56, and ads in the newspaper cost $19.70.

With these low costs, truck wraps are hands down one of the most affordable marketing options available to companies that have a fleet of trucks. Your message will have the chance to reach thousands of viewers each day for an affordable price.

2. Time Spent Driving

Many people spend lots of time on the road and in a car each day. The average commute is 26 minutes to go one way. People generally drive 37 miles a day.

As people are on the road so much, you will be missing out on a large audience for your company if you decide not to use truck wraps. Say, for instance, your company has semi-trucks that cross hundreds of miles every day. A semi-truck wrap can take your message across the country, opening up new markets for you to operate in and making your business a national name.

If you’re a local business whose trucks only go around a city or region, commercial truck wraps are excellent options for smaller work trucks. You’ll be getting your message out to the community with your drivers often on the road when traffic is the heaviest. You can double the value of your work trucks with a wrap. They already have functional value, and with the addition of the wrap, they gain marketing value.

3. Brand Familiarity is Key

As you try to get your company’s name out there and attract new business, truck wraps can be one of the ways that you generate brand familiarity with your audience. The more people see your name and company imagery on the road, the more likely it will be that they will perceive your brand as trustworthy and consider doing business with you.

The importance of brand familiarity is underscored by the nearly two-thirds of consumers who say that brand familiarity is important when they select a good or service to purchase or use.

97% of viewers can recall an ad they saw on a vehicle.

Due to the need for brand recognition, many companies use truck wraps to spread their brand. Of all the methods that a company could use to spread their message, a truck wrap is one of the best as it gets noticed by a lot of drivers. As 97% percent of viewers can recall the ad that they saw on a truck or a service car, a truck wrap can be a form of high impact advertising.

After seeing the image, 98% of viewers reported having a positive impression of the advertiser. About 96% of respondents believed that fleet graphics were more memorable than billboards.

4. Good for All Company Sizes

You may think that fleet truck warps are only meant for large companies that have several trucks in their fleet. The opposite is true. Even if you don’t own your trucks and have to rent them for work, you might be allowed to place an easily removable decal on the rented vehicles.

If your business has one or two trucks in its fleet, the benefit of having even a single truck wrap out on the road outweighs the costs. Truck wraps can generate enough attention to make just a single wrap worthwhile.

Wraps can also be placed on people’s personal vehicles. Some savvy companies have taken advantage of the gig economy by paying regular people to get a vehicle wrap installed on their car. Like a branded T-shirt for your car, the person drives around, displaying your message no matter where they go. With Even the smallest businesses can make a big impression on potential clients or customers.

5. Update the Look of Older Trucks

If your company owns older trucks, they might start showing signs of aging and wear-and-tear. To keep your company’s image professional and updated, you can use a wrap to make the truck look visually appealing again. The wrap covers up blemishes, so the truck can hit the road without you having to worry that its appearance will reflect poorly on your company.

6. Easy Removal and Customization

While fleet wraps are durable, at times, your company is going to want to update its graphics. Unlike other graphics, fleet wraps can be quickly removed or customized. If there’s only a small change that needs to be made, panels can be swapped out to add new information or other design changes. Additionally, if vinyl alterations need to be made across a larger section of the wrap, you can employ graphic overlays that add small labels over the original panels.

Graphic overlays and small panel alterations often are used by companies for several reasons:

  • Information change. If your company’s information changes for whatever reason, it’s vital to update it on your truck. Updating a company’s phone number, address, website and email address allows people to contact you if they like what they see on the truck wrap. Instead of having to redo your entire fleet truck wraps, you can update the portions of the wrap that deal with the information that needs to be changed.

A non-updated logo or graphic can confuse your branding.

  • Tweaks to logo and graphics. Whenever you make a change in your logo or graphics, you’ll want your trucks to reflect the changes, too. A non-updated logo or graphic can confuse viewers about the company’s imaging, hurting brand recognition.
  • Panel damage. As trucks are always on the go, it’s likely that panels will occasionally get damaged. Whenever minor damage occurs, like a scratch or discoloration on a panel, a fresh panel can replace the damaged one quickly.

When small alterations are not an option, a truck wrap can be removed entirely. Usually, the warranty for the wrap will cover the cost of removal. Additionally, it’s widely accepted that wraps should be swapped out for new ones every three years. A change in wraps reduces the chance of residue accumulating on a vinyl surface and makes sure that the underlying paint on the vehicle isn’t damaged.

Tips for Truck Wraps

If you’re interested in adding commercial truck wraps or semi-truck wraps to your fleet or individual vehicle, there are some basic tips that you should follow:

1. Let a Professional Install Them

It’s best practice not to try to install a fleet wrap onto your vehicle by yourself. Instead, a professional who has been trained and certified to install truck wraps should do the job for you.

A professional will have the specialty tools, like scalpels, adhesion tools and custom scissors, needed to install the wrap properly. Along with the tools, the professional will know how to apply the wrap so that it’s air-tight, preventing bubbles or wrinkles across it. Properly installing a truck wrap takes practice, and it can take hours to complete the process. Instead of risking an improperly installed wrap, employ a professional to ensure that the wrap is as visually appealing and durable as possible.

2. Gently Wash the Wraps

Even though fleet wraps are built to hold up against the elements, you should still wash them with care. Whenever they get dirty, your best option is to handwash them. Handwashing lets you remove grime and dirt as gently as possible. When washing a wrap, use a gentle soap and a soft cloth, instead of corrosives, hard scrubbers or chemical solvents.

If your company puts trucks through automated car washes, they should be washed using the most gentle cycle as possible. The wraps should never be cleaned with a pressure washer. Additionally, after a vehicle has been wrapped, you’ll want to wait for a week or two before doing any kind of washing or rinsing.

3. Keep the Design Simple

Since your truck and other vehicles on the road will often be traveling at fast speeds, you don’t want your truck wrap to have an overly complicated design. It’s a good idea to keep the design simple so that you can communicate with other drivers effectively.

It’s common for companies to include their slogan, company logo, name, website and phone number on their truck wrap. This content is about all you need to have an effectively designed truck wrap. Having plenty of empty space is not a bad thing, as it makes the wrap easier to look at and draws attention to important information.

Interested in Adding Truck Wraps to Your Vehicle or Fleet?

Whether you operate a single truck or have a whole fleet of them, a truck wrap is an excellent way to get your brand’s message out there. A truck will not only have functional value but will also be a mobile advertisement that been shown to be effective. If you want your truck wraps to make a memorable impression on those who see them, SpeedPro is here to assist you.

SpeedPro’s large, nationwide network of 120 studios specializes in large format printing, making it easy for us to print out visually appealing truck wraps, no matter how large. Find your local studio to speak to one of our local representatives about your fleet truck wrap options.