Sedan Vehicle Wraps

Sedan Vehicle Wraps

If you’re looking to get some brand visibility on the road, you can’t go wrong with a sedan wrap. A vehicle wrap lets you advertise your business to everyone you pass. It’s like a billboard on wheels

SpeedPro offers custom design full-size SUV, sedan and truck wrap jobs. We can even help you design your dream wrap—just bring us your idea.

Features & Benefits Of Sedan Car Wraps

Car wrapping is a long-lasting, affordable advertising option that delivers ROI by turning your sedan into a commercial vehicle for your business. Some benefits include:

24/7 Advertising

Your employees are promoting your business around the clock just by driving to and from their destinations.

Anti-Theft Protection

If you choose a full wrap that also covers the windows, you have an added layer of protection against theft and vandalism.


The advertising isn’t annoying or intrusive to fellow drivers and pedestrians.

Set It & Forget It

It doesn’t require any additional effort on your part since once you install the wraps, they do the job of marketing for you.

Ann Bettencourt from the Denver, CO SpeedPro studio says her clients tell her that vehicle wraps, “Get the phones ringing.”

High ROI

Depending on your business type and price point, gaining just one new client could cover the cost of the wrap.


A wide range of materials and coverage options help you control costs. And, since sedans are smaller than vans or trailers, they’re naturally going to cost less.


As long as you take care of them, vehicle wraps can last many years without having to retouch them.

Eagle Solar & Light vehicle wrap

How Much Does A Sedan Wrap Cost?

The price for sedan car wraps depends on many factors, such as:

The size of your vehicle:  Full-size sedans require more wrap and thus are more expensive. Sports cars and coupes are usually cheaper to wrap than sedans.

How much coverage you need – Are you considering a partial or complete wrap? Lettering and decals cost even less. Naturally, the more material and labor needed to install the wrap, the higher the cost.

Graphic design time – Designing a car wrap isn’t as straightforward as designing an event banner. There are lots of curves to consider to ensure the graphics flow smoothly and words are easy to read.

The type of wrap material – A full professional sedan wrap can be as low as $2,000. However, as the quality of the wrap material and design services increase, so does the price. High-quality vinyl wraps can cost $3,000-$4,000.

Extra protection – Optional overlaminate protection film is an additional cost. Wraps are great for advertising, but they also protect the vehicle’s original paint job the preserve the resell value. Extra protection film extends this benefit and helps the wrap last even longer.

Sedan wraps versus new paint jobs – Typically, wraps are cheaper than paint jobs because they don’t require as much prep work, labor and material. You can easily spend between $3,000 and $10,000 on a new paint job. 

If you’re not sure where to start, SpeedPro offers a free estimate! Just give your local studio a call to get started.

How Long Do Sedan Vehicle Wraps Last?

Sedan wraps can last up to six years when installed correctly by experienced professionals.

When you hire a professional to wrap your car, they will prepare the car by cleaning it and applying isopropyl alcohol to remove fine debris and oils. In this step, they will remove any stickers and the headlights and bumpers for a cleaner installation.

Then they’ll install the vinyl wrap on your vehicle using a heat gun. The vinyl will contract and cling to the vehicle, smoothly hugging every contour. Then they’ll use a squeegee to remove air bubbles, and there you have it: a perfectly wrapped car!

Generally, vehicle wraps last 3-6 years, but can last longer.

Full Car Wraps, Partial Wraps, Lettering Or Decals – Which Is Right For Your Sedan?

Full car wraps are for big, bold advertising. The entire car is wrapped and becomes a true mobile billboard. Full wraps also add protection against theft and vandalism because they cover the windows.

Partial wraps don’t offer as much protection, but they are perfect for smaller areas such as your sedan’s side panels, trunk and rear window. Partial wraps still give you plenty of room to be creative without the price tag of a full wrap.

Lettering is a simple way to get your information on the side of your sedan without spending a lot of money. Lettering is cheaper than full wraps because it only involves vinyl letters—no full-color graphics.

And lastly, decals are ideal for displaying your company logo, website and phone number on small areas—usually just the doors or rear windows.

Why Work With A Professional For Sedan Vehicle Wraps

While it is possible to go the DIY route and install your own vehicle wrap, it’s not as straightforward as you might think. In fact, removing bad wrap jobs is often part of the process when we’re installing a new one for our customers. Here are a few reasons we recommend leaving car wrapping to the pros:

  • Damage to your car’s paint or body can occur if you don’t use the proper tools when installing the wrap.
  • A low-quality wrap might peel or fade after just a few years.
  • Poor installations can leave bubbles and cracks. These look bad and can lead to water intrusion, further degrading the material and shortening the lifespan of the wrap.
  • No warranty with a DIY wrap job.
  • By the time you buy the materials, tools and spend time on the installation, you’re going to wish you hired a professional in the first place!

When you partner with SpeedPro, we take care of everything from start to finish—from designing the perfect custom wrap to installing it in one day. Find your local studio now to get a quote on a sedan vehicle wrap.