Compact Car Wraps

Compact Car Wraps

With a compact car wrap, you can promote your business and make a bold statement — whether you’re flying down the interstate, stuck in traffic or parked. 

SpeedPro offers full-color graphic solutions to help businesses get noticed on the road.

Features & Benefits Of Compact Car Wraps

There are many benefits of investing in high-impact vinyl wraps for your compact car:

Brand awareness

Americans are frequently on the road, so it’s no wonder a car with a vehicle wrap can generate up to 70,000 vehicular impressions per day. That’s a lot of people being exposed to your business!

Vehicle advertising can help you reach more local customers. You drive where you work, live and play, and so do your customers.


You can wrap your car with full, partial or spot graphics, depending on your needs. There is absolutely no limit to your creativity or to our ability to print and install any type of car wrap.


Unlike other forms of advertising, you won’t have to pay monthly recurring costs for your car wrap. If you choose a vinyl car wrap over a carbon fiber one, you can save about 25% to 35% on upfront costs. 

While keeping expenses down, you can achieve a high return on investment. A dollar spent on out-of-home advertising translates to an average of $5.97 worth of sales.


A compact car wrapped in vinyl is better protected than a vehicle without one. Cast vinyl is a durable material that can double as paint protection. It can also help protect your car’s paint from scratches and minor dings.

Are Compact Car Vehicle Wraps Right For Your Business?

Vehicles with a full-color graphic design attract attention. A car wrap, to some degree, is advantageous for just about any commercial entity with a fleet — but the industries that benefit the most include:


Do you operate taxis? How about buses or trains? These are vehicles that are frequently seen (and used) by people. You can use wraps to promote your brand or sell advertising space to your partners and sponsors. 

Delivery services

A vehicle wrap can boost brand recognition and increase sales, whether you’re delivering food or flowers with your compact car fleet.

Cleaning Services

Professional residential and commercial cleaning services are in demand in the US. Whether you’re a niche business or one that provides a full line of services, you can reach more customers by displaying contact details on the very vehicle that your team uses. 

Construction, Plumbing, Landscaping and Other Services

While many professional service providers employ cargo vans or trailers, estimators, project managers and inspectors for these companies often use compact cars to zip around town and visit job sites.

Media and Events

Media and marketing companies, AV companies and event planners can make their fleet instantly recognizable while promoting their services. Even musicians and artists can use their vehicles to spread the word about their latest ventures.

Is It Cheaper To Paint Or Wrap A Compact Car?

When it comes to the best long-term cost-effective solution, vinyl wraps are the clear winner. 

A paint job for your vehicle can be twice as expensive (or more!) than a wrap. Painting is more expensive and time-consuming, so your car will be out of commission for longer.

In the long run, painting your fleet is also costlier to maintain.

How Long Do Compact Car Vinyl Wraps Last?

APEX side trailer wrap

A high-quality vehicle wrap can last five years or longer. This can vary based on weather and road conditions, the car’s storage and the driver’s driving skills.

One way to maximize this lifespan is by partnering with a reputable company sign company, like SpeedPro for professional installation. We thoroughly prepare your car before wrapping it, and then install your custom wrap with specialized wrap tools.

Our studio technicians have years of experience expertly wrapping compact cars, and all of our services come with a warranty.

Additionally, you can add an overlaminte layer of vinyl film to protect the graphics from debris and scratches. Protective overlaminate films come in a matte finish or glossy finish.

Full Car Wraps, Partial Wraps, Lettering Or Decals – Which Is Right For Your Compact Car?

A vinyl car wrap is one of the most flexible options when it comes to outdoor advertising.

You can opt for a full wrap where your entire vehicle will be covered — including the hood, the sides, the roof, and the pillars. This choice can also include window wrapping, which uses perforated window film to display graphics on your windows without obscuring the driver’s view.

Partial vehicle wraps still provide plenty of room for creativity. The graphics can blend seamlessly with your vehicle paint to create an eye-catching transition between the painted and wrapped parts of the car.

Applying spot graphics like decals or lettering is your most affordable option. You can simply add your logo to the sides of the car and use lettering to communicate vital information like contact details.

Why Work With A Professional For Compact Car Wraps

Your fleet is one of the most functional assets of your business. In addition to getting employees from point A to point B, their cars become mobile billboards capable of reaching thousands of potential customers every day.

While it might be tempting to DIY your vehicle wraps, it’s not as straightforward or easy as it seems. And a poor installation job with crooked graphics and air bubbles ultimately reflects poorly on your business.

SpeedPro has the custom design skills, technical expertise and specialized equipment to expertly wrap any vehicle.

Give your fleet an on-brand look with the help of SpeedPro. Find your local studio for a free consultation and learn more about their car wrap services.