Custom Manufacturing Signs

Every company needs a good branding strategy. Well-organized and thoughtful branding is especially critical to the success of manufacturing businesses because of the intense competition they face. To make sure your company stands out, especially at events and trade shows, you need to take full advantage of custom manufacturing signs. They are affordable, easy-to-use and effective at representing your brand.

With so many options available, you can customize your signs and decals to be any shape, color, size or style you need for your upcoming event.

Where a Manufacturing Company Can Use Custom Signage

Whether you’re looking to boost your event displays or the look of your plant, custom signage will improve your manufacturing company. Well-designed signs and graphics will enhance your customer’s interest, the company’s professional look, and your overall branding. However, it’s challenging to know what products will be most effective, and when you should use them.

To help, here’s a guide to better your branding and company presentation at trade shows, events and the manufacturing plant.

At Trade Shows

Trade shows are a massive part of running a manufacturing company. They allow you to customize your own branded space, reach out to potential customers and showcase new products or services. Everything about your booth needs to represent your company and brand accurately, so you’ll want to include:

  • Table graphics: Ensure your table has plenty of branded items to solidify the look of your booth. Custom table skirts or runners can also improve the look of generic trade show tables.
  • Floor graphics: Floor decals and graphics are great for branding the floor around your booth, and you can easily “peel and place” them wherever you want.
  • Booth backdrops: These large-format sheets come in a full range of shapes in sizes to fit any booth or display.
  • Wall graphics: Use wall graphics on any nearby walls or partitions to extend your branded area. Wall graphics include fabric posters, folding panels and mounted banners.
  • Booth formations: The booth itself is the most significant part of the display, so it has the most potential for branding. Booths are easy to assemble and come as classic tables, counters or 360-degree islands.

At Events

Events like grand openings, festivals and networking functions allow manufacturing companies to connect with new or existing customers, meet with similar businesses and spread information about their brand. Most events are crowded spaces with several companies also competing for attention, so help your company stand out by using:

  • Fleet wraps: If your manufacturing company has a fleet of trucks, delivery vans or service cars, you’ve probably got a tremendous amount of advertising space that you’re not using. These vehicles drive through cities, sit in traffic and park outside of any event your company attends. With custom fleet wraps, you can easily and affordably advertise on almost every surface in your fleet. People will see your ads when you leave the manufacturing plant, drive to the event and park your vehicles outside the venue. Fleet wraps make a strong first impression, improve the look of older, worn vehicles and unify the look of your public-facing transportation.

Trade Show Event Graphics

  • Graphics: “Event graphics” is a broad term that encompasses any custom graphics or signage made for events, including wall murals, floor graphics, directional signage, window decals, table coverings and custom banners. However, if your manufacturing company is setting up a booth at an event, you’ll only want to bring event graphics that will work in the space you have. Graphics will grab the attention of passersby, brand your area and get people excited about your products.
  • Tents: If your company attends an outside event, tents can protect your employees, merchandise, displays and customers from any bad weather. Custom tents offer a space for people to enter and become fully engrossed in the brand and everything it has to offer. Event tents also come in a full range of styles and functionality, including pop-up canopies, canopies with sidewalls, pole tents and frame tents.
  • Flags: Custom flags are versatile tools for boosting brand awareness. They are dynamic, eye-catching, weather-resistant and visible 24/7. You can get flags for your manufacturing company events in almost any shape, color and size. They are also a portable form of advertising, so you can take them from conference to festival to trade show.

At the Manufacturing Plant

Manufacturing signage comes in all forms, explicitly designed for various events and shows. However, many companies fail to brand in their manufacturing plants effectively. They assume that since customers aren’t visiting the location, there is no need to add signage — but signs can actually serve a strong purpose in manufacturing plants. To increase branding in your plant, you’ll want to use:

  • Outdoor signs: If your manufacturing plant is open to the public, an outdoor sign will attract and invite customers, while also providing them with directions. Even if your manufacturing plant isn’t open to the public, you can still promote your business with large, bold outdoor signage. An outdoor sign will help brand your company, make you stand out from competitors and boost your professionalism. Custom signs come in all styles and sizes, including banners, flags, a-frame sidewalk signs and backlit signs.
  • Branding interior signs: You can also use custom signs on the interior of your manufacturing plant. If your plant is open to the public, interior signs will help solidify your band and improve the impression your plant leaves on its visitors. If your plant isn’t open to the public, branded signs can make your employees feel pride in the company for which they work. They can also improve morale by making your plant feel more welcoming and warm.
  • Directional signage: Wayfinding signage in your manufacturing plants is essential, especially for more extensive facilities. Provide your employees and any guests with large, clear signs to help them find specific rooms, areas and supplies.

Wayfinding Signage in Manufacturing Plants

How to Get Started

Be sure to consult a graphic design expert to give you advice on how to get creative and pick the appropriate materials.

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