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Custom Government Signage

Federal, state and municipal governments all need signage to relay important information to citizens. The message and purpose of these signs are wide-ranging, making flexible signage a must-have. Without signs, the public would have difficulty locating essential services provided by the government, such as finding their favorite state park or navigating government buildings so that they can speak to their representatives.

This article covers some of the ways governments can use custom signs and graphics for buildings, events and vehicles.

Directional Signage for Government Buildings

As visitors make their way through governmental polling places, offices and meeting rooms, they need to know where to go. With so many people needing assistance, a government building often houses multiple departments and offices. While visitors navigate the space, it’s important for them to know where they’re going and how to find their destination. To assist visitors, you need to have directional signage.

A directional sign’s primary purpose is to direct those visiting a building. Instead of making visitors wander around aimlessly, hoping that they can find the office they need, a directional sign tells them where to go. Wayfinding signage can also help name buildings or rooms, provide additional information and designate special areas or zones.

Directional signage can be placed both inside and outside, holding up well for a long time. You can use wayfinding signs to welcome new visitors and consistently reassure them that they are headed in the right direction. Not having to guess where they need to go will improve a visitor’s experience and make their visit more efficient.

Banners for Public Events

Whenever a state or local government throws a public festival like an outdoor concert or a state fair, they want it to look good and advertise it effectively. One way to get the word out about an event is through the use of custom banners.

To raise awareness about an event, you can display street pole banners or boulevard banners along public walkways and roadways. On the banners, you can include a message about the where and when of the event. These types of banners are especially great for advertising, as they increase the visibility of your message. As people walk down the street, one of the first things they’ll see will be your custom message encouraging them to come to your upcoming festival or event.

Once the event begins, you can use a variety of different banner types to decorate the event space. With a hung vinyl banner, you can welcome visitors into the event space with large graphics and messaging. If you’re throwing a festival, hung banners can also label booths and other important areas. Additionally, you can spruce up fencing at an event by employing mesh film banners that people can see through while still displaying attractive graphics and images.

Vehicle Wraps for Emergency Responders

Vehicle Wraps for Emergency Responders

One of the most important kinds of government graphics come in the form of vehicle wraps. These vinyl graphics and decals can be placed on the exterior of a vehicle to send a message to those who see them. While they are generally used for advertising, government graphics on vehicles can help save lives. For example, vehicle wraps are a way for citizens to see and identify emergency responders easily. Some of the main vehicles that use vehicle wraps include:

  • Ambulances
  • Fire trucks
  • Police cars

As these vehicles are regularly operated in life-saving situations, you want them to be identified quickly. Any vehicle wraps you choose need to be long-lasting and durable so they never dull and can be seen promptly by those in need. Due to the need for a uniform image among your emergency vehicles, you’ll also want the graphics to be easily reproducible. For vinyl graphics, you can easily reproduce a consistent image to reduce any confusion generated by inconsistent graphics.

Custom Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs have a variety of uses, as they can help viewers find a public building like the courthouse, DMV or post office, while also taking a role in parks and recreation areas. For visibility purposes, custom outdoor signs can be mounted on the sides of government buildings or displayed on chloroplast H-frames on top of the building or beside the road.

Custom signs placed in public parks are often used to provide crucial safety information. For example, when someone is looking to go backpacking or take a hike in a state or national park, they’ll need to know about the trails, plant species and what kind of wildlife they should expect. The signs can convey information about what plants to avoid or how to interact with a potentially dangerous animal, making them a crucial part of any parks and recreation department.

Election Signage

One of the most essential functions of government signs is to encourage voters to get out and vote on election day. With a variety of signage, government graphics can include information about the upcoming election, how to register to vote and where the polling stations are. To accomplish these goals, government entities have long used flags, vehicle wraps, yard signs, banners and decals.

In the run-up to an election, local governments will often hold conventions and town hall meetings to give candidates the chance to explain their views to the public and try to convince them to support their candidacy. At these meetings, event graphics are a popular choice as they can deck out the meeting space with important voting information. The versatility of event graphics is unmatched, as they can craft an ambiance in the space, while also conveying election information to potential voters.

ADA Signage

To fully support the community, governmental buildings have to be accessible to everyone. With proper ADA signage, those with disabilities can navigate the space without difficulty. For example, you need to mark accessible parking spaces for those who need to be closer to the entrance with ADA compliant signage. In addition to parking spaces, ADA signage is required to distinguish restrooms, elevators and exits, among many other locations.

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