Frosted Window Graphics

Frosted Window Graphics

Frosted window graphics still let plenty of natural light in, but unlike traditional frosted glass you do not have to permanently alter your glass; window graphics are temporary and removable.

The professionals at SpeedPro can help you create beautiful and custom frosted window graphics.

What Are Frosted Window Graphics?

Frosted window graphics look like etched frosted glass without the high price or permanent nature altering the glass.

With frosted glass decals, you can create customized glass windows with the name of your business or create a full glass decorative mural to make your storefront pop.

These frosted window graphics come in cut-outs, adhere to any glass surface, and are composed of durable cut vinyl that has a long lifespan, whether used indoors or outdoors. It’s sophisticated, classic and affordable.

Frosted Window Decals Versus Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is sandblasted or acid-etched, which permanently alters the glass. Once you spend the money to sandblast glass, there’s no turning back. While sandblasted frosted glass is durable, permanent and no doubt beautiful, it’s irreversible.

Frosted window decals, on the other hand, are more versatile. While it may not be as durable as sandblasted glass, it’s more affordable, easy to install, and removable as needed. It’s an ideal solution for anything from office buildings and storefronts, to glass doors and conference rooms.

Both products provide privacy without the light-blocking effect that perforated window film and blockout window film have.

Features & Benefits Of Frosted Vinyl Graphics

If you love the natural light from your windows, frosted vinyl window graphics are the way to go. From customized lettering to logos, there’s nothing that can’t be transformed into these high-quality vinyl stickers. Let’s dive into some benefits of opting for frosted vinyl graphics for your storefront signage needs.

Easy Installation

A professional easily applies frosted window graphics to a glass door or other glass surface.

Eliminates Glare

Glare from the sun on computer screens makes it hard to see, and aside from heavy drapes, there is little you can do to combat the glare. Frosted window films let in light without glare.

Provides Privacy

If privacy is an issue in your storefront or office setting, frosted window clings are a fantastic solution. It offers the same sunlight as a window, but the frosted effect provides total privacy.


Frosted windows are something that will never go out of style. If you want to add class and sophistication to your storefront or office partitions, frosted glass will always fit the bill. Even if frosted glass becomes dated, these window decals are easy to take down without damaging the glass underneath.


Plain frosted window panels are certainly an option to eliminate glare and create privacy. However, you can also create customized frosted window graphics with lettering and company logos in custom sizes to fit any window.

Frosted Lettering Standard Cut Versus Reverse Cut

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There’s a big difference between standard and reverse-cut frosted window decals. The reverse cut offers more privacy, while the standard cut advertises your business without covering up too much of the window.

Standard cut takes a frosted window sheet and cuts your desired lettering and logos from the sheet. Those decals are then affixed individually to the window to offer a subtle hint of frosted glass while providing a good deal of natural light. It’s subtle and doesn’t offer much in terms of privacy.

If you love the privacy of frosted glass but still want a logo or lettering, a reverse cut is your best option. Technicians cut your design from a solid sheet of frosted glass decals and place the entire cutout sheet on the glass. While the entire glass is frosted, your design appears in the negative space.

Are Frosted Window Graphics Right For Your Business?

There are so many uses for frosted window graphics. For storefronts, vinyl lettering window decals are a great way to advertise your business right on your windows without affecting light or the view from the window. They can be applied anywhere, from windows, glass doors, or even mirrors. They’re simple, affordable and will never go out of style.

However, storefront windows aren’t the only use for frosted window graphics. They can also be used on interior glass doors in an office setting. If you have glass office doors, frosted window graphics provide privacy and are a great way to add a touch of flair to your office. They’re ideal for office partitions, conference rooms, office windows, and even as decorative elements on glass balustrades.

Why Work With A Professional For Frosted Glass Decals

For a professional look and expert installation, trust your frosted window graphics project to the professionals at SpeedPro.

We capture your vision and install frosted window graphics that look almost identical to expensive etched glass. It’s fast, affordable and will never go out of style.

Find the studio nearest you and schedule your free consultation and see how frosted window graphics can transform your space.