Massage, Beauty Salon, Acupuncture & Spa Signage

Massage, Beauty Salon, Acupuncture & Spa Signage

If you own or manage a spa or salon, you are responsible for making your space both safe and conducive to relaxation. One way you can do that is through elegant, custom spa signage.

From informative spa signs to inspiring wall decals, trust all your spa signage needs to the printing experts at SpeedPro.

What Makes Spa Signage Unique?

The spa, salon, and pool industry has unique needs, including their requirements for signage. Spa signs should be:


Like any other business, every spa has its own brand — its identity, culture and values that are central to its services. Your signs should be consistent in how they are designed and should conform to your brand standards.


Spa or massage therapy signage also helps convey instructions and rules for equipment so that guests can feel comfortable and confident in the space, without being obtrusive. For example, an eloquent acrylic sign stating that the sauna is good for a certain number of minutes keeps guests safe while complementing the space.


Though it’s important to relay certain information, you must be careful not to bombard your clients. Otherwise, you’ll defeat the very purpose of a spa — a place where they can find relaxation. This is where consistency in branding and sign placement comes in: it is possible to convey important information without overwhelming guests.


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides guidelines for spa signage.

For example, it must be legible and durable (meaning it must be resistant to chemical, abrasion, moisture, and ultraviolet damage). If your beauty salon uses formaldehyde, you must have a danger sign indicating that a room containing that hazardous substance is for authorized personnel only.

How Spa Signs Help You Reach New Customers

Signs are effective, high-impact marketing tools for any business in the health and beauty industry. 

Signs in the wellness sector can help you reach your audience by making your brand more visible. For instance, sidewalk signs and storefront and window graphics can help attract people driving or walking past who may have never heard of your salon. 

Vehicle wraps offer a mobile way to promote your services in other parts of town, whether you’re offering in-home services or you just want more visibility. 

You can also use spa signs to display your operating license and other accreditations to better establish the credibility of your brand and technicians. Digital signs can display your menu of services and special offers or rotate through before and after images of clients.

Wall signs that communicate your rules and emphasize how you care about your clients’ and employees’ safety help build trust and respect with clients.

Safety signs around your hot tub or pool (e.g., no lifeguard on duty) prevent accidents and reduce liability claims. Certain safety signage is required and varies by state. SpeedPro can help you determine what pool and spa signs are required. 

Types Of Spa Signage

Business signs found in spas, salons and pools are often grouped according to purpose.

To give directions

Wayfinding signs indicate the locations of different treatment rooms, facilities and amenities.

To convey instructions, capacities, rules and safety information

Safety signs provide information about hazards, while signs about rules and regulations educate clients on the proper use of your space and equipment.

To inform and educate

You can also display wall signs that educate and raise awareness about relevant health or beauty issues (e.g., skin conditions, stress and muscle tension, hair color process, etc.).

To showcase products and services

Are you offering new acupuncture sessions? Promote the service through acupuncture signs placed in waiting areas, locker rooms and check-out areas so existing customers are aware.

To promote promotions and deals

You can use both indoor and outdoor signs for advertising promotions, referral programs, gift certificate availability and other special offers. When strategically placed at checkout, these signs can help upsell existing clients and encourage them to book future services. 

To offer privacy

With window graphics or frosted glass partitions, you can keep sections of your spa private to make guests more comfortable.

To serve as art

As a spa owner or manager, you want clients to come out of your space feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Apart from the services you offer, you can do that by installing signs that serve as artwork that inspire and empower.

You can choose traditional printed signs, turn a glass surface into art with frosted window graphics, or have a custom wood or metal sign routed into something beautiful — like your logo on a blossoming lotus flower. Vinyl wall wraps can be used to create large-scale murals spanning entire walls.  

Spa Signage Requirements

Spa, swimming pool and beauty salon signage requirements vary from state to state.

Primarily, you must post the rules and laws that your clients and staff must obey. An FAQ and spa rules sign can maintain safety and orderliness on your premises. These signs must be easily noticeable and comprehensible.

There should also be signs or information sheets available to state chemicals, skin care products and cleaning solutions used by your business. 

Posting proper licensing and inspections is also required in most states. For example, in the state of Georgia, spa and salon businesses are required to clearly display their license issued by the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology and Barbers.

Besides spa and massage therapy signage dedicated to industry information, some states also require you to display labor law posters (e.g., OSHA, Job Safety & Health Protection, Federal Minimum Wage).

When you partner with a SpeedPro studio near you, you have a team of experts to help determine which spa signage is required in your state. You’ll also receive reliable guidance when it comes to meeting those requirements.

Are Spa Signs Right For Your Business?

Setting legal requirements aside, signs offer a cost-effective way for you to promote your wellness business.

Whether you’re a two-chair beauty salon or you offer a full line of wellness services, such as acupuncture and massage therapy, signs help you build trust, raise brand awareness, attract new clients and retain loyal ones. 

Why Work With A Professional For Spa Signage

At SpeedPro, our studio owners are just like you: small business owners committed to helping their community succeed. When you partner with SpeedPro, you’re getting access to a team of industry experts with years of experience designing and installing spa signage. We’ll help you create spa signs that will capture the essence of your business and set you apart from your competitors.

Find your local SpeedPro studio for a free consultation to learn more about spa signage and how it can help your business thrive.