Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) Frames

Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) Frames

If you’re taking part in industry trade shows, exhibits or festivals, gaining attention on the show floor is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face. You need great, big graphics like silicone edge graphic frames to stand out among rows of exhibitors.

SpeedPro offers high-quality SEG graphic solutions for trade shows, conventions, retail shops and many other applications. 

What Are Silicone Edge Graphic (SEG) Frames?

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SEG or silicone edge graphics are printed on light fabric, typically via a dye-sublimation process. 

The material’s perimeter is sewn with silicon beads, which are then used to attach the display to a portable aluminum frame. This kind of framing system offers a crisp, high-performing sign without a single wrinkle on your graphics.

Features & Benefits Of Silicone Edge Graphics

Why choose silicone edge graphics?

Excellent graphic quality

An SEG fabric with dye-sublimated graphics is eye-catching. 

Because of the printing process, the images on these displays are sharp and vivid. You can print a detailed photo with perfect clarity, or use large monochromatic text to draw people’s attention from a distance.

Highly visible

These displays can be backlit or edge-lit with LED lights for better visibility and aesthetic appeal. SEG fabric is also light absorbing, which means no glare. This makes your signs more visible over competitors using vinyl, PVC or acrylic.

Completely customizable

The choice for the graphics to be printed on the fabric material is really up to you — whether it’s a simple product image and a logo or a more elaborate landscape. The graphic designers at SpeedPro can help you optimize the design based on the size and distance it will be viewed from.  

Additionally, the fabric frame can be single-sided or double-sided to help you maximize your space.

Cost-effective & portable

Large-format printed fabric is an affordable choice for a display, and it’s also lightweight and easy to transport and store. 

If you want a sharp, upscale look for your signs without breaking the bank, SEG graphics are for you.

Are Silicone Edge Graphics Right For Your Business?

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SEG frames provide the platform you need to inform, entertain and communicate with your audience. So if you’re asking yourself if they’re right for you, the simple answer is yes. 

SEG frames can be used as:

  • Backdrops and statement pieces
  • Photo walls
  • Informational displays
  • Modular displays
  • Product promotions

Industries that use SEG frames include:

  • Trade shows, expos and exhibitions
  • Stadiums, arenas and amphitheaters
  • Retail shops
  • Restaurants
  • Transportation hubs
  • Hospitality and lodging
  • Recreational centers
  • Museums
  • Universities
  • Churches

Popularity Of Silicone Edge Graphic Frames For Trade Show Displays

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The benefits that face-to-face industry events bring to businesses are incontestably huge. Just think about this: About half of trade show attendees are there with the intent to buy at least one of the offerings on display.

With an SEG fabric, you can capture their curiosity with big, bold graphics.

Besides their attention-grabbing appearance, here’s why SEG frames are so popular in trade shows.


SEG frames are a great choice if you need a display to transport easily to your booth space. The lightweight aluminum frame and fabric are easy to transport, and the fabric will release any wrinkles once it’s stretched over the frame.

Ease of installation

While they’re not quite as quick to install as pop-up signs and retractable banners, SEG frames are still one of the easiest types of signs to set up. Simply snap the aluminum frame together and stretch the fabric over it. The silicon beads hold the fabric firmly in place.

Various configurations

During trade shows, you need a variety of displays. SEG fabric frames can function as a lightbox, backdrop or free-standing signage. They also have hanging, wall mount, and tabletop iterations.

SEG graphics can be small or large – the back wall of your tradeshow booth may be 10, 20 or 30 feet wide. You can have multiple panels that fit together or one massive 30-foot graphic that creates a major WOW factor.


The fabric and framing systems used in SEG graphics are extremely durable and can be reused for many years. SEG frames can be used indoors or outdoors, though they must be secured against the wind when used outside.

Are SEG Fabrics Easy To Change Out?

SEG graphics are easy to assemble, and changing the graphic fabric is a snap. SEG frames are popular in retail stores, where they can be mounted on walls or above displays. The smooth texture, light-absorbing quality and vivid graphics give SEG fabric a premium appearance over other sign materials.

Because it’s easy to change out their fabrics, you’ll find it even more cost-effective to use SEG displays for various events and business promos throughout the year. Many of our retail clients have fabric pre-printed so that they can easily change them out as needed.

Why Work With A Professional For Your Silicone Edge Graphic Displays

To be an effective marketing tool for your brand, SEG fabric graphics require specific skills, techniques and specialized printing equipment.

Working with a professional means you’ll get a high-resolution display that grabs the attention of potential customers and connects them to your brand.

Showcase your brand through Great.Big.Graphics from SpeedPro. Find your local studio for a free consultation to discuss your SEG frame project.