Local Business Signage

Local Business Signage

According to the SBA, good signage is essential to any local business’s branding and marketing strategy. While small business owners don’t need to break the bank to create local business signs, a custom sign can help create a connection between your brand and customers.

At SpeedPro, our expert team can design, create and install the right sign for your business so that potential customers choose you over competitors. Our experienced signage professionals understand the unique needs of small business owners — in fact, your local SpeedPro studio is a small business, too!

What Makes A Local Business Sign Strategy Unique?

What goal should your signs achieve? How do you want them to represent your small business? 

Ask yourself, do your signs:

  • Attract the attention of passersby?
  • Keep your customers informed?
  • Reinforce your company’s brand?
  • Support your marketing efforts?
  • Serve as a silent salesperson for your business?
  • Make your business stand out?
  • Answer questions?

If you don’t have a good strategy, you could waste a lot of money creating something that doesn’t align with your overall marketing strategy. 

Your signage should be:


Your business signage should be eye-catching and memorable to compete with larger and more established companies. It should communicate your vision, values and personality. You also want it to make a good first impression that is consistent with your branding so that customers associate certain colors, logos and images with your company.


Keeping your logo sign simple will help it stick with customers. Complicated shapes, lettering or fonts will be difficult to remember. Remember, people have short attention spans, and complex details will be hard to interpret. However, your sign should also have enough detail so that consumers know who you are and what you have to offer.


To stay competitive, local businesses should equip themselves with professionally-designed business signs. Not only should your business signage show your business name and logo, but it should also provide enough information, including your current offers and promotions, accessibility details and your business hours.


The right combination of temporary signage and permanent signage can help give your small business the boost it needs to stand out, and SpeedPro has the tools and expertise necessary to help you design and install the right signage for your business.

Jimmy John's We're Open signage

How To Use Signs In Your Local Business

Business signage attracts customers, engages them and generates more sales. The right local business signs will alert customers to existing products, new offers and promotions. 

No matter which local business sign you’re looking for, the experts at SpeedPro can help you design, create and install signage that converts.

How do signs convert?

  • Positive ROI on Year-Round Advertising: High-quality business signage is an easy yet cost-effective marketing strategy that allows small businesses to continually promote their offers. They are a smart investment for small business owners. You pay for the signage once, but they advertise your business year-round.
  • Outdoor Signs Attract New Business: Exterior signs are helpful in places with high vehicle and foot traffic, including busy streets and shopping areas. Well-designed outdoor business signs can attract attention and consumers to an otherwise unpopular destination and help strengthen your business brand.
  • Promote Your Business When No One Is Around: Small businesses can use signs to promote special events even when no one is around. They can act as silent salespersons because they do a lot of marketing on your behalf.
  • Interior Signs Turn Window Shoppers Into Paying Customers: Interior signs can help consumers connect with your brand and turn window shoppers into paying customers. Interior signs inform shoppers about products, services and special offers. Point of purchase displays placed around featured items and at checkout can help you upsell products without saying a word. 

Set up point-of-purchase displays

Sign Ideas For YOUR Local Business

Make your restaurant, boutique, gift shop, retail store or small business stand out from your competitors with a unique sign. Attention-grabbing signs can turn heads and boost customer engagement at your business.

Here are some sign ideas to consider for your local business:


Window decals are a cost-effective way of delivering business information to new and existing customers. You can use decals on your storefront shelves, floors, and even ceilings.

Hanging signs/wayfinding signs

Use these indoor signs to direct visitors around your business. Use them as restroom signs, exit signs, and to direct customers to a specific place (pickup, checkout, return, etc). Hanging signs are popular in restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, retail shops, hardware stores, and anywhere customers need direction.

Monument Signs

Place these in shopping areas and large building entryways. Make an excellent first impression by adding branding elements and bold colors to increase visibility.

Illuminated signs

External signs are often illuminated to increase visibility. Strategic placement of lighting and color can help make small businesses stand out.


Banners and flag signs are weather-resistant signs mounted outside your store. You can use these high-visibility signs to promote your products or special events and draw customers in.

Light Box Signs

Light box signs offer a great way to display your business name or other details. These signs work best at night and can also act as indoor decor at your establishment.

Neon Lights

Neon lights work well both indoors and outdoors. They provide excellent visibility and the fun, bold design tends to be more memorable than traditional illuminated signs. 


Take advantage of the area around your establishment using sidewalk graphics or A-frame signs. These freestanding signs are easy to move around, making them perfect for temporary outdoor use.

Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs are a cost-effective type of business signage compared to metal or wood. They are also easy to create and customize to suit your small business needs.

Metal Signs

A custom metal sign is a stylish way to grab customers’ attention. Metal can be crafted to look sleek and modern, or rustic. Aluminum signs are also weatherproof, which makes them ideal for outdoor use.

Awning Signs

Use awning signs to dress up your storefront. Awnings provide more room to incorporate additional business information, including locations, events and operating hours that can be better seen from a distance.

Window Graphics

Custom, removable window graphics catch the attention of passersby and draw them into your store. Share information about sales, business hours and safety guidelines, or use bold graphics, lighting and color to create a work of art on your windows.

Why Work With A Professional For Your Local Business Signage

As the saying goes, “a business without a sign is a sign of no business,” so using custom business signs to improve your brand outlook should be a key part of your small business marketing strategy.

You can’t afford NOT to use signage. Whether you’re launching a new business, or your business has been operating for years, professional business signage represents your brand — and your reputation.

The experts at SpeedPro help all kinds of local businesses in your area. SpeedPro understands the power of having well-designed signage for your business. Let your nearby SpeedPro studio help your brand get noticed and attract new customers.