AV Companies

AV Companies

AV companies can count on big, branded event signs to provide a seamless experience for everyone. And that includes organizers, suppliers, sponsors and attendees. 

No matter the theme or scale of your event, SpeedPro helps you make it a success with custom audio-video signage solutions.

Types Of Event Signage

Different types of events require different sets of signage, but these are some of the most common temporary signs needed for an event:


Giant vinyl banners that define the identity of your event are temporary and easy to install and remove. 

Welcome Sign

Lead event-goers to the venue with acrylic or digital signage at the entrance area. Depending on the type of event, you can be more creative and playful about it. For instance, many wedding signs at entrances are made of chalkboards with handwritten information.

Exit Sign

Exit signs are just as important as entry signs so attendees will know where to exit properly, especially in an emergency.

Directional Signs

Wayfinding signs help event attendees navigate your venue with ease. Apart from putting up decals for directions for event staff, you also need signs to provide access-related information (e.g., Do Not Enter; Event Sponsors Area, etc.).

Floor Graphics

This type of signage enhances the attendee experience. Apart from complementing your directional signage, graphics found on floors can be used for branding, promotional and artistic purposes.

Midtown Music Beach Music Series sign

Event Displays and Posters

In large events with individual sections or booths (like trade shows or business conventions), you’ll need retractable banners, A-frame displays, and free-standing posters to help distinguish them from one another. Tabletop signs add more information about exciting offerings within the event area (e.g., availability of merchandise like t-shirts for sale, instructions for a booth game, etc).

Event Tents

Especially if you’re holding an event in an outdoor space, branded kiosks and tents — alongside outdoor event signage — can help make your venue easier to explore. They also provide extra space for brand promotion.

Backdrops and Interactive Signs

Signs don’t have to be plain and boring. For example, you can add a custom-printed backdrop in one corner to serve as a social media photo booth. You can also feature neon lights and video signs for an immersive experience.

Rick Wickeds event tent enlarged

How Audio Video Signage Affects Event Experience

Imagine a trade show, music festival or business conference without any signs. Things can be quite chaotic in such a setting, leaving the audience confused.

Video and audio signs help event planners create a hassle-free and memorable experience for everyone. 

You can place indoor and outdoor signs to offer a sense of direction. You can utilize them to communicate essential information: Which areas should event attendees visit? What activities can they take part in? 

You can also use signage to give details that will pique event-goers’ interest and compel them to take action. For instance, signs can contain invites to free samples or interactive games.

They can also feature information that encourages people to share event snaps online or scan QR codes for an exciting surprise.

Audio-enhanced digital signs can attract attention, and the versatile nature of digital signs means event-goers can have a different experience with the signs as the event progresses.

Types Of Event Signage AV Companies Can Offer Their Clients

SpeedPro offers white-label products and services so you can provide end-to-end AV and event signage solutions under your AV company’s brand. This is a cost-effective way to expand your services and win more clients.

Here are some event signage ideas to recommend to your clients:

  • Decals for common event areas, such as
    • Entry and exit points
    • Stage
    • Lines/queues
    • Food and drink vendors
    • Restrooms
    • Charging stations
    • Informational and customer service booths
  • Outdoor and yard signs
  • Wayfinding signs
  • Safety and security signs
  • Signs for event hashtags, social media handles and QR codes
  • Other printed signs (e.g., murals, window and floor graphics, banners and SEG frames) for promotional, directional or informative purposes
  • Audio signs and video signs for additional branding opportunities 

Why Work With A Professional For AV Event Signage

Over the years, event planning and organizing have become more complex — especially with the emergence of virtual and hybrid events. And to pull off a successful one, you need to accomplish a long list of to-do items. 

Designing, creating and installing big, beautiful branded signs is essential to a successful event. Partnering with signage professionals is highly recommended for your future events as an AV company instead of going down the DIY route. 

With SpeedPro’s experience and expertise as the pioneers in large-format printing, we can help you make signs that are consistent with your event’s message and identity. We have both the technical prowess and the creative eye to produce signs that raise brand awareness. This will help you make a great — and lasting — first impression on your attendees and other event participants.

Whether you’re producing an event to mark an important milestone or attract leads and sponsorship for your business, you’ll need signage to create a comfortable, safe and enjoyable space to explore.

Don’t simply hold an event. Offer an immersive experience with the help of SpeedPro. Find your local studio for a free consultation to learn more about our AV and event signage solutions.