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Signage for car dealerships is crucial for attracting customers to your car lot. Auto graphics will enhance the appeal of your car dealership and bring in new clientele interested in the vehicles you are currently offering. With custom signs, you can celebrate the release of a new vehicle, show off your latest deals, and make your dealership a household name in your area. Due to their versatility and effectiveness, you’ll want to consider adding custom auto graphics to your car dealership.

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    Eye Catching

    Grab potential customers off the roads.

    Unforgettable branding

    Your brand will leave an impact on your customer.

    Celebrate Sales

    Showcase the details about your new sale.


    Often, car dealerships will use large glass windows, especially around the showroom. To add a visual accent for both the indoors and the outdoors, professionally printed window graphics are the go-to option. They come in crisp colors on perforated film to capitalize on plate glass windows.

    A window graphic lets you provide key information to customers like your name, website, logo, contact info, hours of operation, and social media handles. Along with providing important information, auto window graphics will assist with increasing brand awareness, clearly marking the car dealership as your own. While you brand your space, you can also use the windows to promote your latest sales and deals.

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    Retractable banners are a great choice for both indoor and outdoor locations, as they can be quickly set up and removed. For example, if you have monthly deals or other time-oriented messages, retractable banners are an excellent option if you want to switch out banners regularly.

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    As customers walk into your salesroom, you’ll want to make an impression on them, drawing them to your vehicles and subtly encouraging them to make a purchase. One way that you can make a positive impression on them is with wall murals. This type of signage is perfect for car dealership graphics, as it will brand the space as your own with unique designs and messages.

    With clever imagery, you can tell a story to the customer, showing them just how happy they will be after purchasing a vehicle. Your wall mural will set the tone for how the customer should feel in the space, and with the proper design, the mood that you set can help people feel more comfortable test-driving or purchasing a car. Additionally, sales floor wall murals can often be seen from the street and are easily swapped out for new designs.

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