PVC Signs

PVC Signs

PVC signs make great use of color, design and versatility. Whether used indoors or for outdoor signage, nothing quite compares to the durability of PVC.

Whether you are a real estate agent gearing up for an open house, advertising a local yard sale or need a sign for your storefront, your local SpeedPro studio can help you design a PVC sign to help you get noticed.

What Are PVC Signs?

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To get a little scientific, PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride. It comes in many forms, but for signs we typically use expanded PVC, which undergoes a foaming process during manufacturing.

It’s one of the world’s most widely used plastic materials because it’s lightweight yet durable, affordable and easy to use. Its low cost, indoor and outdoor use, lifespan and customizability make it an ideal choice for various signage.

PVC boards come in several thicknesses, from 1mm to 19mm with 3mm and 6mm being the most common. Choose thinner, lightweight sheets for temporary signs and thicker sheets for permanent installations.

You may also hear PVC signs called Sintra signs, after the brand name of the plastic.

No matter what you want to convey on your signs, PVC is one of your best options.

Features & Benefits Of PVC Signs

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The purpose of the foaming process during PVC manufacturing is to create tiny little air bubbles in the material, making expandable PVC lightweight. Its lightweight design makes it easy to transport or move from various locations. PVC foam board is the ideal material for offsite events you have to carry signage to, like trade shows, job fairs, business conventions or festivals where your signs can be displayed on an easel.


PVC comes in a full range of colors and finishes. Matte finishes won’t reflect light in the same way as glossy options, which is ideal for outdoor signage. It allows the sign to be viewed clearly from all angles. You can also create a custom size that fits your specific needs.


PVC is virtually indestructible. The materials used in manufacturing PVC boards have a closed structure and low absorption properties. This means the material will not get damaged when exposed to water. It’s also dent and scratch-resistant, which makes it a great option if you need to take your signs with you on the go.


PVC signage is perfect for temporary or permanent projects. This material allows you to get creative for permanent signage around the office. However, it’s also an excellent option for temporary needs like yard sales, open houses or seasonal sales for small businesses. PVC is affordable and ensures that even seasonal marketing will never land outside your budget.

Can Outdoor Signs Be Made From PVC?

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Yes, outdoor signs can be made from PVC, but there are some limitations.

When left outdoors for an extended period, PVC signage risks warping when exposed to direct sunlight. In addition to distortion, extended exposure to high heat may make the colors fade.

For outdoor use, expanded PVC signs should only be used temporarily and not left outside when not in use. Overall, PVC lasts longer when used indoors.

Lifespan Of PVC Signs

The lifespan of PVC signs depends on weather conditions and proper storage.

When used outdoors, the average lifespan of PVC is around three years, so long as appropriate steps are taken to protect signs from the sun and weather. Opting for UV inks and a protective UV overlaminate will make it more weather-resistant and extend its use.

For indoor use, your PVC signs will last upwards of 10 years depending on where they’re used.

Are PVC Signs The Same As Coroplast?

No, Coroplast is the name brand for the lightweight corrugated plastic material you commonly see used for temporary yard signs. Coroplast has hollow ‘tubes’ running vertically throughout the material. It’s what makes the material so light, and how signs are mounted on H-stakes.

It’s lighter than PVC and far less durable. It can bend and warp fairly easily.

Best Uses For PVC Sign Boards

No matter what you want to advertise, high-quality PVC plastic signs are a great choice. You can adjust the colors, create high-resolution photos and logos and even create a custom shape. Some uses for PVC signs include:

  • Real estate
  • Trade shows
  • Small businesses
  • Storefront
  • Sales
  • Yard signs
  • Directional signage
  • Point of purchase displays
  • Office decorations
  • Restaurants and bars

Why Work With A Professional For Your PVC Signage

PVC signs are a great way to display information and advertise your business. They’re versatile, completely customizable, lightweight, easy to transport, long-lasting and affordable.

There really is no limit to your creativity, but working with a professional is the key to your success.

The technicians at SpeedPro will help you select the best thickness, color and printing method for your project based on how you will use the signs. Our in-house graphic designers can help you create standout graphics according to your brand specs.

Need an easel or planning to hang your sign on the wall? We’ve got you covered. We will even pre-drill holes and install grommets or velcro for easy installation.

From start to finish, we guarantee you’ll be in good hands when you trust your sign needs to SpeedPro.

Find your local SpeedPro shop to learn more about our PVC signs printing services.