Bar Signs

Bar Signs

It’s not only the alcohol, the people and the music that invigorate bars. Custom bar signs give these lively spaces a unique personality.

If you own or operate a bar, SpeedPro can help you set the atmosphere in your place with high-impact visuals that embody your brand. From your outdoor metal or wooden bar sign to interior wall art, they will provide the graphics, printing and installation of signs that will set your bar apart.

What Makes Bar Signs Unique?

Chili's happy hour specials signage

Bar signage comes in all shapes and sizes. Here’s what makes them different from the signage of other niches.


A business that serves alcoholic drinks is responsible for publishing relevant information required by federal and state laws. These include food temperatures, cross-contamination, no smoking/drugs, exits and escape routes and parking for people with disabilities. 

You must also ensure that your signs are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This law ensures that people with disabilities are protected from discrimination.  Some of the rules remind establishments that signs are placed at the right height or that they use standard written English with Braille.  


Besides being required by state laws, you should also use a wall sign to convey information like the legal age to drink, your bar’s capacity limit, and the time minors must leave your premises. You can also use signage to state your own ‘house rules’ and remind your patrons not to drink and drive.

This kind of transparency reinforces the reputation of your bar and helps prevent accidents.


Your signs and bar decor are part of your branding. It’s essential to keep their look and tone uniform with high-impact, memorable signs that keep customers coming back. 

You must also consistently ensure that your signs are noticeable and visible to your staff and customers. Apart from legibly designing your graphics, keep them adequately lit, especially if you have a dim area.


People who visit bars typically don’t need a lot of persuasion to spend money.

Once you get them in the door, they’re there to have a good time and buy alcohol. This gives you more creative license with your bar signage. Instead of strictly informational signs, get creative and install a vinyl wall wrap or use frosted window graphics to separate spaces. Interactive digital signs can be used for trivia, and you can give patrons a fun background for photos with a custom step and repeat banner. Of course, bars are synonymous with neon lights.

Outdoor restaurant mural

Types Of Custom Bar Signs

There are several types of signs you can use to make your bar more functional and attractive.

Informational signs

These communicate information that bar-goers and your workforce must know — from the list of acceptable IDs and age restrictions to house rules and business hours.

Safety signs

With alcohol and liquor as your main product, you must ensure that adequate safety signs are in place. These include alcohol warnings and fire safety symbols among others.

Promotional signs

These are signs that market your business and your offerings. Craft beer signs showcase the local beers that you carry (or make!), and other beer signs show patrons that you also have well-known brands. Digital signs can also be used as menu boards for large bars that regularly change their cold beer on tap. Of course, signs should be used to promote specials like happy hour and discounts on certain drinks.

Directional signs

Clearly marked restroom signage is very important to bar patrons! Other wayfinding signs can be used to indicate order pickup areas, directions to outdoor spaces and clearly marked emergency exit signage.

Signs that define spaces

Bar signage can be used to create zones in your bar. For instance, an LED sign will help customers find your checkout area easier while another points patrons to a dedicated VIP whiskey bar.

Signs that add aesthetic value

Graphics and custom bar signs can also be used as visual elements in your bar’s interior and exterior.

Using Signs As Bar Decor


Bar signs don’t just help bar owners convey relevant information to customers and staff. They can also be used as bar decor to give patrons interesting things to look at!

Make your main bar sign that designates your name or logo more visually captivating by opting for a metal routed or dimensional sign illuminated by LED lights.

Murals, wall wraps and step and repeat banners also make your bar Insta-worthy. They can serve as a cool backdrop for selfies or groupies. When your patrons post their pictures on their social media, enjoy the free advertisement for your bar!

How Bar Signs Can Help You Attract More Customers

Personalized bar signs keep loyal patrons coming back for more and can help attract new customers to your location. Here’s how:

Signs boost visibility

A-frame sidewalk signs, routed and illuminated name signs and vibrant window graphics grab the attention of people walking and driving past your bar. According to a survey commissioned by FedEx, roughly 8 in 10 customers visited a store simply because of its signs. 

If your bar or restaurant has a company vehicle, car wraps maximize your reach while on-the-go.

Signs promote special offers

Once you get people through your door, they’re ready to spend money. But how do you set yourself apart from competitors and convince customers to choose your bar?

Everyone loves a deal, so if you offer happy hour specials, game room or other special offers or promotions, use signs to advertise.

Signs showcase your bar’s atmosphere

Whether your bar resembles a Hawaiian tiki bar or a retro 80s nightclub, bar signs used as wall decor add to the character and help you attract customers looking for your type of bar.

Signs make your place more engaging

Funny bar signs, cool one-liners and witty hashtags plastered to your walls make interesting conversation starters and backdrops for photos.

Why Work With A Professional For Bar Signs

At a functional level, you need bar signage to convey business, safety and directional information to your customers and staff. From a marketing and branding viewpoint, you can use these signs to tell your story and give bar-goers a customer experience they want to have over and over.

Brand your bar with great, big bar signs from SpeedPro.

Find your local studio for a free consultation and to learn more about using signs and graphics to make your brand stand out.