Seasonal Window Graphics

Seasonal Window Graphics

Holidays and other important celebrations are busy days for businesses. The traffic is high, and consumers are excited to get their hands on new seasonal products and take advantage of deals. One way you can outperform your competitors is through seasonal window graphics.

If you’re looking for a supplier of Christmas clings, thematic lettering and other window decals for the changing seasons, SpeedPro’s got you covered.

Benefits Of Seasonal Window Graphics

Put yourself in the consumers’ shoes: If you walk along a street laced with different establishments, which business will be more attractive to you: one with festive window decals or shop windows that are plain and drab?

Over 95% of consumers are reached by advertising tools such as window signage, according to the Out of Home Advertising Association of America. You can even generate online buzz if your decals are interesting enough to be photographed and posted on social media sites.

However, increased visibility, reach and brand awareness aren’t the only benefits of window graphics. Here are some more benefits:

Promote your deals

If you’re running a Christmas special, you can use Christmas window decals to promote discounts and special offers on your party supplies and Xmas-themed home decor. This is an excellent way of capturing the interest of passersby and turning them into casual (or even) loyal customers.

Change as needed

Window graphics are highly customizable and are easily changeable to match any season. You can install and take them down without damaging your window panes for long-term graphics with high-tac adhesive. Temporary static cling seasonal graphics can easily be changed throughout the year by employees.

Save money

Window graphics are a budget-friendly way to regularly update your storefront’s appearance throughout the year while also promoting special offers and sales. Compared to acrylic, PVC and other sign materials, vinyl window graphics are considered very affordable, especially for small storefront windows.

Let in natural light & preserve privacy

Seasonal window graphics come in a wide range of materials that let you control the amount of light that comes in. Choose from perforated window film for one-way visibility and a ‘tinted window’ effect that shades the space. Opaque frosted window graphics offer complete privacy and muted sunlight, while transparent vinyl window film is see-through and lets in plenty of natural light without obscuring visibility.

Seasonal Versus Holiday Window Graphics

Dancing Goats Coffee Bar signage

Holiday window graphics are meant to commemorate big and regular holidays. These are decals that spell out Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. These window signs tell the world what your holiday season promotions are.

On the other hand, seasonal graphics aren’t just confined to holiday-themed signs. They can be business-, geography- or industry-specific. For instance, you put up promo stickers during a Black Friday Sale or your store’s anniversary. You can celebrate spring with pastel graphics and fall with oranges and reds. Seasonal graphics keeps your graphics secular so you don’t have to worry about including or excluding religious groups.

Though there may be a difference, they share the same goal of increasing brand awareness and stimulating people’s curiosity.

Types Of Seasonal Window Graphics

If you’re planning to take advantage of the power of seasonal window graphics as a marketing tool, here are some ways you can use them:

Vinyl window graphics

Vinyl graphics are versatile and long-lasting. They can add an on-brand character to your business as full or partial window decals. You can even opt for clear vinyl if you want to make the interior of your store visible. For an added holiday spirit, you can also go for frosted vinyl. 

Perforated window graphics

Perforated window film provides one-way visibility. People on the outside will see beautiful, high-impact graphics, but they won’t actually be able to see inside your store. From the inside, you will be able to see out, and it will look as if you’re looking through a tinted window.

See-through window graphics

See-through graphics are transparent. They provide little privacy, letting people see through from the inside and outside. But the bold, colorful graphics are still highly visible from the street and draw passersby in.

Vinyl lettering

Do you need to convey important information such as store hours or social media handles? Make your sign easily readable with individually cut letters, numbers and other graphics elements.

Static clings 

Made of plastic film, static cling decals attach to windows using only static electricity. This means they are easier to install and remove than the options above. They are ideal if you’re looking for graphics that you can easily change throughout the seasons.

Are Seasonal Window Graphics Right For Your Business?

Want to know if window graphics are suitable for your business, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want to stand out from competitors?
  • Do you want to increase traffic around your space?
  • Is there a particular piece of information you wish to relay to the public?
  • Are you looking for an inexpensive way of boosting brand recognition?
  • Do you wish to optimize your advertising space?

If you answered yes, you’d gain a thing or two from these marketing tools.

Is It Difficult To Change Window Graphics?

If you’ve invested in seasonal graphics like Christmas stickers or clings, you may wonder: Are they easy to remove from your glass windows?

Static window clings are ideal for temporary situations. They are designed to be conveniently removable, and you can DIY your way to complete this task. Simply pick at one corner and gently pull the cling off your window glass.

To remove residue gunk, use a damp microfiber cloth and a spray-on window cleaning solution to wipe it off.

If you have high-tac adhesive seasonal window graphics, they need to be replaced by a professional. SpeedPro can easily remove these graphics and replace them with new ones — on the same day and without any window damage.

Are Holiday Window Graphics Disrespectful?

Though your intention of putting up holiday or seasonal decorations is good, it’s wise to be on the safe side when posting holiday-themed window graphics in public spaces. 

For example, instead of depicting a nativity scene, it’s better to use secular decorations for your Christmas window, such as snowflake window decals, snowflake window cling stickers, a Christmas tree or a snowman. 

Why Work With A Professional 

Sprucing up your space in time for an upcoming season or holiday can bring in foot traffic and boost sales.

Regardless of your niche, SpeedPro professionals can handle all of your seasonal window graphics needs. From design and printing to installation and take-down, you’ll have a stress-free experience while enjoying competitive pricing on custom window graphic solutions.

Find your local studio for a free consultation about seasonal window graphics.