See-Through Window Graphics

See-Through Window Graphics

Some types of window graphics are fully opaque or are translucent, meaning they either turn a window into a solid display or allow some light to pass through but still act as a privacy barrier. But what if you don’t want to block visibility through your windows? Fortunately, you can also create window graphics that are see-through, either for both people inside and outside or just for people inside looking out.

Types of See-Through Vinyl Window Graphics

There are many ways to customize your window graphics. One way is with the vinyl material itself. When you choose to create transparent displays for your windows, there are two main types of see-through vinyl graphics you can choose from: transparent vinyl and perforated vinyl.

1. Transparent Vinyl

Transparent vinyl starts out completely clear. We print your graphics onto the clear material, and the graphic itself is opaque and vivid. All the negative space, however, remains transparent. This differs from decals that have a solid-colored background that fills any negative space on the vinyl surface. This means graphics printed on transparent vinyl will have a contoured appearance even if the vinyl material itself is cut into a standard rectangle.

Transparent vinyl is a great option when you want to dress up your storefront while still allowing two-way visibility. That means people outside can see in, and people inside can see out. Allowing people outside to look inside your business can be a good way to grab their interest, especially if your business is situated in a location where foot traffic outside is common. Some options for transparent window decals include:

  • First-surface: First-surface window graphics have adhesive on the back. They adhere to the outside of your windows and face outward.
  • Second-surface: Second-surface window graphics have a clear adhesive on top of the graphic rather than on the backside. You apply them on the inside of your windows, but they still face out toward people outside.

2. Perforated Vinyl

Perforated vinyl film is another option to consider. These window graphics are tinted but see-through for people inside your business looking out, but they will appear mostly opaque to people outside. This vinyl uses a mesh pattern with tiny holes to achieve one-way visibility. You can customize the level of transparency by choosing a particular ratio of printable surface to perforations, such as 50/50, 60/40 or 70/30.

Perforated vinyl is an ideal option when you want to provide privacy for people inside your business without blocking their view of the outside. For people outside, your windows won’t allow them to see inside, but they will tell them a lot about your business and hopefully grab their attention as they pass by.

Perforated vinyl is also what we use on vehicle wraps when covering windows. While opaque vinyl works fine for all other parts of a vehicle, when you’re wrapping windows, you need to allow the driver and passengers to see outside of the vehicle.

Benefits of See-Through Graphics for Your Windows [list]

Benefits of See-Through Graphics for Your Windows

See-through window graphics can offer some valuable advantages, both compared to leaving your windows blank and to installing more solid graphics. While opaque window graphics are an excellent option in some cases, you may find that see-through graphics are better suited to your application. Window graphics offer a wide range of benefits to businesses. Here are a few of the top benefits you can capitalize on with see-through window graphics.

1. They Don’t Block the View

The thing that really distinguishes see-through window graphics from other types of window displays is that they’re designed for visibility. Perforated vinyl offers one-way visibility, and transparent vinyl offers two-way visibility.

With a transparent decal, any negative space in the image will be see-through, so you can create a large-scale design that covers the window and still allows people to look inside your business. This means people can see what types of products you sell or get an idea of what the atmosphere is like. If they’re impressed, they may stop inside to shop around or enjoy a cup of coffee.

2. They Can Still Offer Privacy

Perforated window films do block the view for people outside, but they still allow people inside to see out. This can be the perfect arrangement in some situations. As mentioned earlier, it’s a necessity on vehicle windows.

It’s also a great option for businesses where employees or customers would prefer some seclusion. For example, a web development company located on a busy street may want to advertise their services to passersby while giving their employees privacy to do their work and meet with clients inside. These employees will appreciate the fact that gaining privacy does not mean sacrificing the ability to see outside or blocking all natural light — the number one office perk in the eyes of North American employees.

3. They Can Make Your Storefront More Visually Engaging

There’s no doubt that window graphics can transform the look of a business. Whether you have your own building or you’re located in a strip mall or office park, people may walk past your business and hardly notice you’re there. A combination of the right signage is key to making sure your business stands out.

One of the most effective options is window graphics. Any type of window graphics can help you brand your storefront and turn it into a work of art. You can keep it simple with your logo or show off the products or services you provide. You can also create more abstract art that simply makes your storefront more attractive. You’ll start turning heads as people pass by. And even if they can’t stop in then, they’ll take note of your company’s location for future reference.

4. They Can Share Pertinent Information

Window graphics usually aren’t just there for visual appeal. They can also help you connect with your customers through textual messages. For example, many businesses use window graphics on their front door to display their open hours and contact information. You may need to update this information from time to time, but it’s largely a fixture of your storefront.

You can also share timely, temporary messages. Because window graphics are relatively affordable and easy to install and remove, you can switch them out as needed. For example, you can create a big, bold display to advertise a sale or promotion. Using a transparent window graphic to do so can allow people to note the sale and peek through the window to see what sorts of bargains are waiting inside. You could also advertise an upcoming event you’ll be hosting at your business.

See-Through Window Graphics From SpeedPro

If you’re ready to create see-through window graphics for your business, SpeedPro has the expertise, quality materials and cutting-edge print methods to help you create something extraordinary. If you’re not sure what type of window graphics are best for your application, our print professionals can offer guidance and ensure the final product meets or exceeds your expectations. To get started, find a SpeedPro studio in your local area.

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