Blockout Window Graphics

Blockout Window Graphics

Blockout window graphics are an excellent way to capitalize on using wasted window space. These opaque window graphics create privacy, are easy to install and anti-UV. 

When working with the professionals at SpeedPro, you can craft custom-made blockout window graphics for your storefront, pop-up business or even your living room.

What Is Blockout Window Film?

Blockout window film serves two purposes. It creates privacy, but it’s also an excellent advertising opportunity for your business.

Blockout window graphics are printed on opaque, light-blocking vinyl film and can be applied to any glass surface.

So, what makes blockout window films the perfect choice for your storefront? Let’s dive in!

How Is Blockout Window Film Different From Other Window Graphics?

Window graphics are a great way to advertise and draw customers to your storefront, but they only serve one purpose: advertising.

What makes blockout window film a little different from other window graphics is that it also tints the windows and creates a little (or a lot) of privacy and shade from the sun.

If you have a lot of windows that turn your lobby into the surface of the sun, blockout window film is an excellent choice for your innovative signage needs.

Features & Benefits Of Blockout Decals

Glass windows and doors are often an overlooked marketing opportunity. They allow you to market your business without completely blocking the view from the window.

While they provide you with limitless creative marketing solutions, they also host many benefits with few drawbacks. Some of the advantages of blockout decals include:

UV Protection

While most modern windows provide some UV protection, not all do. The sunlight that comes through your storefront might contain harmful UV rays that make your space uncomfortably hot and damage your merchandise, flooring or furniture. Blockout film also offers heat control to keep your indoor space nice and cool in the hot summer months.

Room Darkening.

Yes, there is such a thing as too much sun, especially if you’re trying to create a certain ambiance. Blockout film comes in varying levels of opacity, so that you can control just how much sun shines through.


Depending on the opacity and graphics, some blockout window film also offers complete privacy — you can’t see through it from either side. While this is ideal for storefronts and offices that want to prevent passersby from peering in, if you still want to be able to see out, perforated window film is a better option for light blocking and privacy.


Some non-adhesive window decals that use static cling to affix to your windows can be easily installed and removed on your own. This is ideal for businesses that change their window graphics often for seasonal promotions.


Whether your want bold lettering, custom-printed die-cut decals of logos or floor-to-ceiling blockout window graphics, there is no limit to your creativity or our capabilities when it comes to blockout vinyl.


There’s no real commitment when it comes to blockout vinyl window graphics. Cling stickers are easily removable, and low-tac and high-tac adhesive options are available for long-term installations.

Blockout Windows Versus “Blackout”

Blockout windows and blackout windows are two very different things.

Total blackout window film completely blocks visibility and any light shining through your windows. It’s the best option if you want to keep your indoor space completely dark. They are often used in retrofits, like when a room in a welcome center becomes a theater, or a restaurant turns a room with windows into a walk-in pantry. A nightshift worker might also install blackout film on their bedroom windows.

Blockout windows, on the other hand, are the best of both worlds. They create privacy while still letting light in. The light that comes through the window is muted depending on the opacity.

Can You See Through Blockout Windows?

No. Depending on the opacity level, you may be able to see blurred shapes and movement, but you cannot see clearly through opaque blockout window film from either side.

If visibility is important, see-through or transparent window film is a better option. If you want to be able to see out but prevent people from seeing in, choose perforated window film. This material also has the benefit of blocking the sun. From the inside, it looks like you’re looking through car window tint.

Are Blockout Window Decals Right For Your Business?

Window decals of man grilling while people sit near a pool.

Blockout window decals provide many functions, but how do you know if it’s right for your business? Sometimes, they are an excellent opportunity to hide things you may not want your customers to see.

For instance, if your business is under construction, blockout window decals are a creative solution to advertise that your business is opening soon while masking the construction process happening inside. It also creates a little intrigue and mystery, which makes people excited to come inside for your grand opening!

If your storefront is on a busy highway and you want to create an ambient space for customers inside, blockout window film is another great option. You can create a welcoming space without being distracted by the bustle of the outside world.

Why Work With A Professional To Install Blockout Window Stickers

Working with professionals is the key to crafting custom window clings that are perfect for your business or storefront.

SpeedPro works with your vision to craft custom-made high-quality blockout window stickers perfectly measured to fit your space. Whether it’s one window, a glass door, or an entire storefront, SpeedPro has the experience and specialized equipment to get any job done.

Schedule a consultation with your local studio to learn more about custom blockout windows for your storefront.