Decorative Window Film

Decorative Window Film

One way to add a custom, personalized touch to your surroundings without breaking the bank is by applying decorative film to glass surfaces such as windows and doors.

SpeedPro is the leader in designing, printing and installing Great.Big.Graphics on windows.

What Is Decorative Window Film?

Decorative window film is a temporary or removable vinyl film that comes in varying degrees of transparency. It is applied to windows, glass doors and other glass surfaces, such as dividing partitions and panels. It can be used for decorative, branding, promotional or privacy purposes.

Decorative film enhances glass windows and doors and adds an extra layer of interest to your brand awareness and signage strategy. The film is easily removable and won’t leave adhesive residue, making it a popular choice for commercial applications where signage is updated regularly, such as:

  • Special offers in retail stores
  • Short-term events like immersive experiences
  • Seasonal decor for restaurant windows

Features & Benefits Of Decorative Window Film

Windows can be a tremendous asset to a business, and by making them as attractive as possible, they can work to help increase traffic and give a place a sense of identity. There are several benefits to applying window film:

One-way visibility

Want to see out but make sure nobody sees in? Perforated window graphics features hundreds of thousands of micro-punctures that allow for a one-way visible barrier. This helps reduce the fishbowl effect often experienced by employees while still making your storefront look striking to passersby outside.

Translucent privacy

Frosted window decals allow plenty of natural light while providing a sense of privacy. There are various types of privacy glass, with different degrees of opacity and finishes, such as:

  • Satin-effect glass, which suffuses pearly light
  • Vinyl panels, which mimic the effect of acid-etched or sandblasted glass
  • See-through vinyl for exterior windows offers some coverage and privacy. However, it is still more or less transparent in the negative space around the graphics.

UV protection

Window tint film made from vinyl is weatherproof, durable and UV-blocking. This makes it the perfect material for protecting merchandise or furnishings in display windows against fading from the sun.

Energy savings

Applying a vinyl film also provides a level of heat control both in summer and winter, which is good news for your energy bills. Glass-fronted buildings can heat up quickly when exposed to direct sunlight, which leads to running the AC more often.

SpeedPro uses high-quality vinyl, which, when applied over a large surface area of smooth glass, can block a large percentage of the sun’s heat. Conversely, as the cold weather starts to bite, a layer of vinyl reinforces the existing window insulation and can help reduce your heating bill.

Brand Awareness 

Windows are often the first impression for potential customers. Maximize visual elements and product exposure by transforming all that empty glass with a well-defined graphic that reinforces your brand identity.

Types Of Decorative Window Film

SpeedPro has a wide range of decorative window films to fit all budgets and all styles. Whether you want entirely transparent window film printed with bold graphics, frosted glass film with a particular degree of opacity for privacy or decals that block light completely, SpeedPro’s team of professionals will find the proper film for the job.

Frosted window films are a popular choice due to the sheer variety of uses and the fact that they cost a fraction of the cost of permanently treating the glass. Their matte finish gives a sense of daytime privacy at work while allowing the same amount of natural light to filter through as plain glass windows.

wavy glass window in office

One-way window film, also known as mirrored or reflective film, is popular for externally facing windows because you can see out, but nobody can see in. Mirrored film offers an increased sense of privacy and security.

Window tint film comes in many shades and gradients, all fully customizable in the range of colors available at SpeedPro. It pulls double duty as glare control while protecting merchandise in storefront windows against UV rays.

Decals come in all shapes and sizes and can be temporary or long-lasting. A full or partial decal can be applied either on the inside of the window facing out, or directly on the outer surface.

Is Decorative Window Film Permanent?

It depends.

SpeedPro produces both short and long-term window films. Our films are made from highly durable and weatherproof vinyl that is proven to last against even the harshest weather. SpeedPro’s inks are also UV-resistant, so colors stay vivid.

The difference is in the type of adhesive used.

Short-term graphics often use no glue as they can be applied on non-porous surfaces like smooth glass using non-adhesive static vinyl cling. One benefit of static cling decals is that employees can easily change them out. The only tools needed are a spray bottle of water and a squeegee. Popular choices for this format are:

  • Smaller spot graphics and decorative decals for short-term promotions and special offers.
  • Festivities and holiday windows graphics that can be applied, removed or reused as necessary.

Other short-term window graphics use a low-tac adhesive formula that makes them easy to remove when needed. This type is ideal for large window graphics that will only be installed for a few weeks or months. For example, when an art gallery hosts a limited-time immersive experience. 

Long-term graphic window stickers that last longer use a strong, high-tac adhesive. Once these stickers are placed, they cannot be easily removed. This type is used for permanent applications, like the company name and slogan, brand logo, opening hours and contact information.

SpeedPro can fully customize all types of decorative window film and easily change the film as needed.

How Much Does It Cost To Design & Install Decorative Window Film?

Generally, the cost of designing and installing custom-printed decorative window film varies widely. There isn’t a flat rate for projects like this, as there are many factors that go into it, such as:

Dimensions and Quantity: It goes without saying that the bigger the project, the higher the cost

Materials: The type of vinyl, finish and adhesive needed depends on whether the graphic will be installed inside or outside, and whether it will be permanent or temporary. 

Design and Installation Time:  The hours spent designing custom graphics, collaborating with the client and ensuring that everything is exactly perfect, plus the time it takes to install a film correctly, needs to be taken into account in the price, too.

To request a quote from your local SpeedPro Design Team, contact us today!

Is Decorative Window Film Right For Your Business?

The right decorative window film can make all the difference to your business as it engages potential consumers or clients before they cross the threshold and cements brand awareness in current clients as they see it repeatedly.

Some uses for decorative window film include:

Commercial: Many retail and other commercial businesses want to add color to their storefront or external windows to naturally attract more customers and increase sales. Decorative window decals are perfect for advertising promotions, special offers, festivities and other short-term events such as:

  • Back-to-school sales
  • Summer and Winter sales
  • Holiday decoration
  • Limited-time deals (two for one, buy one get one free, kids eat free)
  • Updated or temporary business hours

Eating Establishments: Restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries and other eateries often have large glass fronts that let in lots of light and entice customers to stop and take a break from their busy day. A partial window film, for example, a banner-style or framed logo lets customers passersby see in without blocking light.

Office Environments: Frosted privacy window film is perfect for maintaining a professional, modern look in the office. It promotes privacy and helps concentration levels stay high as visual distractions are minimized. More colorful, bold graphics are used to enhance reception areas and make clients feel welcome.

Why Work With A Professional For Decorative Window Film

SpeedPro’s consultants are skilled professionals with years of experience in color choice, font and installation. We can customize any window film to complement an existing brand identity, advise on which film is best for your particular needs or help design a new theme and graphics from scratch.

Find your local studio today and schedule your free consultation to learn more about decorative window graphics for your business.