Weather-Resistant Adhesive Vinyl

Weather Resistant Adhesive Vinyl

If you’re in the market for products that use weather-resistant adhesive vinyl, SpeedPro is here to help you with all of the information you need to make an informed choice.

What Is Adhesive Vinyl?

Self-adhesive vinyl a pressure-sensitive adhesive made with vinyl. It is one of the best materials for outdoor signs, decals and other graphics that many individuals and companies use to create visually appealing graphics. It’s especially useful for companies that use many outdoor signs, as self-adhesive vinyl can resist water and high temperatures.

Self-adhesive vinyl is made out of methacrylic polymer and vinyl polymer. As companies can cut it into many different shapes and sizes, digital printing presses often use self-adhesive vinyl to create unique designs. Self-adhesive vinyl is incredibly versatile. It can be used to decorate a home or business as well as applied to banners, signs, floors, vehicles, boats and lettering to advertise for your company.

 Weather Resistant Adhesive Vinyl is One of the Best Materials for Outdoor Signs

Types of Products That Use Adhesive Vinyl

At SpeedPro, we know how important it is to have a variety of graphics that can display your message outdoors. We also know that without the proper protection, an advertisement can lose its ability to wow customers as the weather causes it to fade or become damaged. With printed adhesive vinyl and other important safeguards, you can display your messages for years without having to worry about it losing its appeal.

Below are our most recommended products that feature weather-resistant adhesive vinyl, including vinyl signs, banners, decals, wraps and floor graphics.

1. Outdoor Signs

An adhesive vinyl sign is an excellent choice when you want to advertise your company or an event. SpeedPro only prints on weather-resistant vinyl for signs that companies are going to use outdoors.

The large-format corporate sign graphic is a favorite among our clients and for good reason. A vinyl mounted sign or outdoor adhesive vinyl poster can be installed onto walls, fences, doors, partitions and more to advertise a company’s message.

A quality outdoor sign is vital to branding your business and standing out from your competitors. The average consumer sees up to 10,000 branded messages a day. With people coming across so many advertisements competing for their attention, you will want to make sure that your sign isn’t automatically written off due to it looking run down or damaged from the weather.

As you will want your sign to hold up against the elements, it will be crucial for you only to use signs that have been printed on weather-resistant vinyl. Along with protecting against damage, you will want your signs to be visible even in inclement weather. Backlit signage will illuminate the letters and graphics through rain, fog and snow.

2. Wall Murals

Exterior wall murals are an incredible way to give your building personality and catch the eye of people passing by. A single print can be 6 feet wide and 300 feet long, but if you need a mural larger than that, you can combine different prints as if they were tiles. With such a large canvas, you can spice up the outside of your building with images that generate brand recognition, reveal important information, and grab a potential customer’s attention.

To protect against harsh outdoor elements, these murals are specially designed with substrates and laminates that pair with concrete, brick and stone veneers. With their durability, the murals can last longer than a regular paint job.

3. Vinyl Decals for the Outdoors

Decals are perfect for promoting a fresh new product or exciting event. As you can apply vinyl decals with ease, they are often used outdoors at your company’s building or around the city on posts, vehicles or walls.

Custom window graphics are one of the most popular forms of decals, as they increase brand awareness, promote sales and enhance the visual appeal of your windows. Additionally, tabletop decals are a popular option for outdoor tables as they are made with adhesive backing and a protective layer over the vinyl.

Though decals are very affordable, they do not sacrifice quality. Our vinyl business decals only use materials built for durability. As a way to show off your graphics outdoors, decals are an attractive and durable option. The decals that SpeedPro uses come with a variety of benefits made possible by their weather resistance:

  • Branding: A weather-resistant vinyl decal will do an excellent job of making sure the coloring and fonts that you use to brand your business match precisely on the decal. Since you are trying to gain loyal customers and earn instant recognition from consumers when they see your business’s colors, your decals must match your organization’s unique colors and fonts to the smallest detail. Vinyl decals will ensure that your brand stays consistent as their colors and graphics will not fade for many years,
  • Lifespan: Mentioned previously, these vinyl business decals are made out of long-lasting plastic materials to hold up against whatever the weather throws at them. They can withstand the elements by being made to resist moisture so they do not take any water damage. Additionally, they use a strong adhesive so that inclement weather, such as high-speed winds, will not throw them off of the surface you’ve installed them on. You’ll be pleased with the decals’ ability to resist the harmful effects of the outdoors, as they will look exceptional for many years.
  • Versatility: Decals can be installed by just about anyone, anywhere, and make for an ideal option for companies looking to get their name out into the public’s view. One way you can heighten brand awareness is to hand out small decals that customers can stick onto their laptops, water bottles and cars, to show their support for your brand. Since there’s no way to know where these decals are going to end up being placed, only the most durable material is used.

Vinyl Decals for the Outdoors

4. Vinyl Floor Graphics

You may not realize it, but the floor is one of the best places to put custom graphics that promote your business or drive engagement. Similar to decals, custom vinyl floor graphics can be “peeled and placed” onto virtually any surface. These graphics are constructed from three parts to make them last for a long time without any blemishes:

  • Anti-skid laminate coating: The top section of the floor graphic is a laminate or matte mask to protect against scratches, discoloration, slips, skid marks and more. As these graphics will be continuously stepped on and have things rest on them, this stage is crucial.
  • Base vinyl layer: The middle layer is made out of a flexible substrate. Companies will print images onto this portion of the floor graphic.
  • Adhesive: The final layer is made out of the strong adhesive that binds the decals to the floor.

By implementing these signs outside your business or at an event, you will brand your space with eye-catching designs. Most businesses are not using the floor, and with customers so over-saturated by ads, you have to do something extra to catch their eyes. Placing your message on the floor will do that. Additionally, you can use these signs to direct traffic to your business and promote any current deals you have running.

While conventional materials create a very durable product, you should take extra steps if you are using vinyl floor decals outdoors, such as:

  • Ensuring that you are receiving laminates that are slip and skid-resistant: Since you will likely place these floor graphics in places with high foot traffic like doorways, gateways, sidewalks or parking lots, you do not want to cause anyone to lose their balance or get injured due to your graphic being slippery.
  • Selecting the most reliable adhesive and asking for extra matte protection: As these graphics will be spending most of their time outdoors, you should not skimp on any of the protective features. The extra matte laminate layer will protect against UV rays, ice and rain. The adhesive will ensure that your graphic does become dislodged.
  • Making sure that you are not blocking off temperature-fluctuating relief channels on sidewalks or driveways when placing your graphic on the ground: Cement or asphalt can shift or crack due to temperature changes, so you don’t want to place your graphic over the relief channels that will prevent this cracking or shifting to occur.

5. Vehicle Wraps

Wraps for individual vehicles or whole fleets are excellent for a mobile advertising strategy. Vehicles that use a wrap which either covers the entire vehicle or just a part of it will capture the attention of other drivers as they make their way home after a day of work or head out for a night on the town. Wraps for vehicles have also been identified as having the lowest cost-per-impression of any other advertising type.

Since these wraps are such a cost-effective form of advertising, you’ll want to use them in the most effective way you can. A wrap that starts falling apart after a couple of times driving it around town will not be acceptable for your organization. Vehicles are going to be used primarily outdoors, so you’ll want a vehicle wrap that is weather resistant.

If you’re looking to install a vehicle wrap, make sure the company you choose to install the wrap is following the steps outlined below and using the recommended materials:

  1. Print graphics on a car-friendly, specialty adhesive vinyl.
  2. Treat the vinyl with a laminate layer designed to protect the graphic’s integrity, color and quality from debris, UV rays and dirt.
  3. The car must be washed thoroughly before the vinyl is installed. Any oil, grease, dirt or wax left on the vehicle will prevent the vinyl from sticking correctly.
  4. Attach panels to the car and then inspect it to ensure that all of the panels are installed properly.

If you follow all of the steps and use the materials mentioned, you will have a weather-resistant vehicle wrap that will proudly display your message for the next three to five years before needing updates.

Vehicle Wraps for Fleets or Individual Vehicles

6. Boats and Watercraft Vinyl Graphics

If you need water-resistant graphics for a boat or other watercraft, you have many options. You can find wraps that will cover the entire boat from stem to stern, but you can also select partial or spot wraps if you’d like to use only a fraction of your boat for your custom graphics.

These wraps come with a variety of benefits that make them a must-have feature on your boat or watercraft. For companies, a wrap on a boat will help to extend your brand awareness to the water. Attractive custom graphics will also draw attention to the boat and the company, generating more leads and separating your messaging from the competition. Along with creating brand awareness and generating attention, the wraps can ensure that you meet safety and compliance rules.

Boat wraps offer three distinct materials for your watercraft graphics:

  • Substrate vinyl: For your boat lettering and graphics to be water resistant, you’ll want them to be printed on cast vinyl. SpeedPro primarily uses 3M cast vinyl, which comes from the leading manufacturer of the substrate and is the best choice for most boat wraps.
  • UV and water-resistant inks: After the cast vinyl is ready for printing, you’ll want to use inks that can resist the elements, standing up against water and debris. At SpeedPro, the ink we use is environmentally friendly and is extremely durable. This ink is ideal for the outdoors and makes the perfect material for boat graphics and lettering.
  • Adhesive-backed graphics: Finally, a strong adhesive is needed for boat lettering and graphics. Due to the graphics being regularly exposed to the outdoors, you’ll want the adhesive backing to be airtight. SpeedPro offers a variety of adhesives backings that can be semi-permanent or permanent based on your needs.

Add Weather-Resistant Adhesive Vinyl With SpeedPro

With the needs of companies to advertise outdoors and attract new leads to their business, weather-resistant vinyl graphics are a must have. If you’re looking for adhesive vinyl printing near you, we can be of assistance.

As the national leader in large format graphics and images, we know how to help you take your vision to the outdoors. With over 20 years of experience, we’ll make sure that your signs and other marketing products will be protected from all the weather and elements have to throw at them.

Find and contact your local studio today to speak with one of our representatives. They will walk you through the next steps and ensure you receive a product that lines up with your expectations and goals.

Add Weather Resistant Adhesive Vinyl with SpeedPro