Weather-Resistant Adhesive Vinyl

Weather Resistant Adhesive Vinyl

Weather-Resistant Adhesive Outdoor Vinyl

Self-adhesive vinyl is a pressure-sensitive vinyl adhesive and is the most versatile material for outdoor vinyl signs, decals and other graphics. Highly durable, self-adhesive vinyl is a combination of methacrylic and vinyl polymers.  

Decorate homes or business outlets with high-quality banners, signs, floors, vehicles, boats and more. Choose SpeedPro for your pick of outdoor vinyl products and materials. 

 Weather Resistant Adhesive Vinyl is One of the Best Materials for Outdoor Signs

SpeedPro’s Adhesive Outdoor Vinyl Product Type

At SpeedPro, we know the importance of your outdoor messages and the protection they need. With printed adhesive vinyl and other essential safeguards, you can display your brand message for years without worrying about losing its appeal. 

Our most recommended products, which feature weather-resistant adhesive vinyl, include vinyl signs, high-quality banner designs, decals, wraps and floor graphics.  

Outdoor Signs

An adhesive vinyl sign is an excellent choice to advertise your company or an event. SpeedPro only prints on weather-resistant vinyl for outdoor signs for companies. The large-format corporate sign graphic is a favorite among our clients, as is our outdoor vinyl banner. Backlit signage will illuminate the letters and graphics through heat, rain, fog and snow. 

Wall Murals

Exterior wall murals are an incredible way to give your building personality and catch the eye of potential customers. A single print can be 6 feet wide and 300 feet long. Generate brand recognition with large panel images that inspire, reveal essential company information and grab a potential customer’s attention. 

These murals are specially designed with vinyl material substrates and laminates that pair with concrete, brick and stone veneers for lasting use. The murals’ durability can last longer than a regular paint job. 

Vinyl Decals for the Outdoors

Decals are perfect for promoting a fresh new product or a special event. Apply vinyl decals easily and use them outdoors at your company’s building or around the city on posts, vehicles or walls. Durable and cost-effective, SpeedPro’s decals are built to last.  

Custom window graphics are one of the most popular forms of decals. They increase brand awareness, promote sales and add color to your window display.  

Try tabletop decals to enrich the visual appeal of your outdoor space. These decals have an adhesive backing and a protective layer over the vinyl. 

Vinyl Floor Graphics

Like decals, custom vinyl floor graphics can be “peeled and placed” onto virtually any surface, like wood flooring or cement. These graphics are constructed from three parts to make them last for a long time without any blemishes: 

  • Anti-skid laminate coating: The top section of the floor graphic is a laminate or matte mask to protect against scratches, color fading, slips, skid marks and more. 
  • Base vinyl layer: The middle layer is made of a flexible substrate. Companies will print images onto this portion of the floor graphic. 
  • Adhesive: The final layer is made of the strong adhesive that binds the decals to the floor. 

While conventional materials create a very durable product, you should take extra steps if you are using vinyl floor decals for outdoor use, such as: 

  • Ensuring that you are receiving slip and skid-resistant laminates: You will likely use these floor graphics for outdoor use and in places with high foot traffic, like doorways, gateways, sidewalks or parking lots. Apply a matte finish to your graphics so that others won’t slip on them. 
  • Selecting the most reliable adhesive and asking for a matte finish: These graphics have ample outdoor applications and need additional protection. The matte laminate layer will protect against UV rays, ice, and rain, and the adhesive will ensure that your graphic stays in its place. 
  • Ensuring your signs are not blocking heat vents: Cement or asphalt can shift or crack due to temperature changes. So you don’t want to place your graphic over the heat vents to prevent this cracking or shifting. 

Vehicle Wraps for Fleets or Individual Vehicles

Vehicle Wraps

Wraps for individual vehicles or whole fleets are excellent for a mobile advertising strategy. Partial or entire vehicle wraps are more cost-effective for displaying your company information.   

SpeedPro ensures your vehicle wraps are made from durable vinyl material and follow the best industry standards: 

  1. Our print graphics are placed on a car-friendly, specialty adhesive vinyl. 
  2. Vinyl is treated with a laminate layer to protect the graphic’s integrity, color and quality from debris, UV rays, heat, wind and dirt. 
  3. The car is washed thoroughly before the vinyl is installed. Any oil, grease, dirt or wax left on the vehicle will prevent the vinyl from sticking correctly. 
  4. Panels are attached to the car and inspected to ensure they are correctly installed. 

Our weather-resistant vehicle wraps will proudly display your special offers for the next three to five years before needing updates. 

Boats & Watercraft Vinyl Graphics

Cover your entire boat from stem to stern, or select partial or spot wraps with water-resistant graphics. Boat wraps offer three different vinyl material layers for your watercraft graphics: 

  • Substrate vinyl: Boat lettering and graphics printed on cast vinyl. SpeedPro primarily uses 3M cast vinyl, which comes from the leading substrate manufacturer and is the best choice for most boat wraps. 
  • UV and water-resistant inks: After the cast vinyl is ready for printing, SpeedPro uses environment-friendly inks that are incredibly durable. This ink is ideal for outdoor vinyl signs and makes the perfect material for boat graphics and lettering. 
  • Adhesive-backed graphics: Apply a strong or permanent adhesive for boat lettering and graphics. Watercraft graphics are regularly exposed to the outdoors and require airtight adhesive backing 

SpeedPro offers a variety of adhesive backings that can be applied across semi-permanent or permanent vinyl products based on your needs. 

SpeedPro’s Adhesive Outdoor Vinyl

As the national leader in large-format graphics and images, SpeedPro knows how to take your brand message to the outdoors. With over 20 years of experience, our vinyl signs and heavy-duty products will protect your outdoor signs from all the weather and elements. 

Contact your local studio today to speak with one of our representatives.  

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