Vinyl Floor Graphics

Vinyl Floor Graphics

If you’re looking for a space-saving way to add dimension and visual intrigue to your location, a floor decal is a perfect solution. These sticker-like graphics can transform carpets, tiling or concrete sidewalks into an extension of your brand. They can tell your customers how to find you or remind them of your business through logos and slogans. Their customizability lets you take creative, unconventional marketing tactics to new heights.

Where to Use Vinyl Floor Graphics

Floor graphics can be used across industries to establish branding, enhance the physical space, advertise products or promote safety. Some of the applications for vinyl floor decals include:

Where to Use Vinyl Floor Graphics [list]

1. Retail Stores

Retail stores and malls can use floor graphics as a way to direct shoppers around the store. Any store using one-way traffic can turn to decals to help customers find the departments and aisles where they want to go.

Floor decals also make effective advertising within the store, directing shoppers to a sale or towards a particular brand. These graphics work because they can break through the noise for a shopper with their blinders up by placing an ad in an unexpected location. Since 76% of all purchase decisions happen in-store, out-of-the-box point-of-purchase signage significantly impacts sales. Some stores can tailor these decals to the items on display. For example, shoe stores can incorporate a foot sizing decal for customers to use while shopping.

2. Museums and Schools

Museums can integrate vinyl decals into their exhibit design and floorplan. Some floor graphics could help visitors follow an audio walking tour or to tell a story and draw connections between exhibits.

Children’s museums, elementary schools and preschools also use floor decals to encourage learn-and-play activities. For example, a school might install a fun hopscotch board or sensory path along hallways or play areas. Outdoors, the school could use concrete floor decals near the playground to create more organized versions of sidewalk and blacktop games like four square.

3. Events or Trade Shows

Wedding planners can use a custom vinyl floor graphic to transform a dance floor into a one-of-a-kind experience. Floor decals can also brand corporate event venues and trade show booths to particular themes. Depending on the event’s theme, a vinyl floor decal can turn a room into a sandy beach, a miniature football field or even a life-size board game.

4. Sports Arenas

School, university, community and professional indoor sports facilities can display their logos center court with a custom vinyl graphic. Schools should consider using custom floor decals in their gyms to create a sense of school spirit and team pride. In the professional sporting world, high-quality floor graphics are an industry standard. Basketball and volleyball courts, ice rinks and dance studio floors can all use vinyl graphics to brand the team, arena or practice space.

5. Parking Lots and Sidewalks

Exterior floor decals are tough enough to withstand the elements and adhere to concrete or asphalt. A business could place floor graphics in a parking lot to designate reserved or handicapped-accessible parking spots. If using a lot for a special event, use colorful vinyl graphics to make it feel less like a drab parking lot.

Street-facing businesses could include outdoor vinyl floor graphics as another way to mark their territory or tell pedestrians how to find their location from the sidewalk. For instance, a company could use a branded sidewalk decal to advertise their business is coming up in 200 feet. Vinyl wraps can also adhere to staircases, allowing for dimensional environmental advertising.

6. Office Spaces

Large offices can use floor graphics to direct visitors to particular departments or brand a lobby, so people know where they are the minute they walk in. Vinyl can adhere to carpets, hardwood, vinyl and tile without damaging the surface.

7. Industrial Settings

In manufacturing or industrial workplaces, floor graphics prove a critical safety measure. Floor markings can warn workers of changes in elevation or restricted areas. They can designate walking areas in separate lanes from forklift travel or mark areas of a warehouse where particular items belong.

Reasons to Use Vinyl Floor Graphics

No matter the industry, floor graphics can serve many purposes. Here are some ways floor decals can benefit your business:

1. Branding

Whether it’s an office building, retail store or experiential marketing event, floor decals offer clever opportunities to incorporate your logo. Branded signage connects customers and employees with a sense of the company they’re interacting with. The benefit of floor signage is the ability to create more immersive branding. Most people expect to find a sign on the wall. Branded imagery on carpet or tile flooring jumps out because of its novelty and develops a connection with people as they move throughout the space.

2. Marketing

Floor decals offer creative and effective out-of-the-home marketing tactics. Floor advertisements have been shown to increase sales by 30% in organized retail settings. They are so effective in part because they are unexpected.

Floor-based advertisements can even get through to some hard-to-reach consumers — people on their phones. According to a study of distracted walking behaviors, 85% of people have seen others walking while using their smartphones. Other research shows 74% of Americans think it’s acceptable to use a mobile phone while waiting in line. When they’re not actively shopping or looking for something, your customers are looking down at their phones. While anything at eye level will likely go unnoticed, a floor graphic can break through to these distracted customers.

3. Wayfinding

Floor markings are an excellent way to direct traffic and help visitors find their way. Wayfinding floor decals could be as simple as directional arrows with labels such as “bathrooms this way.” Wayfinding graphics can also incorporate safety warnings, such as marking emergency routes or placing caution symbols where people must watch their steps.

They can also get more whimsical with footprint-shaped decals leading the way. These wayfinding floor graphics can also be more customized and branded to a particular business. For example, a veterinary office, pet store, nature center or zoo might incorporate wayfinding floor graphics with paw prints or other animal tracks.

4. Social Distancing

Many businesses use floor decals to promote social distancing in their offices, stores or physical locations. Floor decals can demonstrate where people should walk and stand to maintain a 6-foot distance. They are often used in lines to show people where to stand. They can also direct one-way traffic, telling shoppers which way to enter or exit particular aisles. Using vinyl floor graphics rather than tape or handwritten signage creates a professional atmosphere. Companies can introduce logos into their social distancing floor decals to elevate the experience and reinforce branding at the same time.

5. Creating Aesthetic

While most floor graphics further branding and advertising efforts, they need not promote a logo or slogan to be effective. Floor decals can display a pattern or introduce a pop of color. They can replicate material textures like brick or marble or present high-definition images. When it comes to floor graphics, vinyl has a smooth, paint-like matte finish that looks professional and lasts a long time. With the design flexibility offered by custom floor decals, you can contribute to the atmosphere in any environment. Graphics add a fun, creative touch.

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