Magnetic Vinyl

Magnetic VinylVinyl is a popular substrate for custom prints such as banners and decals, but did you know that vinyl prints can also be magnetic? Magnetic vinyl is a useful material for all sorts of displays, from vehicle signs to promotional items and more. This material makes it easy to take your advertising to the next level with professional signs that are made to last.

What Is Magnetic Vinyl?

Magnetic Vinyl Graphics

Magnetic vinyl refers to a flexible material that is magnetic on the back and covered in a vinyl surface. Vinyl is a type of plastic derived from ethylene. This versatile material is valuable for many applications, including printing. You can print on magnetic vinyl and cut it to create custom size magnetic signs with your personalized graphics. These signs look great on the surface, and they’re magnetic, so you can apply them to any magnetic surface.

Once you choose to print on magnetic vinyl, there are several ways you can customize your magnetic vinyl display:

  • Print method: This material can go through ultra-violet (UV), solvent, eco-solvent and latex printers for direct printing. You can also print separately onto laminated vinyl and then overlay this graphic onto the magnetic vinyl.
  • Thickness: Depending on how heavy-duty you need your magnet to be, a SpeedPro representative will help you select magnetic vinyl of the appropriate weight. The magnets you’re used to on your refrigerator will typically be thinner than vehicle magnets, for instance.
  • Finish: You can also select your preferred finish — matte or gloss.
  • Shape: You can customize the shape of your magnet. This substrate works well for digital cutting so you can create any custom shape — not just rectangles.
  • Size: Finally, you can customize the size of your magnetic display. This ranges from the smallest refrigerator magnet to a large magnet to cover the door on your vehicle.
  • Graphics: Of course, you also customize your magnetic vinyl with your personalized graphics. You can print in full-color, and include text, photos and graphic images.

What Types of Signs Can You Make With Magnetic Vinyl?

Types of Magnetic Vinyl Signs

So, what can you do with this material? The sky is the limit, but there are five main types of vinyl magnetic displays print studios produce to help professionals promote their business. These include large vehicle magnets, smaller vehicle decals, business cards, calendars and interchangeable sign inserts. Let’s take a closer look at each of these display types.

1. Magnetic Sheets for Cars

One of the most popular uses for magnetic vinyl is magnetic vehicle signs. Like vehicle wraps, these signs can be large enough to be noticed by other drivers on the highway. With magnetic sheets for vehicle signs, you can turn any vehicle into a professional work vehicle. For example, for a plumbing business, magnetic van signs can identify your work vehicles that are dispatched to homes. Even for a personal vehicle, you can advertise your business wherever you go.

A refrigerator magnet would likely fall off of your car while you’re driving, but a heavier vinyl magnet, such as a .030-gauge, will allow your magnet to cling securely to your vehicle, even while it’s in motion. Rounding the corners of a rectangular magnet will also help it stick securely to your car. Car advertising signs can withstand outdoor conditions, including rain, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your magnets protected. You can drive your vehicle and keep advertising with it in any weather.

2. Vehicle Decal Magnets

In addition to large vinyl wrap magnets, you can also create smaller vinyl magnets for cars. Like larger car magnets, these smaller magnets are also made to stay put and withstand outdoor conditions. These decals can be placed anywhere on your vehicle, but a popular spot is on the back of your car. This way, any drivers who find themselves behind you on the road will see your ad. Think about how many bumper stickers you’ve noticed on the road. Magnetic decals can be an effective and easy advertising opportunity.

Bumper stickers are known for often being clever and fun, so you can create custom magnetic bumper stickers that advertise your business in a clever way and entertain people. You can also share a simple message to let people know what you do and how to find you. For instance, a simple question and call to action like “Planning a wedding? Call [Name] at [phone #]” could find you your next lead. You never know who will be sitting behind your car at the next stoplight.

3. Magnetic Business Cards

More than 70% of people base their opinion of a person or company on the quality of their business card. Quality likely comes down to how professional your card looks and how professional it feels. You can elevate a standard cardstock business card by printing it instead on magnetic vinyl. This higher-quality material paired with sharp graphics will automatically make your business card exceptional.

Business card magnets make great giveaways at events like trade shows. You can also mail these magnets to people in your community or hand them out to shoppers at your store. Rather than throwing your paper card in the trash, people are likely to put your magnet to use. When someone uses your business card as a magnet on their fridge, they get repeated exposure to your information. Visitors to their home will also see your card. This is an effective and simple way to advertise your business.

4. Magnetic Calendars

Another great magnetic giveaway you can create is a calendar. Magnetic calendars come in a variety of sizes. They just have to be big enough to contain a grid for each month of the year along with your branding. Make sure your company logo and contact information are visible. You can give these calendars to current customers and clients or send them out as a lead generation tool for new potential customers.

Either way, people are likely to stick your magnetic calendar on their fridge, desk or locker rather than throw it away as people are prone to do with other promotional items. When they’re at home or their office and wonder what day of the week the 15th is next month, they’ll glance at your calendar to have their question answered and will be reminded of your company. This is an excellent way to get repeat exposure, all the while giving someone a practical tool they can use.

5. Interchangeable Magnet Signs

Magnetic vinyl signs are also useful when you want to change messages on a metal sign insert. This is a popular option for real estate agents, but it can work for any company or professional. Essentially, you invest in the hardware for your sign and reuse it but change the graphic itself. When this sign frame is metal, a quick and easy way to insert a new graphic is by printing that graphic on magnetic vinyl.

You can also apply magnetic vinyl signs to any magnetic surface, not just sign frames. For example, you could place a sign on the front of your metal reception desk or on a metal door. You’ll start to notice magnetic surfaces all around you when you have magnetic signs to display. As with your vehicle or a sign stand, you can change out these messages or move them around as frequently as you want. This is a great way to share temporary messages, especially those that you can reuse again in the future.

What Are the Benefits of Vinyl Magnets?

Benefits of Vinyl Magnets

There are many materials you could choose for your next graphics project. If you’re interested in magnetic vinyl, then you’ll want to consider whether this material offers the benefits you’re looking for. Here are some valuable advantages that magnetic vinyl brings to the table. This material is:

  1. Convenient: Vinyl magnets are exceptionally convenient to use since installation is as easy as sticking your magnet to any magnetic surface. You don’t even have to worry about getting the positioning perfect the first time since you can easily adjust your magnet. If you’re looking for a convenient material to work with for your display, if you have a magnetic surface, magnetic vinyl is a sure win.
  2. Durable: Magnetic vinyl is durable and made to last. This allows you to get continued use out of your magnet without it fading, peeling or losing its magnetic strength. Outdoor magnetic signs can hold up to wind and rain, so you don’t have to worry about exposing your magnet to the elements. To keep your magnet strong, just remove it from the magnetic surface periodically and clean the surface underneath.
  3. Professional: As a sturdier material, magnetic vinyl has a professional feel. Pair this material with high-quality print processes and inks, and you have a sharp display. People will know you had your magnets professionally made. Magnets have the power to turn a plain car into a professional work vehicle or turn your business card into a gift rather than a nuisance.
  4. Colorful: When you print big, bold graphics onto magnetic vinyl with vivid inks, you get a colorful, eye-catching sign. This is critical in a world where the public is bombarded with ads at every turn. Your advertisements need to stand out. One place where ads are not as frequent is in traffic. For this reason, colorful graphics on your vehicle are especially likely to attract attention and interest from drivers.
  5. Reusable: Magnetic vinyl signs are reusable, which sets them apart from adhesive vinyl decals. This may allow you to get more use out of your display. It’s why magnets work perfectly for signs you change out. It’s also convenient for vehicle graphics since you can switch out the signs you use on your vehicle or can transfer your signs over when you get a new vehicle.

How Do Magnets Compare to Decals?

Vinyl magnets are similar to vinyl decals. The thing that sets them apart is how they stick to a surface. A decal is backed with an adhesive. You may be able to reposition the graphic shortly after you stick it to something, but once the decal fully adheres to the surface, it stays there until you’re ready to dispose of it.

This differs from magnetic vinyl decals which do not adhere to surfaces permanently. The advantage here is that you can reposition and reuse your magnetic decal. However, a potential limitation is that the surface must be magnetic. This isn’t really a limitation at all, though, when it comes to vehicles. Both adhesive decals and magnetic decals are great options to consider for customizing your vehicle. If you want to add window graphics to your vehicle, then you’ll need to use adhesive decals.

Let’s look at a few scenarios where magnets work better for your vehicle:

  • Incognito mode: One scenario where a magnetic vehicle decal is preferable to an adhesive one is if your personal vehicle and your work vehicle are one and the same. Most of the time, you’ll want to broadcast your professional affiliation even when you’re on personal time. However, there may be scenarios where you would prefer to remove the decals from your car or where regulations prohibit you from advertising. With magnets, you can just toss them into the trunk and reapply them whenever you’re ready.
  • Temporary messages: Magnets are also the best choice when you want to share a temporary message, especially if that message can be reused in the future. For example, a magnet on a professional vehicle saying “We’re Hiring!” may find you your next great employee. Once you’re no longer hiring, just pull off the magnet and save it for the next time you have a job opening. You could also advertise a sales promotion or any other timely message this way.
  • Changing vehicles: Finally, magnets are the best choice when you want to brand a vehicle you may not have longterm. When you get rid of a vehicle and replace it with a new company vehicle, you don’t have to dispose of your magnets or get new ones unless you want to. You can reuse the same magnets on your new vehicle.

Magnetic Graphics From SpeedPro

Magnetic Graphics from SpeedPro

If you want to create eye-catching displays from magnetic vinyl, partner with SpeedPro. As the nation’s largest print and graphics network, we have access to the best materials and methods to help you get your message out there in style. Our staff will also lend their expertise to help you select the right material and specifications for your project. They can walk you through other possible materials you’re considering and answer your questions so you can successfully bring your vision to life.

To get started, find a studio near you and contact your local SpeedPro staff so you can start creating visually-engaging displays that help you grow your business.