Can my damaged van wrap be repaired?

Can My Damaged Van Wrap Be Repaired?

Van wraps are a great choice for any company that uses vehicles as part of its business operations. If any part of your business involves traveling to your clients or various locations, having company vans is a convenient option that can save you money in the long run. So why not also advertise your business and generate more awareness for your business while your employees drive around town?

There are countless benefits to wrapping your company vans, including:


  • Increasing brand awareness.
  • Providing a cost-effective advertising option.
  • Protecting the vehicle’s paint.
  • Reaching more customers.
  • Improving branding cohesion.
  • Delivering a high return on investment (ROI).

If you already have wrapped vans, the good news is that in most cases, a damaged van wrap can be repaired. Choosing to wrap your vans is a great investment in the future of your business. Another major benefit of using wraps to advertise your business is that they are an advertising medium you own — no need to rent space on billboards or buy air time to run ads on radio or television.


How Long Do Van Wraps Last?

If you’ve invested in vehicle wraps for your company van or fleet of vans, then your next logical question might be to wonder how long the wrap will last. Barring any vehicle damage, wraps are built to last. Most commercial vehicle wraps last from three to six years, and sometimes even longer with good maintenance.

Factors that affect how long your van wrap will last include:


  • Frequent washing: Letting dirt and road dust sit on your vehicle might cause your van wrap to wear out more quickly. Use gentle cleansers and soft cloths when washing to prevent scratches. Also, avoid pressure washing the wrap as that could cause damage. With some types of wraps, you’ll also need to avoid using waxes that could interfere with the adhesive.
  • Sun exposure: UV rays from the sun can cause lots of damage to your vehicle wrap. Excessive sun exposure could lead your wrap to fade prematurely, affecting the design and clarity of the text.
  • Extreme weather: Being left out in the elements is tough for any van, but extreme heat and cold can be especially bad for wraps and can cause them to bubble or shrink.

Taking good care of your vehicle, such as storing it in a sheltered area and washing it frequently, will help your wrap last several years. Following proper maintenance for vehicle wraps is essential to keep your company vans looking their best. However, many companies will experience unexpected events that mean the premature replacement of their van wraps. In these cases, it’s good to know how you can repair or replace your damaged wrap.


Common Questions About Damaged Van Wraps

If your business has a van or fleet of vans and you’re worried about damage to your vehicle graphics, these common questions should address your concerns.

What Is the Most Common Damage Vehicle Wraps Experience?

Most commonly, vehicle wraps suffer due to regular wear and tear. Many companies operate in tough conditions, including rain, snow, heat and wind, to provide the best service to their customers. This means that their vehicle wraps may undergo a lot of stress and need replacement. Fortunately, you can replace perforated window films, which usually show wear before regular van wraps, without redoing the entire wrap.

 You can replace perforated window films without redoing the entire wrap.

Another common reason vehicle wraps experience damage is from accidents that scratch or dent the body of the van. In many cases, vehicle wraps can be replaced by section rather than as a whole. If only one door or the rear deck is affected by the damage, you can often repair or replace just those sections without completely replacing your van wrap.

Can I Repair My Van Wrap Myself?

Due to the precise nature of vehicle wrap installation, attempting a do-it-yourself repair isn’t a great idea. Repairing vehicle wraps should be left to professional installers. A few of the issues that could come up when you try to repair your vehicle wrap yourself include:


  • Not having the right tools.
  • Being unable to color match to the existing wrap.
  • Placing the wrap on incorrectly.
  • Damaging the underlying vehicle paint.

To prevent more costly damage, take your van to a professional for repairs and replacements. They will ensure the underlying paint and vehicle exterior is safe during both applications and removals.


What Is the Cost of Damaged Van Wrap Repairs?

The cost varies, and like with most things, it depends on the extent of the damage. A full replacement wrap job might be more expensive, but it may be a better option if the rest of your wrap is already a few years old. Simple repairs will be more cost-effective and are often the best choice if your wrap is only a few months to a year old.

If you have a fleet of vans, you can plan and budget for replacement wraps every few years. That way, the cost of replacing multiple wraps won’t be a surprise. You might also want to time wrap replacement with a company rebranding so you can alter the design to conform with the new aesthetics of your brand.

Types of Vehicle Wraps

Not all van wraps will be the full wraps, which cover the entirety of the vehicle. Some may only cover a few parts of the vehicle or spots on the van. You might even choose to design graphics only for your windows. Full wraps will naturally be more expensive, but they generally perform better than smaller designs such as window or spot graphics.

Partial graphics are a cost-effective way to market your business on your company vans without committing to the cost of a full wrap. If you’ve never chosen wraps for your vans before, this may be a good way to prove their effectiveness, and then you can opt for a full wrap when you’re ready to replace the old ones.

Trust SpeedPro With Your Van Wrap Replacements

SpeedPro has vehicle wrap technology that can actually protect your van from damage due to wear and tear. Our team uses solvent long-life inks, and we’ll add a protective laminate layer over the vinyl wrap to block UV rays from causing fading and shrinkage.

If your wrapped van experiences damage, SpeedPro has the tools to partially replace the vehicle wrap to ensure your company vans always look their best. Our team will consult with you to come up with the best possible solution — if a partial replacement isn’t possible or would impact the design, SpeedPro can also accommodate full replacement wraps.

SpeedPro provides speedy service with wrap installation — once the design is finalized, we can usually install your van wrap in four to five business days. To learn more or get an estimate, find a SpeedPro Studio near you!

Trust SpeedPro with your van wrap replacements.