Hanging Signage

Hanging Signage

As a business owner, you need signage that grabs attention and lets potential customers know who you are and what you do. You can do this with many different signs, but hanging signage places your business directly in your customer’s line of sight as they walk or drive by.

SpeedPro experts know how to use hanging signs to help local businesses get noticed and engage with visitors.

What Are Hanging Signs?

As the name suggests, hanging signs are usually situated in high areas, whether fixed on walls or suspended from ceilings or fixtures. They are used inside and outside to guide and direct customers toward businesses, products and services.

Types Of Hanging Signage & Where To Use It

Here are the most common types of hanging signs to consider for your business:

Blade Signs

Blade signs are ideal for increasing visibility on the outside of your building. Also known as flag mount signs or projecting signs, blade signs hang at a perpendicular, 90-degree angle to the traffic flow so that they are seen by pedestrians and drivers coming from both ways. Blade signs are typically double-sided so that they can be read from either side.

Banner Hanging Signs 

Banner hanging signs are versatile and easy to install. You can also customize them with hardware accents to make DIY replacement a breeze — perfect for restaurants and retail shops with rotating promotions. Plus, banners are easy to store, making them a smart investment for small businesses to reuse at special events throughout the year.

Redwood City Public Library banners

Sidewalk Swing Signs

Sidewalk signs are a fantastic advertising tool for small businesses. They are portable and easy to put up and take down. Restaurants and shops often use sidewalk swing signs to advertise daily specials to foot traffic. Whether you want to roll out a new promotion, organize a holiday event or need to advertise your business, sidewalk swing signs are a great way to keep your customers informed.

Welcome Hanging signs

Make your business, office, building or event an inviting place with custom welcome hanging signs. Welcome hanging signs are important because they are one of the first things visitors see once they arrive at your front door. Whether it’s the main entrance to a storefront, hotel lobby, office or a special celebration like a wedding, an inviting welcome hanging sign lets visitors know they’re in the right place.

Features & Benefits Of Hanging Signage

Whether printed, engraved, double-sided, sandblasted or customized on various materials, hanging signs are a versatile solution with many uses.

Hanging business signs attract potential customers to your business or event. They are essential for brand recognition, advertising, and building. Additionally, when signs are hung, you save valuable floor space for additional products, displays and people!

With hanging signs, you can:

Increase Visibility: One of the key benefits of hanging signs is their positioning. When signs are visible above the crowd, it helps people make their way to your business or a certain place within your building. Consider restroom signs — they’re almost always hanging signs, so they are highly visible from far away.

Enhance Branding: Since they are difficult to miss, hanging signs allow you to boost your branding efforts by setting your brand apart from local competitors. Consider restaurant signs in a downtown setting — a chicken-shaped metal hanging sign with fire coming out of its mouth will be more memorable than a plain sign that says “Johnny’s Hot Wings.”

Showcase Offers and Promotions: Everyone loves a great deal. Strategically placed hanging signs that communicate your offers help draw people in or direct them to sale sections throughout your store.

Generate More Sales: Visibility is key to increasing sales and revenue. When people can easily see where your business is located, they’re more likely to stop in and ultimately spend money. Businesses that are difficult to find simply don’t get as much traffic.

Provide Direction and Guidance: Hanging signage can also act as wayfinding signs for identification, direction, information and regulatory purposes. You may take them for granted or not pay much attention to them, but hanging signs are handy in our day-to-day lives. Finding our way around buildings, shopping areas, outdoor spaces or even special events becomes more difficult without them.

How To Choose The Right Material For Your Hanging Signs

Hanging signage comes in various customizable and durable materials, such as acrylic, PVC, metal, plastic and wood, so you can personalize your business signage to reflect your taste and business goals.

Here are some questions to help you determine the right material for your custom hanging sign:

Do you need an outdoor hanging sign?

An outdoor sign material needs to be weather-resistant and long-lasting.

Good material options for custom outdoor hanging signs include:

  • Sintra Board: this rigid weatherproof material is PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and is ideal for temporary yet durable outdoor signs.
  • Coroplast (plastic cardboard): this ultralight sign material is very economical and makes a good choice for temporary outdoor signs.
  • Bibond (aluminum composite): this sign material is long-lasting and can be routed into different shapes. It’s weather-resistant and noncorrosive, which makes it ideal for various outdoor signs.

Do you need an indoor hanging sign?

There are many materials to choose from for indoor hanging signs. The placement of the sign will influence your choice of material.

Popular choices for indoor hanging signs include:

Do you want it to be double-sided?

Most materials can be printed or engraved on both sides. These materials are not conducive to double-sided printing:

  • Magnetic: this has a magnetic side to attach the sign to a flat surface.
  • Lexan: This polycabornate material similar to plexiglass is transparent.

Do you want a custom shape?

Some materials come in stock shapes. Other materials are easier to shape than others. If you need a custom-shaped sign, you should avoid the following materials:

  • ARMOUR-Wood: solid wood core
  • Alumalite: corrugated polyallomer (CPA) core
  • Foam Core Ultra: lightweight and scratch-resistant.

Are Hanging Signs Right For Your Business?

Hanging signs provide visual direction, and additional information may come in handy in different locations. Some ideas include:

  • Retail stores: identify sections of the store, such as ‘housewares’ or ‘shoes,’ to help customers get where they want to go and avoid the frustration of wandering around a store.
  • Supermarkets: label the main products in each aisle to help shoppers quickly find their way. When these wayfinding signs are hung instead of mounted on the end of the aisle, customers can see them overhead.
  • Distribution centers: custom hanging signs can help improve efficiency in large distribution centers, where there are time-sensitive processes.
  • Sports stadiums/arenas: hanging signs direct spectators to the right section or location where they are supposed to sit.
  • Medical clinics and hospitals: hanging signs provide friends and family members with the details they need to visit patients.
  • Holidays and other special events: temporary hanging signs like those mounted on city light poles are good for spreading some holiday cheer.
  • Trade shows: hanging signs can give you a competitive advantage in high-traffic settings. Visitors will see your sign above the crowd and be able to make their way to you without a map.

Work With A Professional Sign Company To Design & Install Your Hanging Signs

SpeedPro’s fully customized hanging signs are designed from high-quality materials and professionally installed by our skilled specialists.

From graphic design and sign fabrication to secure installation, you can count on us to get the job done on time and within your budget. To get started on your hanging sign, find your local SpeedPro studio today.