Showroom Signage

Showroom Signage

Good showroom signage will guide your customers through their selection process and make them feel welcome in your space.

SpeedPro can create custom signs for your showroom to improve the customer experience and encourage in-store purchases.

What Makes Showroom Signage Unique?

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Showrooms are big storefronts where customers interact with products before buying them. Cars, appliances, furniture and mattresses are popular showroom products.

But walking into a massive showroom can feel intimidating.

Showroom signs have some characteristics that set them apart from other signage options, such as:


Customers want to walk through a showroom confident that they know where going. Showroom signs need to be specific enough so that customers can easily find what they’re looking for without feeling bombarded by information.

Think about your customer’s journey upon entering your showroom. Do they immediately need a salesperson, or do most prefer to browse? Do they need some level of education, such as learning the difference between innerspring, encased coil, hybrid, pillow top, and memory foam mattresses? Are they looking for a specific brand of appliance?

Understanding the customer’s journey will help you develop informative signs to help them through the process.


For permanent installations, showroom signage should be consistent and on-brand. Temporary signs, like sales and special offers may feature seasonal or other relevant graphics, but they should still feel like a part of the space. It’s easy to get overwhelmed in big showrooms, so signs should be consistent to feel familiar to customers.


Like all signage options, showroom signs must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to ensure that no one with a disability can be discriminated against. You should use ADA-compliant store signs in areas with potential accessibility issues, such as bathrooms and stairwells. Some other requirements include aisle width and organizing products by weight for those with limited mobility.

How Showroom Signage Increases Traffic & Sales

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Showroom signs can help:

Increase the number of people who visit your showroom, through the use of storefront signs, window graphics, banners, feather flags and other outdoor signs.

Create an atmosphere that is conducive to sales. Signs can be used to convey product information and minimize face-to-face time with salespeople. While some people prefer speaking with a salesperson, others appreciate browsing at their own pace.

Boost conversions with current customers by helping people feel more comfortable shopping in your store.

Increase the amount of time people spend inside your showroom. 

Grow brand awareness. Custom signs reinforce your company brand with consistent colors, fonts, imagery and logos so customers remember your showroom after they’ve left.

Improve the customer experience by helping customers quickly and easily find what they need.

Types Of Showroom Signage

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Some of the most common types of showroom signs include:

Welcome signs

A branded, high-quality sign welcomes customers and lets them know they’re in the right place. They can be sidewalk signs, decals, vinyl banners for the outdoors or dimensional signage.

Directional signage

Wayfinding signs help customers find their way through your store. They can people to certain departments and to essential areas like restrooms, checkout, customer service and order pickup.

Product signs

Product signs can help break down complex specs and give customers information at a glance. For example, a sign with a table can show the difference in features included in vehicle trim packages. This visual side-by-side comparison is easier to understand than the complex window stickers on each vehicle.

Promotional signs

Promotional signs should give customers details about current in-store promotions. Outdoor signs, like A-frame signs or banners, can attract passersby, while strategically placed tabletop signs, retractable banners and PVC signs guide customers toward special offers inside.

Pricing signs

Pricing signs make it easy for customers that are just browsing to see how much something costs without asking or checking the website on their phone. Clearly marked pricing helps customers shop more confidently.

Process signs

A process sign can give customers information about selection and purchasing. For example, furniture showrooms rarely carry a lot of stock. There is usually a process to order furniture and have it delivered. Similarly, a checkout sign might inform customers that the store does not accept cash. Process signs help set customer expectations.

“Why choose us” signs

Your business needs to stand out — think of how many car dealerships and mattress stores are in your own city right now! Signs can explain the benefits of choosing your store over others nearby — whether that’s better prices, faster delivery times, satisfaction guarantee or whatever else makes your store unique from the competition.

Customer amenity signs

Certain customer amenities, such as free wifi, free refreshments and lounge areas, can encourage customers to sit and stay a while. They can comparison shop on their phone and not feel rushed standing in an aisle, and the free perks can give your store a competitive advantage.

Digital signs

Some digital signage options include iPad kiosks or video walls that provide a more interactive and independent shopping experience. Digital signs are easy to change and can be used to create a sense of urgency, such as showing product inventory or price history (i.e. lowest price in 30 days).

Is Showroom Signage Right For Your Business?

Large spaces with limited inventory rely on salespeople and signage to inform customers and help them navigate products.

A comprehensive showroom sign strategy considers every touchpoint in the customer journey, from before they even enter your space, through the product selection and ordering process to check out and order pickup.

Some industries uniquely suited to showroom signage include:

  • Appliances
  • Art galleries
  • Car dealerships
  • Furniture
  • High-end apparel
  • Home decor
  • Lighting
  • Mattresses
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Recreational vehicles (boats, campers, ATVs etc)
  • Warehouse (i.e. pop-up clothing and retail sales events)

Why Work With A Professional For Showroom Signs

Your signage is the first thing potential customers see when they walk into your showroom. It can entice, guide and inform or frustrate them.

SpeedPro can help you develop a winning showroom sign strategy that will help you attract new customers and gain repeat business from brand advocates.

Find your local SpeedPro studio and schedule a free consultation to learn more about showroom signs.