Veterinary Marketing Signage

Veterinary Marketing Signage

When your pet parent clients bring their pets to your clinic, they need to know they’re in good hands. Veterinary marketing signage can inform people of certain pet conditions, promote products or services you offer and help pet owners connect with your practice.

SpeedPro offers end-to-end solutions for designing, printing and installing veterinary signage for your pet care clinic.

What Makes Veterinary Signage Unique?

How does veterinary clinic signage differ from other types of signage?

It has to connect with pet parents

It’s a difficult decision to choose a vet for our beloved pets. Your signage should be a reflection of your love of animals and their human counterparts. Conditions, policies, and processes explained on signs should be clear, and the tone should be compassionate and helpful.

Outdoor signs should catch foot and road traffic

Happy Dog Spa outdoor banner

The first thing people see when passing your vet clinic should be a big sign at the front. The purpose of outdoor signage is to catch foot and road traffic and increase awareness of your veterinary care in your local area.

Because outdoor signs are often seen by people who may not be actively looking for your services, this kind of signage has the potential to reach new customers who might not otherwise be aware of your business. So it should be eye-catching and connect with potential customers in order to be memorable.

Indoor signage should be helpful

Indoor signage doesn’t only help you promote new products and services to existing clients, but they also have the potential to build brand loyalty among those who frequent your clinic.

For example, suppose you want to start offering boarding services but aren’t sure how many customers will be interested. In that case, you could put up some indoor signs that say “Coming Soon” with an arrow pointing toward the back of your clinic where the kennels are located. Ask clients if they’d like a tour to gauge their interest in the service. 

How Veterinary Signage Helps You Reach New Customers

There are several ways to make your business more visible and let people know you are there to help their pets. Here are some veterinary marketing ideas:

Place signs in other parts of town

Your veterinary practice is great at what it does, but you’re not the only animal hospital in town—or even the only one in your neighborhood. How do you stand out from the crowd and attract potential clients—especially if your clinic isn’t on a main road? Consider placing signs in other parts of town. You can hire a sign spinner to stand at a busy intersection, advertise with vehicle wraps, or even partner with a local pet-friendly restaurant or coffee shop that will let you place a sign in front of their storefront.

Reach new customers and build your brand in the community

Sponsoring a local school is an excellent way to introduce your vet practice to new families and their pets. If your clinic is sponsoring a local school’s sports team, parents who show up to watch their kids play will notice your sponsor banner ad. 

You can also attend other local events, such as farmers’ markets or festivals with a branded popup tent or banners, so you get the chance to meet locals and talk about what makes your practice special.

Organizing your own events

Your clinic doesn’t just have to be a place where animals get treated and cared for; it can also be a hub for community outreach, education and events. You can host an affordable vaccine event, a lunch-and-learn to share information about dog training classes you’re planning to offer or a competition for cat owners to share funny pictures using a custom hashtag. All of these events pose an opportunity for signage in your clinic and around town to get people excited about upcoming events and to register.

How To Use Signs In Your Vet Marketing Strategy

Veterinary signage is a great way to show people that you care about their pets and to inform them of your services. A sign with a picture of a cute dog or cat can be a welcoming greeting at the front door, encouraging clients to come inside and get to know you better.

Signage can also help pet owners find their way around your clinic. You can use vinyl lettering on the walls to designate exam rooms and branded decals on the floor as directional signage.

Your veterinary practice can also inform or educate through signage – you can do this with large-scale signs showing pet owners essential milestones, such as when puppies should be vaccinated against rabies or when kittens should be spayed or neutered.

Lastly, you can signal promotions, special seasonal offers, special events and new services.

Veterinary signage can be as simple as a sign on the door to your clinic or a combination of interior and exterior signs. Some of the most common signs include:

Routed signs can be custom cut and engraved to create a truly one-of-a-kind business sign outside your clinic. These are made from weather-resistant metal, wood, PVC or acrylic.

Indoor signs that inform pet owners can be used in the reception area and throughout your clinic. Point-of-purchase displays can remind people to make their next appointment or make sure they’re current on flea and tick meds. Wayfinding signs can direct frazzled pet parents to exam rooms, x-ray rooms and kennel areas. They are great for attracting new clients or reminding current clients of services they might not have taken advantage of yet.

Banner signs are generally used outdoors for temporary purposes like announcing special events or promotions at your clinic. Vinyl banner signs are weather-resistant and easy to store, so you can use these branded signs at your clinic and local events year after year.

Window graphics on your storefront are the first thing your clients see when they approach your clinic. Use this large expanse of branding real estate to inform people of your hours and contact information, promote special offers, change the graphics with the season and keep it cute and fun.

Tabletop signs are ideal if you offer products like food or toys for pets. They can be displayed in a retail area to remind customers to purchase them at the practice. This is also to explain what benefits your products offer (like “This food is made with organic ingredients”).

Veterinary Marketing Ideas To Help You Stand Out

Outside of the physical signage around your clinic, make sure your online presence is optimized to capture traffic from search and social media. Here are some additional veterinary marketing ideas so that you can put your best foot (and paw) forward:

  • Search engine optimization – keywords and tags to help your website rank higher in search engine results.
  • Use marketing tools like Hubspot, Semrush, Klaviyo and Google Analytics to reach customers and monitor marketing tactic performance.
  • Digital advertising using Google Ads and great copywriting can help boost your paid and organic conversion rates.
  • Use images, videos and catchy graphics on your website landing page and social media accounts to increase brand awareness and engagement with customers. Your page and website design should be in line with your values.
  • Develop an online presence by talking to your target audience and asking them questions on social media. Host contests, like pet costume contests around Halloween and ask the community to vote.
  • Create an email marketing campaign to keep customers updated on new products and services available at your veterinary hospital and information about important dates such as vaccination schedules, pet birthdays and upcoming events.
  • Create a logo that represents your company’s values with colors that complement one another or use fonts that are easy for people to read at a distance.

Why Work With A Professional For Your Vet Marketing Signage

When designing vet marketing signage, SpeedPro has the experience and knowledge to ensure that no detail goes unnoticed. Our team of experts will work closely with you to ensure that everything from the size of the lettering to the color scheme matches your brand identity perfectly. 

Beautiful, high-quality signage will help you reach new potential clients and connect with existing ones.

To see how signs can boost your veterinary marketing efforts, visit the SpeedPro website and find a studio to schedule a free consultation.