Swimming Pools

Swimming pool signs keep people safe and let them know what’s expected of them at your pool. While it’s required by state law to post certain information and pool rules, you can also use poos signs to welcome guests and personalize the area. 

As the leader in large-format printing, SpeedPro can help you design and install pool signs that convey necessary information while staying on brand.

What Makes Swimming Pool Signs Unique?

Pool signs have different requirements from other types of outdoor signs.


A swimming pool sign should be made from durable, weather-resistant and waterproof materials. In addition to rain and pool water, exposure to pool chemicals like chlorine and salt can shorten the lifespan of certain materials.

An aluminum sign with a protective coating is ideal for use around pools.


Swimming pool signs must convey a lot of rules, but those rules must be straightforward and easy to read. Use clear and concise language in bold, sans serif lettering so the sign can be read from a distance.


Public pools must adhere to state requirements for warning signs. For example, most pools need a “lifeguard on duty,” “slippery when wet,” or “no diving” sign, but the requirements vary by state.

Another noteworthy mention is that mandatory swimming pool rules can vary from spa rules and other swimming places, like private pools and wading pools.

Like most businesses, pools have to be ADA-compliant as well – one of the requirements is that they have one or two accessible means of entry, depending on the size.

Accessibility equipment requires additional signage to let people with disabilities understand how to use it and to make it clear to other swimmers that the equipment is not a toy.

Your local SpeedPro studio is well-versed in your state’s swimming pool signage requirements. If you’re not sure what you need, we can help!

Types Of Pool Signs

Most pool signs focus on safety issues and establishing clear pool rules for swimmers. Here are the most common types of pool signs:

Rule signs 

Rule signs are used to convey information about swimming pool rules, such as no glass or no running. They may also state adult supervision is required for children under a certain age.

Swimming pool signs are designed to help keep swimmers safe, but they also reduce the liability for the pool operator. Signs that say “swim at your own risk” or “no lifeguard on duty” assumes swimmers know their abilities and will not hold the pool responsible for accidents.

Here are some examples of the type of rules signs found in swimming pool areas:

  • Dog signs remind people they should keep their dogs away from the pool area.
  • Food and drink signs warn people that they can’t bring food or beverages into the pool area.
  • No glass signs are designed to alert people that they can’t bring glass near the pool area.
  • Pool capacity signs limit the number of people allowed in the pool at any time.
  • Running safety signs remind people not to run around in the pool area because it could cause accidents and injuries.

Welcome signs

Welcome signs greet guests to your pool area. This type of sign isn’t required, so you can have fun with it by creating a bright, bold sign that lets guests know how much fun they will have. This is an excellent opportunity to post pool rules outside of the pool area by adding, “please read all pool rules below before entering.”

Informational signs

Informational signs can inform guests about the areas and amenities around your pool. For example, if you have a wave pool, you can post signs around the pool stating how often the waves start and when guests must take breaks. You can also use informational signs to direct guests to the towel area and explain the process for towel checkout.

This can minimize the amount of questions guests ask staff and make them feel more confident and relaxed during their visit.

Close/open signs

Pool hour signs designate open and close times. You can also use temporary “pool closed” signs outside when the pool is closed for maintenance work.

 Personalized/decorative signs

Custom signs give the pool some personality for private and residential pools that don’t require pool rules signs. These can have your family name on them and be permanently mounted on your gate or home wall, or you can print temporary banners for birthdays or parties.

Funny pool signs

Funny pool signs allow you to add humor while conveying important information and pool rules. They may contain funny images and text, such as “we don’t swim in your toilet, please don’t pee in our pool.”

Funny signs are typically reserved for private and residential pools, although public pools may choose to use them in addition to the posted state requirement signs.

Swimming Pool Sign Requirements

All public pools have to adhere to state requirements for warning signs. Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of warning signs for pools. Consult your state guidelines and work with SpeedPro to ensure your pool signs are compliant.

Some common warning signs include:

  • Risk of Child Drowning
  • Risk of Drowning
  • Risk of Fetus Damage
  • Risk of Injury
  • Risk of Shock

Some common rule signs include:

  • Adult Supervision Required For Children Under 18
  • Keep Gate Closed
  • No Breath Holding
  • No Diving Allowed
  • No Diving In Shallow End
  • No Dogs In Pool Area
  • No Jumping Off Diving Boards Without A Lifeguard Present 
  • No Lifeguard On Duty Sign
  • No Peeing In Pool
  • No Running In The Pool Area
  • No Smoking Anywhere Near The Pool Area
  • Please Use Pool Slides Safely 
  • Swim At Your Own Risk
  • Watch Your Children

Common sign placement requirements include:

  • Pool safety signs must be posted at all entrances to the swimming pool area.
  • The warning sign must be visible from all access points to the pool area, including the approach to the door and the exit path.

Why Work With A Professional For Swimming Pool Signs

Swimming pool signs keep swimmers safe and keep pool operators on the right side of the law. SpeedPro can help you create clear, concise, easy-to-read signs that comply with your state’s regulations to keep swimmers safe and informed.

Find your local SpeedPro studio to schedule a free consultation to learn more about swimming pool signs.