Department Stores

Department Stores

Department store signs serve a wide range of purposes in retail stores.

In addition to helping people navigate these large stores and displaying information about products and services, good department store signs can serve as your silent salesperson.

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What Makes Department Store Signs Unique?

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Large department stores will use signs differently than smaller retail shops and boutiques. Here’s what makes department store signage unique:


Customers who enter your department store often have a particular item in mind. However, with well-placed store displays and signage, they will leave with what they need and other things they didn’t know they needed! Getting your customers into the store is important, but good signage that draws them into different departments is the key to a full shopping cart.

Promote Sales

Retail is a highly seasonal and sales-based industry. You have to move products to make room for new merchandise, and customers are always on the lookout for a good deal. Signs placed outside your store and strategically throughout can alert shoppers to sales. Because sales and promotions change so frequently, your signs must be easy to install and remove. PVC signs on easels, banners, silicone edge graphic frames and pop-up signs are portable options.

Instill Confidence

While floor employees are a great resource, well-placed wayfinding signage can help a timid shopper feel more confident about finding what they need in your store. Uncertain shoppers may be more likely to leave than ask for help, so clear and prominent signage may keep them in your store longer.

Direct Attention

Signs can draw attention to specific sections of the store and even specific items on store shelving. Large, hanging signs and banners can quickly route shoppers to the clearance section, while endcap aisle signs help shoppers quickly breeze through the store until they need the product they’re looking for.

Types Of Retail Signage

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There are a couple different categories of retail signs to keep in mind.

Wayfinding signage and informational signs are essential to potential customers and include things like:

  • Open and closed signs
  • Hours of operation
  • Directional and wayfinding signs
  • Department signs
  • Escalator & elevator signs
  • Restroom signs
  • No smoking signs
  • Checkout counter
  • Customer service counter
  • Emergency exits
  • Directories

Often, customers seek these signs out first. Knowing all the essential locations within the store puts customers at ease.

In addition to wayfinding signs, other signs will help your customers track down sales and wander into departments to investigate a good deal they saw a sign for.

Advertising signs include:

  • New brands
  • Seasonal items
  • Discounts
  • Seasonal Sales
  • Special promotions

How Signs Help You Reach New Customers

Department store signage can do more than inform current customers; it can also attract new customers.

Storefront door signs, store window displays or seasonal window graphics can entice foot traffic to stop in. No surprise, signs that indicate sales or seasonal promotions are among the best ways to attract new customers.

Your soaring storefront windows also serve as a blank canvas for art. Big, bold imaginative window graphics can catch the attention of people from far away. Creative art can draw in new customers just as effectively as using windows for sale promotions.

Signs can also help you connect emotionally with potential customers that wouldn’t normally shop with you. Perhaps you are carrying a new line of cruelty-free makeup. Signs can advertise the product and educate shoppers about the brand and ingredients.

The great thing about earning new business this way is that it generates buzz and leads to free word-of-mouth marketing when people tell their friends to check out the new product.

How To Incorporate Retail Store Signs Into Your Brand Strategy

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All of your signs should be consistent with your brand. From colors and fonts to logo placement, a consistent style will create a seamless experience for shoppers. Signs should be clear and prominent, but at the same time subtle enough that they don’t distract or annoy shoppers.

Wayfinding and informational signage are typically permanent. Acrylic, wood, HDU, PVC and metal signs are popular choices for directory, elevator and department signage as they are durable and can conform to any style.

For promotional signs that change frequently, lightweight PVC signs on easels, banners and double-sided SEG signs and retractable banners make it easy for employees to install and move signs around the store.

Why Work With A Professional For Department Store Signs

A lot goes into the business of creating innovative and creative custom signs for department stores. What type of material works best? How can you keep costs low? Should you invest in window graphics?

When working with SpeedPro, your local studio will help you choose the perfect department store signs to engage current customers and attract new ones.

Find a local SpeedPro in your area to get started crafting custom signs for your department store.