Branding With Exterior Window Graphics

JUNE 6, 2023| SpeedPro



In philosophy, they say what’s inside is most important. In branding, sometimes it’s what’s outside. SpeedPro knows that one big asset of a property can be window space, and why waste that real estate when you can be impacting potential customers?

A statement window decal can grab attention, pique curiosity and, ultimately, create more business for you. Whether walking or driving by, customers can be equally impacted. Research shows that, among other benefits, window graphics positively influence a consumer’s perception of a business’s image and can have a strong effect on their patronage. This is true for a retail store, restaurant, office, museum or any other venue.

Custom window graphics are effective and affordable. SpeedPro can work with you, and within your budget,
to design, print and install the highest-quality weather-resistant promotional window decals and clings tailored to your business.

Communicating with Window Graphics

Vinyl decals can transform a plain window into a vivid brand advertisement. Text is ideal for communicating key messages: promote a sale, feature a call-to-action, celebrate the season, etc. Images can have an even more powerful effect because we unconsciously store pictures we see in our long-term memory, whereas text tends to go into short-term memory. When designing window graphics, consider a combination of both.

A logo is an important image when it comes to branding, but it isn’t the only one at your disposal. Other types can strengthen the impact of your display. A political office might include party symbols or patriotic imagery.
A martial arts studio with “Tiger” in the name could add black-and-orange stripes to its windows. An ice cream shop might feature sprinkles, whipped cream or cherries in its delicious design. There’s nothing that restricts your imagination, but in general, designs should take advantage of the entire window space while remaining easy to perceive in passing, especially at maximum road speeds.

Window Graphic Options

Exterior window (and glass door) decals come in several options. They include:

  • Transparent, perforated or opaque: Some window graphics are made to totally cover a window without allowing passersby to see inside or for those inside to see out. A more popular option is perforated decals that create privacy and transparency for employees and customers with outside-only opacity. Graphics can also be transparent in all their negative space, giving a fuller view both ways.
  • First- or second-surface: Some decals are applied to the outside of a window. These are first-surface decals. When the adhesive on the image lets you apply a decal to the inside of the window facing out, it’s called a second-surface decal. This provides more protection by limiting interaction with passersby.
  • Single- or double-sided: If you’re only interested in catching the eye of people outside your business, you only need a single-sided graphic. Alternatively, you can create double-sided window graphics that will turn your windows into an appealing display for people both outside and inside.
  • Partial or full: For a more dramatic effect, you can create vinyl graphics that totally cover your windows. One way, if you have side-by-side panels, is by using all of them to create an enormous uninterrupted display. A partial display uses smaller decals if you want to leave some of your window space open.
  • Adhesives or clings: Most window decals are sticky and adhere tightly to the glass surface to stay in place until you’re ready to remove them. Others are clings, which use a static charge to hold to the glass surface. While adhesive decals provide a larger in-place solution, clings can be easily moved around.

Big Graphics for the Biggest City’s Biggest Square

With the installation of 84 exterior window graphics, including those with the curiosity-piquing question “Are You Slightly Unstable?,” SpeedPro recently transformed the exterior of the Sheraton New York City rotunda in Times Square into a massive wraparound advertisement for an “epic” Jenga tournament to be held June 17 by the National Blocking Association.

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