6 Ways to Know That Window Graphics Are Right for Your Business

6 Ways to Know That Window Graphics Are Right for Your Business

OCTOBER 11, 2021| SpeedPro


If you own a business, you know how crucial advertising is to attract and retain customers. Signage is one of the best ways to market your company to your customers, and you may want to supplement traditional signs to take advantage of every bit of prime real estate you have to reach out to passersby and potential customers. Business window graphics allow you to display your business name and logo and let people know what services you offer.
High-quality, eye-catching storefront window decals help you stand out against your competition and encourage customers to engage with your company. If you’re wondering whether window graphics are right for your business, read on for ways how vinyl decals can help you attract customers.

Benefits of Window Graphics for Your Business

Window graphics are an excellent visual solution for businesses of all types with large glass front windows. Using vinyl lettering and decals to your storefront windows allows you to advertise to customers even when you are closed. Window graphics are a handy and aesthetically pleasing tool you can use to enhance your business. They help you create a beautiful area of visual focus with ease and can transform the outward appearance of your building.
Window graphics provide high-impact advertising that keeps your clientele engaged. However, the benefits of using window graphics extend well beyond their undeniable visual appeal. Some of the advantages of using window graphics are that they:
  • Are easy to update and maintain.
  • Enhance ambiance.
  • Bolster your digital marketing presence.
  • Help build your brand.
  • Offer versatility as a medium.
  • Are cost-effective.
  • Provide direction to passersby.

What Are Some Signs That Your Business Needs Window Graphics?

Should you use window graphics for your business? From a complete storefront makeover to a simple window decal, window graphics give your business a sophisticated appearance, can add privacy to your establishment and attract potential new customers. The following six signs are excellent determining factors to help you decide whether window graphics are right for your business.

1. You Want a High Level of Foot Traffic

If you have a high level of foot traffic around your business, you will naturally achieve more customer conversions. You can prioritize your window advertising as an effective way to draw people’s attention to your products and services in the hustle and bustle of the day.
Window graphics are an easy way to increase foot traffic and draw the attention of passersby. If you can increase the number of people who enter your business, you will have the opportunity to convert new customers. You can also make your company stand out from other shops in the area and distinguish your business through unique window decals.

2. You Want to Provide Information to Your Customers

Vinyl window graphics that promote your services, products and branding help advertise to prospective clients. You can also set the tone and expectations for when people enter your store. In the foodservice industry, eye-level decals of accepted payments and new signature menu items can be beneficial for your customers.
Window graphics and decals are also an effective way to list relevant information in an accessible area to your customers, such as your store hours, business’s contact details, current sales and promotional specials. If you have company news you need to post, you can also use window graphics for important announcements.

3. You Want to Create More Privacy

While window graphics are useful for showcasing your products and services, they are also an effective way to provide privacy and shade. Perhaps you want to keep people from peering into your office, or you want to reduce the sun’s glare for your employees and customers. A well-placed decal can shield your business’s interior from the sun’s rays and solve the problem of outside distractions.

4. You Want Inexpensive Advertising

Window graphics provide essential advertising information to prospective customers at little cost to you. By taking advantage of window signs and decals, you can also increase the level of word-of-mouth advertising about your business throughout the neighborhood.
As other signage forms often require permits, you can save a lot of money using adhesive window decals. Window graphics are also easy to install, maintain and remove.

5. You Want to Increase Brand Recognition

You naturally want to set your brand apart from competitors by establishing associations with unique color combinations, values, slogans and products or services. Window graphics allow your customers to know what services and products you offer. An innovative and efficient window decal builds invaluable brand recognition for your business.
Want to increase your company’s approachability? Window graphics create awareness and help lead people through your customer experience while emphasizing what differentiates your business.

6. You Want to Maximize Your Visual Advertising Space

You want to make the most of your resources to achieve success as a business. Window graphics enable you to optimize your advertising by applying it to every square inch of your business.

Window Graphics optimize your advertising.

Most significantly, window decals help you maximize your brick-and-mortar storefront’s potential. You will embrace a fundamental part of your branding strategy once you consider your windows as potential billboard space to advertise your business.

Different Styles of Window Graphics

The two main types of window graphics are first-surface and second-surface graphics. While first-surface graphics adhere to the exterior of your store window and face outward, second-surface graphics adhere to the inside of your window.
There are many different styles of business window graphics, and what you choose depends on your business’s branding and marketing goals. The following five styles are excellent options to consider when you want to reach out to customers.

1. Crystal

While your windows can allow a lot of natural light into your business, it can be nice to have more privacy. Crystal or frosted window graphics use “frosted” vinyl, giving them an etched and cloudy appearance. Crystal graphics offer privacy while still allowing light to pass through, making them a convenient midway option for businesses looking to provide an elegant appearance that maintains privacy.

2. Perforated

Perforated window decals are another midway option that lets you advertise on your windows while offering privacy to those inside your business. Through their unique micro-perforated vinyl, perforated window graphics allow you to view the printed graphic from the outside while still seeing out the window from the inside. Since perforated graphics don’t block the view of people inside, you can cover your business’s entire span of windows and provide shade while promoting your products and services.

3. Clear

A clear window graphic is an image printed directly onto decorative vinyl material that provides a clear view from inside and outside of your business. A clear window decal is completely see-through where it does not contain your design, which allows you to display your logo, image or message on your window without obstructing your customers’ or employees’ view. You can also use a wide variety of colors and gradients for your design.

4. Opaque

Standard opaque window graphics are the most common type of window decal used for advertising. Opaque window graphics make your designs pop while obscuring the view from inside and outside your business. Since opaque graphics are often clearer and more visible than designs printed on clear vinyl, they are excellent for indoor and outdoor use. Opaque window decals are especially useful for posting store hours or advertising a particular logo or brand with unique shapes.

5. Vinyl Lettering

Custom vinyl lettering is a classic choice to transform your existing window space both outside and inside your business when you need to advertise anything from hours to contact information. You cut vinyl lettering to shape from solid-colored vinyl sheets rather than printing it to create a sophisticated design. Vinyl lettering is also durable and can withstand all sorts of weather, and is also easy to remove to allow you to change your messages to promote any updated offerings and information.

Boost Your Brande with Custom Window Graphics.

Trust SpeedPro for Your Customized Window Graphics

Window graphics are an excellent option to leverage your brand and spread important information with potential customers passing by your business. At SpeedPro, we know how essential well-designed window graphics are to instill interest in your business and improve your customers’ overall experience. We specialize in a wide variety of high-quality printed and vinyl window graphics and listen to your design vision to ensure we elevate your on-premise signage.

If you’re ready to invest in window graphics for your business, find a SpeedPro studio near you and request a consultation or quote today!

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