3 Steps to Nail Your Company’s Architectural Signage

NOVEMBER 29, 2021| SpeedPro Dayton


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A stunning wall design or backlit graphic can do more than look good – it can help drive business. Architectural signage can play a major role in driving word-of-mouth buzz around your company or organization, but choosing the right signage can be overwhelming.

Architectural signage is a system of customized signs and environmental graphics that are applied to buildings and other structures, including schools and universities, as well as office and government buildings. It’s used for multiple purposes, including creating a cohesive brand identity and wayfinding, among several others.

At SpeedPro, we make it easy to find all the signage solutions to meet your needs. Here are three steps to nail your company’s architectural signage.


The most important step in choosing your architectural signage is clearly identifying your company’s needs. There’s nothing worse than rushing the selection of prominent signage only to be disappointed by the final product once displayed.

When you work with SpeedPro, we start our signage search with a detailed consultation. Here, a design expert works with you to find the perfect solution to your needs. From dimensional and directional signage to murals and backlit graphics, we can recommend the most effective medium for your message.


Once you have the type of signage you need in mind, it’s all about execution. Deciding on the placement, look and feel of your signage is every bit as important as what type of signage it is.

First, the placement of your signage is crucial. It needs to be visible and unmissable. When it comes to directional signage, this is vital. If your company is hosting a large conference, you’ll need wayfinding signage to direct guests to different meeting rooms upon arrival. These signs can be used to designate specific areas, provide extra information or simply reassure guests they’re on the right path. Digital wayfinders also provide a fresh, sleek and modern alternative to traditional signage, for those looking to stand-out. They allow for more versatile eye-popping displays.

We know exactly where to place your vibrant signage to make your guests’ experiences as seamless as possible.


Second, the actual look of your signage is paramount. It needs to attract and convey a message clearly. Dimensional signage is the perfect way to make your message “pop.” These signs project outward from a wall, which can be helpful to confused guests looking for a specific room or area of your building.

An often-overlooked aspect of presenting signage is the lighting. Without proper lighting, it doesn’t matter how beautiful a display is. Backlit graphics utilize LED lights and frames to add another layer of visibility to your signage. From backlit tower fabric towers to counters, backlit graphics make your brand name shine to the furthest corner of any conference room.

Backlit Graphics for Events

During your consultation with our SpeedPro design team, you’ll get an idea of our recommended form of visual communication. With our clear, concise and appealing graphics, your sign is sure to turn heads.

Architectural signage has the potential to drop jaws and stir up organic, word-of-mouth buzz about your company.

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