Corporate Branding

Corporate Branding

Make a mark on your walls, your windows, your floors — and with your customers — through corporate branding graphics from SpeedPro.

You’ve got the story, the services and the skills fueling business growth. We’ve got the nation’s most extensive network of large-format visual communication studios to bring that vision to life. Together, it’s a solution to infuse strategically printed and placed corporate images into your company space, conveying what you want and how you want it.

Discover why corporate branding graphics have never been more important to your business’ identity and success — and how SpeedPro provides the nation’s standout corporate branding partnership.


Corporate branding is the act of promoting company culture rather than specific products or services. It tells people who you are and what you’re about — not what you sell.

Corporate Branding Defined

A corporate branding strategy takes messages and images inspired by your company’s culture and promotes them consistently over the long term. Organizations committed to a brand identity craft strategic plans to produce these images, messages and graphics, plus how the graphics relay the ways they want to be perceived.

Combined, branded graphics become associated with the company itself. These symbols and messages are inexplicably tied to company identity, evoked when someone hears a business’ name or enters through its doors. So powerful to a company’s identity, you’ll find corporate branding’s visuals sprinkled in the halls and walls of the following:

  • Company headquarters
  • Retail stores
  • Chains and franchises
  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Nonprofits
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Athletic organizations
  • Schools and universities
  • Anywhere and everywhere else that companies want to visually express their culture

In short, successful corporate branding gives your business a “fingerprint” — one that’s expertly crafted and known by target audiences. How, exactly, do you build that corporate brand identity? By designing and then displaying steady, consistent branded visuals like the following:

  • Branded logos: Corporate logos are central icons included on all official company materials. Physical merchandise, product packaging, social media and websites profiles, uniforms worn by employees — each of these (and much more) displays corporate logos as a central statement, stamping your business with a core visual identifier.
  • Branded color schemes: Many businesses select one to three colors to use consistently across products and media. SpeedPro’s visual communications studios employ color-matching technology to assure all print orders adhere to current branded color schemes.
  • Brand imaging: Brand imaging shows up in additional appropriate symbols, emblems and patterns featured consistently across business collateral. Along with color schemes and logos, branded images help create an overall “look” that complements a corporation’s visual brand and strategy.


Incorporate brand identity at every turn — and on nearly every surface — with the following graphics and visuals.


Windows provide a prime template to display on-brand business graphics. Capitalize on their open surfaces to highlight curated storefront and street-facing materials, including:

  • Custom vinyl graphics: These graphics should have strong adhesive backings. From window stickers to vinyl lettering to decals custom-made for long-lasting branded imagery, SpeedPro vinyl graphics are the bread and butter of corporate-branded, visually compelling commercial windows.
  • Window clings: For more flexible window displays that “cling” to their glass substrate via static electricity rather than a binding, semi-permanent adhesive back, choose window clings.
  • Perforated film: Perforated film can add both privacy and professionalism to a business. Select from a range of perforation types that allow for varying translucencies as well as one-way or two-way visibilities.

SpeedPro produces both first-surface and second-surface window prints, among other custom window graphics design features.


Images, letters and logos imprinted on strategic floor spots can become a room’s centerpiece. These prints are not merely for walking over. Floor graphics enhance rooms, command attention and provide wayfinding direction all at once. They bring the power of branding to new, surprising corners without dominating or distracting. SpeedPro can print custom floor graphics for wood, linoleum, concrete, asphalt and many other common flooring surfaces.


Few printed graphics draw eyes and brand environments like wall murals. Big, bold and detailed, these wall murals are ideal brand enhancers in lobbies, waiting rooms, lounges, conference and meeting rooms, community spaces like company cafeterias and so many more spots. Their enlarged images lend a personality punch to a room without sacrificing professionalism, remaining consistent and relevant.

What’s more, these corporate graphics aren’t functionally confined like others. Both indoor and outdoor graphics murals can be installed to break company graphics out of their walls — literally bringing your brand to the streets.

SpeedPro’s premium colored, high-resolution wall murals lend the largest backdrop to display corporate images and messages. Our studios utilize two printing methods and specialty inks to create wall murals that reach a range of sizes.


Options for Commercial Banner Customization

Tailor-made commercial banners are a cost-effective and creative way to proudly wave your branded graphics. Use banners at special events or set them up as permanent outfits in storefronts or strategic company rooms. SpeedPro’s printed vinyl and mesh banners and flags come with numerous options for customization, including:

  • Size: SpeedPro consistently prints banners that can meet an impressive range of lengths and widths.
  • Shape: Common banner shapes include square, rectangle, circle and shield configurations.
  • Imaging: High-resolution pictures, patterns, logos, lettering, company values and mission statements — banners bring the backdrop to showcase these valuable company graphics.
  • Positioning: Place standing banners with on-brand messages around store doorways. Hang logos and interesting images from the ceiling. Display industry awards and accolades in lobbies for guests to read. The flexibility of banner placements deepens their corporate branding power.


Commercial vehicle wraps make your brand go mobile. Corporate branding meets eyes and audiences right where they are — on the road — with high-impact brand recall at some of the lowest cost-per-impression rates available to advertisers. It’s a win-win marketing opportunity to widen the reach of your corporate identity.

Choose from full and partial vehicle wraps as well as vehicle stickers or decals as spot accents printed and installed by SpeedPro’s certified fleet wrap crew members.


Elevators are more than a way to shuttle people from point A to point B. They’re a corporate branding opportunity ready to match a company’s personality with its actual environment through custom elevator wraps.

Consider the existing blank canvas that is elevator walls, floors and ceilings. When these spaces are covered with branded pictures, colors and imagery, even quick elevator rides immerse clients and building visitors in a strategic atmosphere. Businesses break from expectations and establish a deepened, memorable connection when they surprise and delight their audiences. The impact of elevator wraps won’t soon be forgotten.


Product branding is how a business or organization differentiates its physical goods or services from others in the same commercial industry. In contrast, corporate branding is how a business or organization distinguishes itself as a company. Branding for corporations is, therefore, a larger and more self-reflective undertaking. It focuses on broader appearance and connection with audiences instead of just pumping out profits.

This attention to connection and image development is only the first way corporate branding operates differently from product branding. Here are a few other ways.


Corporate branding means building up presence, not building up products. More specifically, it’s about making people feel connected to and familiar with your organization in a way you’ve strategically nurtured.

Sure, successful corporate identity leads to stronger sales and profits. But it’s not the tactic for stronger sales and profits in and of itself. Instead, corporate branding complements traditional selling, marketing and advertising efforts by using consistent color schemes, identical logos, on-brand tones and keen messaging across its displays. Yet it isn’t using these displays to push a sale — it’s using them to create an emotionally engaging physical environment.


Bring Your Brand's Narrative to Life

Every business has an origin story. Backstories don’t need to be electrifying, overnight claims to business fame to be considered “important,” either. The trendy tech startup on the coast will have a different origin story than the family-owned roofing company in the Midwest, which will be different from the accountant-turned-baker opening up her first-ever store — and that’s okay.

The logo on your window graphics? The text on your wall murals? The colors on your vehicle wrap and the decals on your floor graphics? Each of these elements pulls inspiration from your broader industry, but they also place your desired stamp on that industry. Corporate identity brings a business’ brand narrative to life by working your backstory into all branded graphics.

Choosing the right on-brand images, logos, lettering, fonts and more will be intuitively informed by your origins, which is why it’s so important to think strategically about your company’s story and begin creatively drawing from it for graphic inspiration.


Corporate personality is how you want people to describe your business. Authoritative, adventurous, trend-setting, quirky, socially conscious — there are hundreds of branding descriptors to pick from.

Businesses looking to build a corporate identity must select the personality descriptors aligned with both their own backstory and their vision for the future. It’s easier said than done, yet essential to crafting and conveying the personality needed for audiences to find you relevant and for your branding efforts to last.

Once selected, corporate branding graphics kick in to give those descriptors their visual form. Businesses no longer have to cross their fingers, hoping clients and customers somehow magically understand their brand. Consistent, large-format prints across mediums do that work for them, using symbols, icons, colors and more that support a qualitative connection.


The importance of corporate branding lies in its power to match your company with symbols and symbols with real-life emotions. Establishing that emotional connection within target audiences is one of the top-stated goals of successful corporate branding. In other words, your graphics are the bridge between how customers feel about your business and how you want them to feel. For that reason — and more below — branded graphics have never been more important.


Stand out to prospects and stand apart from the competition through corporate branding.

Businesses receive clarity and confidence in how they’re represented when they’ve carefully crafted that distinction themselves. Select branded visuals are showcased on the items that hit “closest to home,” like your very own storefront windows, lobby floors or company vehicles. Meanwhile, these visuals are seen by prospects and associated with your company and no one else’s.

SpeedPro assists businesses in creating the distinct graphics and visuals needed for authentic corporate identity displays. Through our wide range of corporate printing services, we’ll help you place tailored images in high-impact locations suited for your brand vision.


Our Brains Form Opinions Soley Based on Visual Cues

Research has shown that our brains take less than a second to form opinions based solely on visual cues. Qualifiers like trust, competence, likeability and attractiveness are all determined in that fraction of a second. Establishing a positive, immediate connection has therefore never been more important. For businesses aiming to do so and do so well, corporately branded visuals are the key. Here are some ways to use them:

  • Craft logos that are clear and compelling, related to your industry and relevant to your ideal customer.
  • Infuse your office, store or business space with surprising details and visual pieces that reinforce your company’s desired personality.
  • Mix and match graphics with lettering and text to draw and hold attention.
  • Place graphics in surprising places — on floors, ceilings, elevators, furniture, sidewalks and more. The more creative, the better.

Strategic corporate branding starts with knowing how people currently perceive you, then crafting messages and images to support or alter that perception. Used correctly, strategies with branded graphics help customers relate to your business in long-lasting, lead-nurturing ways.


A business transcends from a place of rote transaction to an important part of various lives when it curates the right brand identity. People will begin to see themselves in your goods and services and are unlikely to take their business elsewhere. On-brand images and graphics solidify that connection, therefore solidifying your business presence as top-of-mind.

Successful corporate identity here is not the lone logo or a catchy company slogan. It’s not the process of designing that logo or creating that slogan either — both fixate on selling to target consumers rather than connecting with them. Remember, you want graphics to convey presence.

To become more than just another business, companies have to say, “This is who we are. When you’re here within our walls, you’re a part of that story.” Adorning your windows, walls and floors with branded graphics lends you the canvas to transform your space and personality, therefore transforming your relevance in peoples’ lives.

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