Retailers and Back-to-School Graphics: How to Win Big!

MAY 10, 2021| SpeedPro Dayton

As a retailer, winning over customers during the high-stakes holiday shopping season may seem like the ultimate endgame. But for the past several years, back-to-school season has been sneaking up on the holiday rush as the second highest-grossing seasonal sales spike in retail.

Ramping up your promotions and discounts may seem like the best way to stand above the competition and capture this substantial wallet share. However, the cost-effective key to drive sales and retain customers can be as straightforward as simply investing in the right signage.

By showcasing sales and promotions, quickly pointing shoppers to back-to-school sections and highlighting special deals at the register, eye-catching signage can be the most powerful tool you use to capitalize on strong spending this season.


Even in spite of eCommerce’s growing presence, more than half of back-to-school shopping is still done in brick-and-mortar stores. Parents clearly continue to see the value of a great in-store experience, and as a retailer, it’s your job to deliver.

Investing in the right signage solutions for your store means investing in your greatest asset and differentiator – your space. By creating a solid in-store atmosphere, you can create a better customer experience and drive sales.

Beyond simply getting customers through the door, your large-format graphics and signage should also work throughout your interior, and guide customers along the buyer’s journey.

Retail store wall graphic for a 50% off autumn sale

In a recent survey, respondents said that if they had to search for more than 10 seconds to find notebooks, clothes and other popular back-to-school buys, they would move on to another store. Without clear signs pointing toward one-stop-shop, back-to-school sections and displays, you can miss out on countless sales this season.

Big, bold signage is crucial when promoting back-to-school sales. These graphics can guide consumers toward relevant displays so they can quickly and easily find the products they came looking for.

Still, there’s an additional revenue-driving opportunity at the register, where point-of-purchase (POP) displays can encourage customers’ add-on purchases and impulse buys. By leveraging POP signage, from wall displays to vinyl cutouts, tablet stands or kiosks, you can capitalize on existing customers to maximize sales with each transaction.


For parents pressed to cross everything off their child’s shopping list, the factors that seal the deal are the fundamentals – particularly when it comes to slashed pricing and clear-cut signage.

By investing in strong exceptional signage throughout your store, you can elevate the customer experience, easily direct shoppers toward key back-to-school sections and drive additional transactions at the register.

During a sales cycle that marks record consumer spending – and can account for nearly one-fifth of your yearly revenue – it’s more important than ever to optimize your environment to drive foot traffic and maximize sales.

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