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Schools and universities are active parts of their community. They host athletic competitions, visual and performing arts showcases, club meetings, public events and more. From the children and young adults that attend to their families, schools need to instill a sense of pride. School signage is perfect for creating bright interior designs and colorful outdoor displays.

SpeedPro supplies school banners and other display graphics that reflect the focal points of a school. Whether your school is known for its athletics, rich history, excellence in the liberal arts or technology, banners and graphics can emphasize those unique strengths. With SpeedPro, your school can get all the signage it needs, including temporary event displays and permanent indoor and outdoor fixtures.


SpeedPro offers long lasting products that can adorn hallways for years as well as items meant to be used for a single event, fundraiser or school year. We believe strongly in the importance of education, so we help schools, athletics departments and clubs use graphics to encourage school spirit. In addition to school banners, we provide a variety of graphics and signage for primary and secondary academic institutions.


Your school’s interior design is essential for many reasons. It affects the way students feel about going to classes, can impress prospective students and their families and shows that your administration cares about the experience they’re providing. Wall murals are excellent ways to bring color into open spaces and show highlights of events around your school.

For example, in athletic buildings or wings, you can create murals out of images from games. Whether you have a photographer for sporting events or need to hire one to capture a few candids, decorating the walls with student accomplishments shows pride and encouragement. Around the rest of the school, you can put other relevant images, such as the school mascot, overhead shots of the buildings, historical pictures and student life. You can also add text such as inspirational quotes or mission statements.


If your school has a basketball court or track, you can easily decorate it with vinyl floor graphics. These fully customizable graphics come in any size, shape, color and design you need. Whether you want the team logo or the name spelled out in lettering, vinyl graphics will provide long-lasting decoration and pump up your school’s spirit.

But sports logos aren’t the only use for vinyl floor decals. They adhere to most surfaces, including pavement, so you can be free to get creative. You can use them as a form of wayfinding signage, directing students and family to specific locations. Floor decals can also be fun and educational for elementary school children, with shapes and bright colors. Universities can use them for strategic branding by putting their logo on the floors of buildings with heavy foot traffic and social areas.


When thinking of decorative or promotional signage, most people think of wall space first. But windows and doors are also perfectly viable options. Window vinyl is a form of indoor and outdoor signage that allows you to create a beautiful design on any glass pane. Universities can decorate the front windows of academic and athletic buildings with images of students. Schools can put their logo on prominent window spaces to help with branding or label rooms with vinyl lettering. There are endless opportunities.

Along with window decals and wraps, there are also vinyl options for doors. Door wraps allow you to decorate the entrance to any room or building. It helps create a more branded and eye-catching space, and can also help visitors find their way around.


Vinyl banners are another form of indoor and outdoor signage and are perfect for temporary and permanent uses. They’re cost-effective options, allowing you to save money while creating bright decorations. You can use them in gyms to immortalize the successes of your sports teams. Freestanding banners are great for events, like open houses or yearly art galleries. If you want to add branding to the outside of your building, boulevard banners are noticeable and work well for schools located on busy streets or around college campuses.

Along with banners, custom flags are excellent for events and branding. They’re bright, colorful and prominent, as well as especially noticeable in outdoor placements. You can create many different designs, including your school’s name and logo, images of students, the mascot or words that express your core values. Flags also come in varying heights and shapes, so you can create a display that’s eye-catching from a distance. Flags have many uses, such as signs for universities hosting open houses or accepted student days.


When it comes to navigating a college campus or large schools, directional signage is a must. There are several forms of vinyl and dimensional lettering that can help with wayfinding. Vinyl lettering is perfect for creating lists of rooms on interior walls, directing people down hallways and labeling individual rooms. Dimensional lettering is excellent for identifying the outside of a building with its name, so students and visitors can see it from a distance. Lettering is an essential part of university signage.


When your school hosts an event, creating table displays can help bring visitors in and help them learn about your mission. Whether you host a club and athletics sign up day, an information night for parents or an alumni event, it’s essential to show who you are and why you’re there. They’re especially helpful for university recruitment events held off-campus.

Table displays should include creative coverings and toppers. They’ll help your table stand out to visitors and let them know what your exhibit is about from a distance. Covers are easy to transport and set up, so you can use them multiple times with no hassle. Once you have the base, you can decorate with informational materials, tri-fold displays, banners and any other signage you want to include.


If your school is a “Purple Star Recipient” we also can meet your needs for displaying your school is a recipient! A lot of schools show they’re a recipient by getting window clings and banners but you can also think more outside the box and get things like yard signs or even being unique and get something like wall mural.



SpeedPro is proud to serve schools and universities. Our products can help create a sense of school pride, inform parents and visitors and brighten up any building. With a team of experts, you can design custom projects for any indoor or outdoor area of your campus.

With SpeedPro, you’ll have the benefit of freedom of choice. We can print your school crest or inspirational messages on door wraps and window graphics. Boost school spirit with floor decals and wall murals. Use directional and digital signage on outdoor displays and scoreboards. The options are limitless. We’ll also help you through the entire creation process, from design to installation.


The teams at SpeedPro studios value delivering high-quality products promptly. Our team can print most orders within 48 hours, and rush orders can be completed in less than 24 hours for an additional fee. We are pleased to offer exceptional quality for school banners, banner stands and other products which can create a positive impression on students, their parents and the community.

Trust SpeedPro with your school’s signage projects — come visit us in Dayton today or call 937-528-1433.

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