See-Through Window Graphics Vs. Storefront Window Graphics

NOVEMBER 15, 2021| SpeedPro Dayton

A statement window decal can stop people in their tracks and generate an enormous amount of attention for your business. With a great design and a professional installation, window graphics provide unique advertising opportunities that are cost-effective and weather-resistant.

See-through and storefront window graphics come with many benefits. Discover which option is the best answer for your needs.


If your business has large windows, you may not want to block out all the natural light. See-through window graphics provide signage that allows light to pass through. Some types are more opaque and allow light to pass through but block visibility, while others provide two-way visibility through the sign.

See-through window graphics, even though they allow light to come through, can provide excellent privacy. The two types of see-through window graphics are:


See-through graphics begin with clear vinyl, which then gets your logo or design printed on top. The negative space on the graphic remains completely see-through, while your design is opaque and vivid so it stands out. Transparent vinyl graphics can dress up your storefront while allowing natural light into your space and visibility from the outside.

If you want potential customers to get a peek at what your store offers, these are a great option. You can choose between two adhesive options. First-surface decals with adhesive on the back go on the outside of windows. Second-surface decals with adhesive on the front go on the inside of windows and are often a better option for long-term designs.


If you’d like to cover your windows in amazing graphics but still allow customers to see outside, perforated vinyl is the answer. The technology involved allows one-way visibility by adding mesh-like perforations into the vinyl. You can customize the pattern with ratios like 50/50, 60/40 or 70/30.

Perforated vinyl provides privacy for everyone inside while still allowing visibility. It’s perfect for businesses that have customers who may want or need privacy, such as gyms, hair salons and daycares.

Storefront graphics are perfect for buildings with a lot of windows.


As their name suggests, storefront window graphics are vinyl decals that adhere to windows. Businesses use these graphics to advertise, inform customers and decorate their windows. Storefront graphics are perfect for buildings with a lot of windows on the facade. They can grab attention and make good use of available advertising space. You have several options when it comes to window graphics:

  • Transparent or opaque: You can choose from see-through window graphics or ones that completely obstruct the view to the outside.
  • First- or second-surface: Your graphics can either have adhesive on the front so they can be placed on the inside of windows or have the traditional sticky back adhesive so they’re applied from the outside.
  • Single- or double-sided: Storefront graphics can be visible in reverse from the inside, or you can choose to have graphics that appear the same on either side.
  • Partial or full coverage: Window graphics can be full scale to cover the entire window or only partially block the window, such as with company logos.
  • Cling or adhesive: Clings use static electricity to adhere to glass and are excellent short-term options. If you want your graphics to last a while, then full adhesive should be your go-to.


See-through graphics provide plenty of benefits for businesses, including:

  1. Natural light: In addition to allowing visibility from the inside, see-through window graphics let in plenty of natural light. If you have a small space or dark decor, perforated vinyl graphics will be especially effective at allowing in natural light while maintaining privacy.
  2. Privacy: Opaque and perforated window graphics will give your customers and guests privacy while still letting them enjoy natural light. You can also use opaque graphics for office doors and meeting rooms to provide privacy while keeping the space feeling open.
  3. Decor: Decorating with window graphics is an effective way to use the entire space to your advantage. Window graphics make for the perfect statement feature for any decor.


While see-through graphics have some fantastic positive elements, businesses will also benefit from having storefront window graphics.

  1. Enhance your branding: Storefront graphics can put your logo, branding and services at the forefront. For pedestrians walking by, window graphics will make your business pop and highlight your services in a way a simple sign cannot.
  2. Inform customers: These graphics also inform customers about essential information, like emergency exits and entrances. You can also utilize window graphics to elaborate on your services so customers walking by know exactly what you offer.
  3. Feature temporary deals: Using clings, businesses can easily advertise seasonal sales and temporary discounts without worrying about adhesive.
  4. Decorate the space: While window graphics are effective in their functional uses, you can also utilize them for decorative purposes. These can enhance the aesthetics of your business so you can maintain a consistent theme that aligns with your brand.


Choosing between see-through and storefront graphics might be a difficult choice as both have many benefits. However, a quick assessment of your business needs will reveal a clear winner.

If you want to maintain customer or guest privacy while allowing in natural light, a see-through window graphic will be a great choice. For smaller spaces, such as small offices and meeting rooms, choose an opaque window graphic with clear vinyl in the negative spaces to create a barrier that still maintains your open-concept design plan.

If you are using graphics on a large building with many windows, a full or partial coverage storefront window graphic will be immensely effective at catching people’s eyes. Since windows are often at eye level for pedestrians, placing graphics here will make them more likely to look into your business. These graphics are especially effective as clings to advertise big sales or a new campaign, such as a company rebranding.

If your design scheme is simple and modern, a smaller window graphic with your logo can be enormously influential. In the design process, just ensure your logo will be visible and legible from far away so it can be the most effective.

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See-through window graphics and storefront graphics each have unique benefits that will be most effective for certain spaces over others. With SpeedPro, our team of professionals can bring your unique design vision to life with see-through and storefront window graphics. Stop potential customers in their tracks with eye-catching designs and beautiful logos on your business’s windows.

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