Sign attached to fence link at a construction site to monitor safety

Construction companies often look to worksite graphics for a variety of reasons like increasing safety for their employees. Each construction site is a living a breathing ecosystem with many moving parts that require signage for clear, effective messaging. The best companies use construction signage to improve the quality of work while also being a brand awareness tool for future projects.


There are a host of different reasons to employ large graphics and signage across your worksite, all contributing to the betterment of your company.

  1. More advertising opportunities for your company: An active worksite is a great place to proudly display brand-friendly graphics for all to see. Grow brand awareness and reinforce the credibility of your company with thousands of potential clients driving by your site daily. After a project is completed, signage can be included tastefully on the building to advertise your company’s craftsmanship and show your expertise at constructing complex structures.
  2. Safety and Wayfinding: Safety graphics are an important first step for your project. Signs for hazards overhead or dangerous areas will help you communicate effectively for the many moving parts of your operation. Wayfinding or informational signage will drastically improve the efficiency of your workforce.
  3.  Complete Brand Experience: It is important to have a worksite that is fully consistent with your brand, leaving no doubt to your customers and potential clients who is working on this project. From mesh banners on all outward facing fences to a fleet of vehicles decorated with your branding, creating a complete branded experience is a breeze through large-format graphics.


  1. Company Signs: From wood construction signs at the entrance of your site to large banners draped along the outside of the building, there is no shortage of space when it comes to displaying your branding effectively.
  2. Vehicle Wraps: Not only a great opportunity for mobile advertising, vehicle wraps also allow you to identify which vehicles should be on your site.
  3. Mesh Banners: Mesh banners are a great way to display renders of what the finished project will look like and build anticipation for it’s Grand Opening. Other benefits include creating privacy for the day-to-day operations from outside traffic, increasing the visual appeal of an unfinished worksite and keeping trash and debris within your area if winds pick up.
  4. Coming Soon Signage: The “Coming Soon” signage hung prominently outside the establishment, adorned with eye-catching colors and bold typography, hints at the imminent arrival of something exciting and eagerly anticipated. Carefully designed construction wall banner or wrap mural sign, strategically placed in a prime location, captures the attention of passersby, igniting curiosity and anticipation for what lies ahead.

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Oksana O'Neill