Fleet Wraps

Custom Fleet Wraps with High Impact

Creating a design for all of your trucks to bear down the highway will make other people’s journeys more appealing.

Vehicle fleet wraps are built to be durable, and we reflect that in the vinyl we use. If you choose cast vinyl, your design will have the longest lifespan. Printed as a thin sheet, it rolls on easily and effectively displays our vivid, bright inks. Calendar vinyl is a temporary option. This vinyl is better at wrapping around nuts and bolts that are exposed on your haul, as well as wrapping around corners.

In terms of coverage, you have the decision between full fleet wraps and partial fleet wraps. Our team will assist you in making the decision, as it depends on your desires and your business’s needs. A full fleet wrap will give you the most coverage, spanning across your entire truck haul, back door and hood of the truck. A partial fleet wrap will then take this coverage and make it smaller, with less of a forceful impression. These wraps will be able to cover the areas you want branded in particular, whether it’s just the side paneling or only the back door and hood.

Brand new businesses or companies that know they’ll be on the road a lot may want to invest in a full fleet wrap. You know you’ll need maximum visibility, so you’ll want the exposure that helps you build up a loyal customer base. If your brand is already established and you just want some extra promotion, a partial fleet wrap may fit your needs better. Again, our team will assist you once we’ve met for a consultation and identified your business’s needs.


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