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Wall Murals in Lake County

Think about the atmosphere of your building or office space. Does it seem like something’s missing? Is your lobby area disjointed or incomplete? Do your customers seem unhappy? What about your employees? Is there a lack of motivation running through the office?

With the help of SpeedPro Imaging Lake County, you can flip any negatives into positives. Adding a large format wall mural into a general meeting space can do a lot in terms of making a room look complete as well as making the environment feel wholesome and welcoming.

If your business or organization is located in Lake County or McHenry County, reach out to our studio today! Our design team will get ready to start brainstorming ideas to transform your office, studio or building.

Printed Wall Murals for Any Organization

Our large format wall murals can emphasize your brand dramatically. You can request a singular wall mural or a few pieces to line your area.

SpeedPro’s printed wall murals become a center of attention that’s not overbearing, with the ability to represent your business’s values.

There are two key elements we will clarify during our consultation that will allow us to create the perfect printed wall mural for you. One, who is your wall mural intended for, and two, where will it be placed? These are important factors in making sure we represent the accurate elements of your brand.

For example, you may want to reach out directly to your customers — the best place for this would be the lobby. Connecting with your customers is important in creating a lasting partnership and ensuring they can trust your business. There are many ways to gain that trust, including making them feel welcome and appreciated. Incorporating a customized wall mural into your lobby and waiting area will give them time to reflect on your business in a positive light, and it will also help center the lobby’s atmosphere.

You may also want to connect with your employees, especially if you’ve sensed frustration or a lack of motivation. Re-centering the focus of your team will not only motivate them to get back on track but also directly correlate with your customers’ satisfaction. Planting a wall mural in your conference room or break area will help alleviate any negative energy floating around. During meetings, your employees will be at eye-level with your company’s mission statement or goals and know what they need to do to carry that out and reach a positive end goal.

Vinyl Wall Murals

At SpeedPro, we print our murals on durable vinyl. Depending on the adhesive you pair your wall mural with, you could see your office supporting a long-lasting design for several years! We also offer removable vinyl in case your office rebrands often or you want to feature specific items for short periods.

Wall Murals for Businesses by SpeedPro Imaging Lake County

Now’s the time to add an energizing printed wall mural into your building! Create an atmosphere that both your customers and employees will thrive in. Call us today to schedule a consultation, and we’ll give you the results you deserve.

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