Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable Banner Stands in Lake County

Do you want more people to walk into your store or office? Have you been setting up for a trade show and realized you need another piece for your display? If your answers are yes, you may be on the search for a retractable banner stand for your business.

Lucky for you, SpeedPro Imaging Lake County has the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to bring your business to life through our custom retractable banners. Whether you need to display information for people to see or want to bring people in by grabbing their attention, a retractable banner can be used for all of your promotional and branding needs.

Our studio provides services to companies located in the counties of Lake and McHenry, as well as in southeastern Wisconsin. If you’re ready to begin inviting people to know more about your business or organization, reach out to us today!

Stylish and Durable Retractable Banners

Retractable banners are great and successful display pieces, as they’re durable, vibrant, versatile and portable for all branding needs!

The stands for our retractable banners can easily collapse and fold into a carrying bag. This capability makes them extremely convenient for you if you’re moving your banner from one event to the next. You can also use whichever banner is typically featured in your office, collapse it, transport it to your trade show, set up and tear down and bring it back to your office for the next day. Now you won’t have to worry about buying signage specifically for your event and shows!

During our consultation phase, when we find out more about your business, we’ll be able to determine the brand look you want to push and represent through your banners. We’ll identify a few pieces here and there and work with our design team to create a banner that visually compels the customer to invest in your business.

Types of Retractable Banner Stands

In addition to creating vinyl banners that are versatile and portable, we also vary the products and materials used to produce our physical stands. Whether you’re looking for a metal frame with strong additional gadgets or a standard-sized table-top banner stand, we have a variety of packages for you to choose from!

Two names you’ll find yourself familiar with are Decolit and Ultraflex. You’ll find them available in all of our custom retractable banner stands. If you’re looking for a double-sided banner, Ultraflex will be your new best friend. This feature allows for a thicker banner and is ideal for use in outdoor settings. Decolit provides a thin material, which makes for a lighter weight — a great option for one-time events or temporary signage, as it can be easily transported.

Choose SpeedPro for Custom Retractable Banners

Retractable banner stands look and perform great in a variety of settings and environments, whether you want one or five. Call or visit our studio, and we’ll start our process by setting up a consultation. Let’s expand your branding today!

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